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The barbaric Catholic Church; (October 13, 2009)


            There is a resurgence of Islamophobia in France couched under the pretext of discovering the origins of European civilization as a combination of Greek and Christian cultures. It would be worthwhile to set the historical facts straight for any meaningful reply.

            Since 325 AC to around 700 AC there was a Christian Empire dominated by Byzantium with Capital in Constantinople. This empire was to the east of the Euphrates River, crossing Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, all the way to England and including North Africa. It was basically a Mediterranean Sea Empire.  To the west of the Euphrates River there was a Persian Empire, mostly under the Sassanide Dynasty.  The Arabic Empire did not conquer the western part of Turkey which remained with the Byzantium Empire until 1450 when the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad 2 entered Constantinople and spread all the way to the borders of Vienna in Austria.

            In around 1000 a major schism in Christianity split the Catholic Church of Rome with the Christian Orthodox Church of Constantinople. Actually, the initial Crusade campaigns had for objective to conquer Constantinople and coerce the Orthodox Church into uniting with Rome. That is what took place and Constantinople was ransacked and burned before the Crusading forces marched on toward Jerusalem. The other successive Crusading incursions had for objective to capture Egypt and free the spice routes directly to Europe without paying taxes to the Moslem Kingdoms along the maritime and land caravan routes.

            Thus, from 325 to 1450 Europe was Christian.  Why Greek civilization, if Europe insists on taking the source of its culture from antique Greece, was not prevalent during over 11 centuries?  Why Europe remained barbaric till the 15th century?  Is it because the Christian dogma of Rome was barbaric and refused other civilizations and cultures to infiltrate Europe?  Certainly the Christian clerics were at least bilingual, mostly Latin and Greek, and consequently, if Greece had any culture it would have been translated into Latin. Some would give the lame excuse that the scholars in Europe, mostly the clerics, could read the Greek manuscripts in their original forms and had no need to translate any manuscripts into Latin or other live languages; this would be another proof that the Catholic Church of Rome was barbaric and refused philosophical and scientific disciplines to penetrate into Europe.

            Europe experienced a demographic surge around 1000 AC; it is after getting in contact with the Near East culture and civilization (under Arabic/Islamic kingdoms) during the Crusading campaigns that culture entered Europe from the open door.  Even after the total defeat of the Crusaders in 1200 the Near East culture permeation would continue via Andalusia in southern Spain. The Arabic/Moslem civilization in Spain was the main source for the transfer of sciences into Europe until the “Christian” Spanish monarchs conquered completely Spain in around 1400 and chased out Moslems and Jews from its territory.

            Greece after Aristotle did not produced much in culture.  It was just a brilliant century for the City-State of Athens during Pericles period, as so many glorious periods for a dozen other City-States that dotted the Mediterranean shores and the Euphrates River, from Mary, Harran, Edessee, Ugharite, Tripoli, Byblos, Beirut, Sidon, Tyr, and much later Alexandria, Antiochus, and Ephesus, and on that scholars and archeologists have to start focusing on for the origins of civilizations.  The proof is that the Byzantium Empire that was established in Greece for over 11 centuries is no where mentioned as source for any worthwhile civilization.

            Macedonian warriors under Alexander conquered the Near East; it is not because the Near East people, from Alexandria, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and coastal Turkey, who assimilated the Greek language and spread their own culture and civilization in the Greek language that Europe has to claim its civilization to Greece. Europe should not. It is the Near East culture and civilization that assimilated the languages of the various conquerors (Mesopotamians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs from the Arabic Peninsula, Ottomans from the Turkish Plateau, French colonialism, and English colonialism) that absorbed and disseminated the fundamental cultures and civilizations to its neighboring environment.  

            It is not because of the invasion of nomadic warriors from the Arabic Peninsula that Arabic civilization should be labeled Arab.  Why the Mogul Empires that lasted longer than many Empires and stretched much further than many are not given any civilization?  It is a shame that Europe still feels the urge to attribute civilization to military conquering warriors.


Note: The title was meant to be catchy to drive through the purpose of the topic. I have no zeal to dwell into religions of any kinds. I would like readers to refer to my recent post “Damascus saved the Greek culture”.

I kept a spare hand;

It is one of those early morning sleep dreams.

I am at the university and there is this small brunette.

I am field experimenting with passing girl students.

This heavy lipped brunette stops girls and asks to shake hands;

She takes the extended hand and turns her face and licks her lips;

She is contemplating the rouge of her lips in a hand mirror.

I am curious and I ask for the hand of one of the pretty girls;

I kiss her hand and then demand to keep her hand;

She retrieves her hand;

I am left with a spare hand in my hand;

The pretty girl looks totally intact.

I am holding a warm hand that fits mine admirably.

I am grabbing this warm hand with my five fingers;

I am not hiding this extra hand;

I am walking around with a warm companion;

I am very much happy and elated.

The next morning I saw the same girl;

She is still whole and pretty.

We have a couple of hours to spare for our next courses.

I invited her to visit the new remodeled library.

The library has been changed drastically;

The interior is ugly.

There is no vast waiting room with directions.

You are facing a brick wall as you enter;

A couple of elevators and side escalators

That takes you to the first and second levels.

The whole and pretty girl steps on the right escalator and I take the left one.

As usually, I assume that we are meeting on the first level.

I am waiting but she disappeared.

Somehow the architect or interior designer decided

To leave strips of beach sand separating the escalators at each level.

I see students holding on their sandals

And having fun walking barefoot on the sand.

It smack as the design is meant to attract kids to an enclosed playground version.

I lost sight of the girl. I think I also lost the spare warm hand.

I could do with the whole girl, but I miss the companionship of the warm hand.

I should re-run this dream

And make sure to hold on better on what counts most to me.

This is very much my life story.

I tend to get lost when in groups of people.

I tend to tell the group of the time and place

Where I will meet with them again and then get lost.

I recall visiting one of the USA Disney Lands.

Most probably it is in Orlando.

I was with a large party of kids and relatives.

I got bored waiting for the entire group

To trying each game.

We never met again until sundown.

At each game I would look around;

After the fun, I would look around and wait some more.

The group did the same.

Joining cruises is much easier:

They tell you when and where to meet again.

This program suits me grandly.

The problem is that tight subgroups wanted to catch up with me;

As if I am their guide or knew what I was touring.

It was a game of losing the crowd.

I am either much ahead or far behind trekking parties.

I should re-run this warm hand dream attached to my hand.

And make sure that I hold on to what counts most to me.




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