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Many rooms for Happiness

Posted on: October 7, 2009

Many rooms for Happiness

Happiness is good health short on memory (Ingrid Bergman)

  1. There are always pieces missing in happiness (Bossuet)
  2. It is difficult to find happiness in ourselves; it is impossible elsewhere. (Buddha)
  3. Happiness requires talent; misfortune none (Cocteau)
  4. When you swim in happiness keep a toe on firm ground (Escayrol)
  5. Happiness is not acquiring nor enjoying but not desiring to be free (Epictete)
  6. Happiness is the blues at rest (Leo Ferre)
  7. Happiness is kid’s dream realized in adulthood (Sigmund Freud)
  8. Happiness is rarely current (Gusdorf)

10.  Happiness is attention to details (Liu Hiang)

11.  Happiness is not of reason but of imagination. (Emmanuel Kant)

12.  Happiness is to resume desiring what we already have.(Saint Augustine)

13.  Two serve happiness: faith and love (Charles Nodier)

14.  The largest room in the House of Happiness is the waiting room (Jules Renard)

15.  Happiness doubles every time we share it. (Albert Schweitzer)

16.  Do not proclaim a person happy before he dies (Sophocles)

17.  I have decided to be happy: it is great for health (Voltaire)

18.  Happiness is learning to enjoy solitude (Adonis49)

19.  If you can’t be happy then scrap Heaven: we enjoy what we know. (Adonis49)

20.  Cultivate your garden: happiness is sprouting (Adonis49)

21.  Are you a survivor? Stop searching: you are wrapped with Happiness (Adonis49)

Give me fairness; I’ll be happy for both of us (Adonis49)

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