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Human Factors in Engineering (Article #43)

“Controlled experimentation versus Evaluation and Testing methods”

The methods of evaluation and testing are basically subset of controlled experimentation: They differ on the purpose, the types of relevant variables, the level of control, and the logical and chronological phase in a scientific study.

Usually, any scientific undertaking need a theoretical model, the variables and procedures are extracted from exploratory studies, earlier research, and observations that might discover analogies with other more developed concepts.

The next phase is to conduct varied controlled experimentations in artificial settings for repeatability by other researchers with the purpose of generating the main factors/independent variables that have significant effects on the behavior of the selected and valid dependent variables.

The results of controlled experimentations may be used to either validate/modify a theoretical model that could offer explanations for the behavior/concept under study, or provide practical design guidelines for manufacturing efficient products/processes or developing systems such as educational, training, or safety programs.

The logical next phase is to test the theoretical model, product, or system in a real world context or real life setting in order to validate the extent of its effective performance when operated by target users.  Consequently, the purpose of testing is to study the effectiveness of the specifications of the product when applied in a real life setting so that further modifications and redesigns are undertaken; the question is: “Does the product/system actually works? Does it deliver as claimed?”  

Testing methods are the debugging procedures; The logical criteria/dependent variables are the type of errors, malfunction, dysfunctional mismatch with operators’ skills, number of errors, seriousness of errors, probability distribution of occurrence of defects, and training time required. The independent variables/factors are the comparisons among the kind of real world settings, types of operators, sort of idiosyncrasies, and the processes.

The final phase is the evaluation among competing products/systems to enable management deciding on the better choice on the market that satisfy its requirements.

The question is: “Can the product/system be accepted, acquired, and purchased?” 

What is compared is not just the product but the whole package that comes with it; mainly, the added features, the instruction manuals, audio-visual training programs, maintainability, availability of spare parts, client-marketing responses to claims, malfunctions, misuses, plaintiffs’ cases in product liability, and on time delivery.

Although the final output of an evaluation is the decision of management of (Yes/No), there are a prior output for rating the various specifications with relative weights attached to each factor and thus, the evaluation method is a series of evaluations for each specification that differ in the level of control and objectivity and measurement accuracy of the responses.

For example, in comparing warning alarm systems, management might want a system that forces all workers to vacate within standard safety duration and within an acceptable frequency of false warning activation.

Any additional features such as visual feedback in police cars, possibility of connecting to a central fire station, and regular maintenance can tip the balance toward a product that was as performing as others.

“Initiate your stuttering boy to kiss with his tongue and speak with his tail.” (September 6, 2009)


            The man has been in coma in his house for three week from a bullet in the neck.  It is a miracle that he is still alive.  The wife removed the feeding tube off his mouth: she hoped that the demon of death Israel would pay him a visit by dawn.  The man is still alive and the wife is glad; she realized that her husband is now her magic stone: she can recount to him all her deepest and darkest secrets without worrying of any consequences.

            “Your brothers are coward.  They wished that you fall dead on the war front so that they marry me in good conscious according to customs.  When the battle raged in our neighborhood your brothers refrained to take me and your two daughters to safety as long as you were alive.” The wife was confiding to her husband in coma.

            “Your father was proud of his sons when you were fighting to liberate Afghanistan from the Soviet occupiers. He began hating your bunch when you resumed the fight for power.”

            “My dad gave away my eldest sister of 12 to a man of forty after he lost his bet in quail fights. I let his prized quail out of the cage when he prayed in the mosque on Friday morning before quail fights. I let the cat eat the quail and watch the cat eat it all.  My father beat every member in the family, including my mother.  I told him that what happened to the quail was the proper punishment.  My father understood what I meant and that I was the culprit.  My mother and sisters had no idea of what I was saying and thought that my punishment was due to my effrontery for retorting to dad.  My father incarcerated me in a dark room in the basement for two days; he let a hungry cat inside to nibble at me; there were so many rats inside that we became friends.”

            “Your dad asked for me alone when he was dying. He said that he saw the angel Gabriel; that he finally realized that the magic stone of patience was the Kaaba in Mecca; once this black stone inside the Kaaba disintegrates from the millions of complaints and confessions of the pilgrims then it would be the Day of Judgment”

            “Three militia fighters entered my house.  The leader asked what I do. I said that I sell my body to survive. He got very angry and said “Don’t you feel ashamed saying it?” I replied “Do you mean whether I am ashamed of admitting it or practicing it?” The fighter said “They will lapidate you to death if you admit it; aren’t you afraid?” 

            The leading man recited a verse of the Koran and said “Allah, Al-Rahman! Al Mueen! In the name of Allah protect me from Satan”.  The fighters left this impure house.  “They would have raped me if I were a “correct and proper” girl.  I know these types of men.  Fucking a whore is no prize for them; it is merely a transaction.  Raping a virgin girl is like raping her honor and they go for defaming people’s honor. Yes, my husband, my stone of patience now, you may meditate what I am recounting you. Oh my syngue sabor, I had so many secrets to tell you to relieve my soul.  You never gave me an opportunity to talk to you.  You were scared of talking to me. Now you have no exit and you will listen to all that I have to say.”

            Two days later, the youngest of the fighters, the one who stutters, asked me “How much?”  I understood and his gun on my stomach convinced me to agree.  He had a terrible time removing my trousers.  I had to remove mine and his. He ejaculated prematurely on my thighs. I caressed his long hair and told him “This is not a grave matter. All men do the same the first time.” 

            I recalled our first year together.  You could not full it off.  At the time I had no experience. I thought it is in the nature of things that man enjoys and that we women are satisfied with men feeling happy satiated.  One night, I was enjoying myself and you woke up at my muffled screaming.  I told you that I have the fever and you believed me.  You told me to join my daughters in the next room.”

            I told my aunt the story of the young fighter and she said “Next time you have to initiate your adolescent boy properly; bad lovers ends up worriers.  Make sure that your stutterer kisses with his tongue and speak with his tail”


Note: Continuation of “Stone of Patience” (Syngue sabour) by the Iranian Atiq Rahimi.




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