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Was Misha the Idiot dog of the neighborhood?

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Misha is the Idiot dog of the neighborhood; (October 15, 2009)

Misha is a gentle female dog that had submitted to surgery after twice giving birth to too many puppies.

We had hard time distributing the puppies.  Misha loves to be cajoled and seeks friendly touches; she never barked before; when she did, it was soft with a message.

One day, my nephew William returned from the university with Misha in his car; she was a stray puppy and scared.

Misha slept in William’s room and William got serious raising Misha according to Internet information and guidelines on the effective ways to train an “intelligent” dog.

Misha would not eat before the right order for “go eat” is given. Many other various orders and signals were peppered around that got us all confused, except Misha the smart dog.

Four years later, William had to move on and settle in an urban city to have easy access to clients and in order to bike instead of driving with a mask on. Yes, William is a strict vegetarian, almost an extremist in his conviction of the kind of food that can harm your body and mind.

Every now and then, the ingredients and varieties of food change according to the new “intelligence” gathered on the Internet. Definitely meat and milk based products are evil food; onion and ail are enemies to focusing and meditating. The varieties of beans vary depending on the latest “intelligence” and research.

I won’t talk of William’s white garment (after his retreat in India), a remnant of Mani’s in third century Persia.

Well, this post is not about William but is focused on the student Misha.

One night, a dark brown and sort of ugly male dog, with almost mauve eyes, paid Misha a visit. In the dark I thought he was Misha and the dog conjectured that we might be friendly people. “Browny” parked in our parking lot and befriended Misha.

Misha was the leader and Browny followed her. Browny might not be a stray dog: he wears a collar but he liked very much our company and Misha gave him priority at eating time.

Once, Browny took a vacation for a couple of days and Misha got upset and started barking at night calling after Browny, the ugly dog.  Browny vacations increased and his staying outside the parking lot extended for many days and then weeks.  Misha got the habit of barking all night long.

Mother is unable to sleep. Even the dogs in the neighborhood stopped responding to Misha.

Misha has become the idiot of the neighborhood at night fall.  Misha might have a prophetic message to disseminate, but we comprehend not her language. The neighborhood dogs are not encouraging us to take Misha’s message too seriously.

William is urgently asked to go back to Internet and find out what animal researchers have in their bags to resolve Misha idiotic period.

William had an “valid” excuse for Misha’s current behaviors, but I forgot the premises.

It is sad to say that Elie drove on purpose over Browny, claiming that he didn’t see it at the entrance of the driveway.

4 Responses to "Was Misha the Idiot dog of the neighborhood?"

ok william sort it out. Why is Michat barking. I say depression.

why dogs bark:
Boredom is one main cause of barking. During the day, your dog may have plenty of stimulation and activity, but at night boredom may set in and so may the barking. Never forget that the barking does not bother your dog. At least as long as no negatives are linked with the barking by you! Dogs are social creatures and if your dog has no interaction with your or other dogs the yapping may start. Is there a way to make sure the dog has plenty of interaction and play so night time is not a problem?

Another potential cause of night time barking is lack of exercise. Many dog owners underestimate the exercise required by their pet. Breeds vary greatly in exercise needed. Your under exercised dog is a bundle of energy just looking to go. Too much energy comes out as noise. More exercise for dogs means less energy for barking.

Another common night challenge is loneliness. This is related to boredom but a little different. Loneliness also includes some fear. The dark is scary to your dog like it is to some people. Barking is that expression of loneliness and a little fear. Deal with loneliness by letting the dog stay with you or putting the dog in a place with a secure feeling. This may be as simple as closing your dog in the dog house over night.

dogs are social creatures, they communicate with each other, and often travel in packs when loose.
micha barking at night is a normal way of communicating with other dogs. generally, depressed dogs don’t bark, they just stay in their house doing minimal activity.
dogs sometimes bark out of boredom, trying to find buddies to keep them entertained.

the reason michat didn’t used to bark at night is because i trained her not to (just like adonis described) but habits fade, and it seems she grew out of it.

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