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Al Qaeda: Zawahiri versus Al Liby strategies

Posted on: September 27, 2009

Al Qaeda: Zawahiri versus Al Liby strategies; (September 27, 2009)

Before 9/11, 2001, the media tried to convince people that the extremist Wahhabit terrorist organization Al Qaeda of Ussama bin Laden is a “parallel” central movement independent from any State in its decision and activities.

Al Qaeda was financed and controlled directly by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, working in tandem to destabilize the Iranian Khomeini regime. During the Afghan soviet occupation, the USA had direct interests to driving the Soviet into a quagmire by supporting logistically various Islamist guerrillas movements to attack the Soviet troops.  

Several Islamist factions were supported by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran, logistically, training, militarily and financially.  Bin Laden is of a Wahhabit sect of the Saudi Monarchy ruling cast.

Currently, Al Qaeda is split into two drastic factions with allegiance to either Zawahiri or Al Liby strategies for Islam hegemony.

Al Qaeda can no longer be described as “a parallel organization” because it is tightly controlled by regional powers and indirectly by the USA through these regional powers.

The Egyptian Zawahiri, labeled the second in command, had the strategy of an alliance of the Chiaa and Sunni Moslem sects to defeat the western domination of the Middle East and destabilizing the monarchs and dictators in this region.

The Libyan Al Liby is rumored to be heading the second faction that is at war against the Chiaa power in Iran, Iraq, and part of Lebanon. Al Liby was killed in 2006 in Iraq and was responsible for mass suicide attacks of the Iraqi Chiaas during the US occupation.

Al Liby strategy is ultimately targeting the Qadhafi regime.  Thus, strong alliance to the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood is a must for post President Mubarak reign. Kadhafi realized that he cannot fight on several fronts: the western interests, the African tribes in the south, and the tribes from the east along the Egyptian borders who have always been at odd with his enduring regime.

Consequently, before Mubarak demise and the rise of the Moslem Brotherhood to power in Egypt, Qadhafi had to make peace with the Western European States and the USA: he relinquished his nuclear program, paid the victims of the Lockerby disaster, and reopened bidding to discovering new oil fields.

Qadhafi made it his main strategy to focus on Africa and secure the alliance of the States on his borders as buffers to infiltration. (post to be updated or resumed with a follow up post)

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