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I burned down Noah’s cargo

Posted on: September 30, 2009

I burned down Noah’s cargo; (September 25, 2009)

I care for two dogs,

Many cats, kittens, a chinchilla, a hamster, a guinea pig,

Two turtles, and a rabbit.

They are not mine;

I care for them by default.

Nieces and nephews got attached, while growing up,

To their favorite pets for a couple of days.

A few pets enjoyed longer friendship

Before the fully grown ups moved out.

The youngest niece is still receiving pets as gifts;

For her many real and faked birthdays.

If I could dispose of Noah’s cargo

I’ll start by tearing at Noah’s beard

Till this old fart bleeds.

Dogs can be forgotten for a couple of days;

They will stay cool and lick your hands:

They can always search the nearby waste bins.

The variety of rodents can squeal their head off;

I may gather for them

Now and then, a few green leaves from my small garden.

Cats are a pest; they keep rubbing at your legs,

And walking between your legs,

Until you are ready to offer your own flesh to feed.

Turtles can be forgotten for months;

They will still be moving at a steady slow pace.

I have a mind of carrying my home or tent on my back

And roam the wilderness.

I might survive carrying my talisman on my back.

I have been accumulating fruits and vegetable for the turtles;

Only to find out that they are no longer in their location:

Mother has thrown them outside the fence.

Man is a dog, a cat, or nothing.

The vast majority of men are dogs.

Dog has a fixed logic; once trained properly he nails the rules down.

Dog may learn from experience but fails to generalize.

Misha the dog was entrapped on a spiked fence and got scared;

She would not jump over the fence on the location it got the fright.

Misha jumps over the fence in another location;

It is the same kind of dangerous fence, the same color, and the same height;

It was just another location!

Cat has flexible logic and it baffles man.

There are these two kittens.

The ugly one is smarter, more courageous, and enterprising.

The first time I hit the ugly cat for meowing at the sight of food it vanished.

The next time it saw the stick her behavior changed;

Now the stick meant “food is on the way“;

Food is the objective and to survive means

Launching guerrilla warfare accompanied by louder meowing.

Someone else could feed and care for Noah’s cargo if I were rich.

I don’t even get paid for all these hassles:

Again, I am the default guy.

A few days ago I realized that,

In my isolation,

To whom else could I lord it over?

If I were rich

I’ll hire male and maid servants to care for Noah’s lot.

If the hired individuals turn out not to be diligent and obedient,

As most of Noah’s cargo behave,

I’ll turn them loose.

They may howl or beg.

They can die of starvation.

I wouldn’t care:

They are out of my hair.

That story is two weeks old.

I half burned down Noah’s cargo.

Pets are now reduced by half.

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