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All I am good for is learning Samba: On seeing double

Posted on: October 27, 2009

All I am good for is learning Samba; (October 28, 2009)

As unexpectedly as I was sick, I partially recovered what I suddenly lost: seeing double. One month later, I woke up at 7:30 am on a Friday and I felt that I am no longer seeing double without my corrective glasses.

With my glasses the picture is still fuzzy with both eyes opened.  I guess without my corrective glasses I cannot look far enough to recapture the fuzzy picture.

I asked my sister to move her index right to left, and both my pupils were sort of synchronized in their movement: For three months, my right pupil was stuck in a side range.  (Read my post “I am seeing double”; I think it is funny).

For the time being, I am keeping this good news secret in order not to raise undue hopes for a couple of days. During the night I had a hot dream: would that be part of the remedy? Or is the medicine for blood thining contributing to recovery?

Two days later, I decided to see an optometrist hoping that my right eye might have undergone changes and that a suitable right corrective glass would do the trick.  It turned out that I am still seeing double and this ailment should run its time for total recovery.

The optometrist told me that a prism glass will let me see single, but that the right eye would never heal if trained to the prism; thus, I better wait for nature to care for me.

In the meantime, there are specialists for training the muscles of the eyes to accelerate the healing process, but I am not in the mood of visiting doctors.  I have been rolling my eyes for years in all three axes and in both directions (counter and clockwise) and I will continue to consciously train my eyes with added focus.  I have been doing the same exercises with my hip joints for years; all that I am good for now is learning Samba.

In the meantime, publishing my posts did not abate: I post two articles a day for 7 days a week, but my average daily hits is declining.  Readers who patronize my blog need to understand that I demand some kind of boost until my eyesight is back to “normal”; at least seeing single if not completely discarding corrective glasses.

In the meantime, I am specializing in designing eye patches.

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