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Responses to “Misha the idiot dog”; (October 19, 2009)


            A previous post recounts the recent behavior of Misha; Misha got into barking all night long at night fall; the neighboring dogs stopped responding to Misha’s challenges: Misha must be considered by the surrounding dogs as the idiot of the neighborhood. I received a few comments meant to offering diagnostics to Misha’s symptoms and a few solutions.

            One diagnostic is that Misha is going through a depressive phase: his master moved on and Misha’s male companion was retrieved by his owner (probably catching birds during the hunting season).  Any one of you had experienced depression? Do you go gamboling in the neighborhood shouting your head off?

            Another diagnostic is that Misha is scared of the dark.  Anyone of you is “dark phobia”? Do you sprint the streets in pitch darkness and holler your fear challenging the night? What kind of a dog is scared of the night? Why doesn’t it sleep off the night and bark at day time?

            A third diagnostic is that Misha is feeling lonely and practically abandoned.  I admit that the people of the entire building are mostly boring and the neighborhood is not fairing better. It would have been nice to create playing ground for pets to meet; people’s kids have none yet; there are a few playing grounds but private.  Rich people have no incentive of mingling their kids with other kids, much less playing together. It would be nice to throw a party in the parking lot, every now and then, and using a few musical instruments and watch Misha’s reactions.  I suggest that Misha be transferred to Mono or Gemaizeh and participate in Karaoke contests; at least among the Downtown dogs for a start.

            Either the aforementioned diagnostics are false (I think that they are) or maybe treatments for depression and dark phobia to human should be altered.  Man should be encouraged to exhibit his depressive phase by visiting the neighborhood while yelling, hooting, and roaring louder and louder for recognition of his symptoms and in return receiving friendly sympathy and a few candies.  First, the depressive man should be trained to shout in an enclosed sound proof room, trained in the correct method for shouting from the stomach to save the vocal chords for future usage, and then be let out in the streets for practical exercises. This depressive period could be far shortened if the person is not inhibited to strip and exhibit in public. 

            Another diagnostic is that Misha is not exercising enough and is not spending his “surplus” energy. When I go for my daily walk Misha accompanies me for a short distance; Misha basically reaches a spot of freshly mowed grass and takes her time sprawling and turning on the grass: I guess she gets sensual pleasure of that exercise. Further on Misha does not dare venture: she had nasty experience with “barbaric” dogs.

I admit the kids do not take seriously throwing sticks: they think this practice is degrading for smart Misha.  They never ask Misha for his opinion of likes and dislikes. Misha kept welcoming the kids as they open the car doors; the kids do not like Misha licking them and Misha finally got the hint: she is a highly considerate dog and has sensible feeling.

            I don’t touch Misha or any dog; they like me though: I give them to eat and drink and I take walks. Misha sees me more frequently than any other person: I smoke in the parking lot.  Maybe Misha wants to try smoking: she is the curious type of dogs with more synapses than normal dogs.

            Most probably, Misha is autistic like Einstein before he was seven years old; mammalian animals revert to autism at older ages; I think. Misha is a ponderous mind: she suddenly gets out of nightmares and goes berserk running in all direction and barking like crazy

            I think that Misha is subconsciously angry with her master: she is forgetting the code words, sentences, and signs. First, Misha should go back to a vegetarian regime, no ail or onion to save her focusing capabilities.  Second, Misha should receive continuing education: her parietal brain is more enlarged than normal dogs; Misha’s visual space and mathematic potentials are close to the breaking threshold of human.

Islamophobia is anathema to rational thinking; (October 18, 2009)


            Islam is quickly becoming an integral religion in the Western world.  There is a growing sense of uneasiness for Islam devotees: they pray at least three times a day facing Mecca (the Kaaba) and take seriously the fasting month of Ramadan. The various Christian sects barely practice their religion; the “Christians” mostly use their religion as political platforms during voting seasons to discriminate among cultures for the “proper way of life”.  A recent scandal broke out in England: the government is wire taping the Moslems on ground of social study.  In France there was an attempt at disqualifying Arabs as carrier of any philosophical civilization that could have impressed on European Renaissance.  The Arabic media didn’t respond to “Aristotle on Mount St. Michelle” simply because the book talked of philosophical import and didn’t discuss the scientific aspects.

            The main confusion in Europe or in the Arab/Islamic world is about what Empires we are alluding to: Arabic Empires (culture) or Islamic Empires (civilization) and how to discriminate among the cultures of each one of the Empires.  The modern nationalistic models (brainchild of emerging Europe) could not correspond to ancient models of thinking and thus, the attempts to explaining past Empires with modern models of what constitute a nation is confusing research and biasing facts with awkward interpretations.

            In all periods, elites of Empires needed an ideology to assure the articulation of various heritages (Arab, Persian, Byzantium, Roman, Greek, and Aramaic).  The unstable structure of ancient Empires frequently pressed upon its elites to rethink the new culture of the emerging Empire and re-construct it via a mould where diverse elements were poured in (ethnicity, community, belief systems, and language).  Thus, social thinkers struggled to present a coherent understanding of the new Empire; the purpose was not an erudite analysis for posterity but to get the new Empire functioning properly.

            This post is meant to investigate the allegation that European civilization is fundamentally the heritage of ancient Greece civilization.  I have examined the contention that “Europe civilization is because of Christianism”, a proposal that I refuted in a previous post (read “The Barbaric Catholic Church of Rome”) where the centralized church prohibited the influx of “heretic” scientific manuscripts to Europe from the Near Eastern Byzantium Empire and later from the Islamic Empire till way the 16th century.

            The best route for this examination is to consider two civilizations that imbibed the Islamic Empires.  The first Umayyad Arabic Empire 650 to 800 AC had for Capital Damascus; the culture in the Near East in that period was principally Hellenistic in the sense that scholars and educated people wrote in two languages, the Greek and Syriac languages (Aramaic dialect developed in Edesse, current Turkey) ; the common people spoke the language of the land or Aramaic.  Aramaic is the root language for Hebrew and the various local languages, especially the two Arabic branches that were spoken in Mecca and in Yemen.  It is in this period that lasted 150 years that translation of Greek and Syriac manuscripts into Arabic received its impetus.  Translation of Greek works to Syriac continued way into the 9th century. The people easily assimilated the spoken Arabic of Mecca and gave Arabic its proper alphabet and grammar.

            The second period can be called the Islamic Empire when the Capital was re-located to the newly erected city of Baghdad (Baghdad was to become the largest metropolis in this Empire of over one million inhabitant); this Islamic civilization was marked by the Persian culture and language with high import from India: trade was cut off with Europe for many centuries first during the Mamluk Empires after kicking out the last remnant of the Crusaders and later the early Ottoman Empire as Constantinople fell in around 1450. 

            The Umayyad Dynasty exported to Islamic Persia the embryo of the current scientific works and the nascent Islamic philosophy (falsafa); the more developed scientific works were later mostly written in Persian language; the same scholars wrote the disciplines that were related to religion, philosophy, rhetoric, legal, mathematics, and algebra, in Arabic because they were needed for the proper function in the administration of the Empire.  Educated and cultured people who were familiar with Greek works met in “salons” (majalis) to discuss on various subjects, philosophical incursions into the possible, the intellect, the sensibility and the soul. 

            Schools of learning were erected and knowledge was no longer the prerogative of the initiation of master to disciple for rich people. By the first century of Islam (8th century), schools were exploding everywhere with targeted practical disciplines (algebra, geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry, jurisprudence, theology (kalam), science of tradition (hadith), history, linguistic, lexicography, math combinatorial analysis, cryptography, and grammar) mainly to support the functions of the Empire administration and train cadres for offices such as fiscal, heritage, religious calendar, and army logistics. The schools were inspired by different traditions such as Greek, Persian, Indian, and Syriac).  By the second century of Islam specialized schools in theoretical mathematics, medicine, physics, optics, and astronomy were booming.

            The first acknowledged Moslem philosopher Al Kindi (9th century) admitted that Aristotle was the most eminent Greek philosopher and wrote: “We have to thank the prior thinkers who shared with us what is right; they made it more accessible to us researching the truth and they provided the premises that leveled the way for what is true.  Offering reasons and demonstrations are part of the acquisition process in the sciences for veracity. Those strangers to scientific inquiries are trafficking in religion even though they have got no religion: indeed the one who sells one thing does no longer belong to him.”

            Personally, I tend to attribute the name of Islamic civilization for the import of scientific disciplines such as mathematics, astronomy, medicine, physics, optics, and chemistry.  Arabic civilization should be restricted to the Umayyad Dynasty period in matters of rhetoric, legal, practical mathematics, Kalam (reflection on the world according to the Koran paradigm), grammars, language, and the import of any outside scientific knowledge that the Old World reserved in Constantinople, Persia, India, and China.

            A follow up post will demonstrate that European Renaissance in the 16th century was fundamentally Islamic scientifically; the decentralization of the Christian power away from Rome was also inspired by the decentralization nature of Islam as a religion.  The title is “Europe’s Renaissance is Islamic”.  It is worthwhile for researchers not to confuse the recent period of Islamic radical decadence with early Islamic civilization that lasted from 650 to 1100 AC in the Orient and then re-surfaced in Andalusia (Spain) from 800 till 1400 AC.  After 1400 AC Christian Spanish monarchs chased out the Moslems and Jews from their kingdom; the Catholic Church in Rome instituted the Inquisition to harass the new converts to Christianity.




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