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Fight, fighting: Reserved for Women only!

Posted on: November 27, 2009

Fight reserved only for Women? (Nov. 24, 2009)

I got into thinking: what if women were selected to wage “patriotic” wars against enemies, in front line formations?  Will recruitment for required military service be instituted? Will age, marital status, number of children, and stature be factors? Will wars become less brutal? Will war duration and rate of frequency be reduced?

Will the enemy consider menstruation periods as time off fighting, like  in harvest season?  Will laws of engagement be changed and better respected? Will weapons be miniaturized to suit elegance of women?  Will weight of weapons be reduced and necessary weight of carrying backpacks be lightened?

Will men still hired to be the training sergeants? Will women consider the military as a viable career for over twenty years of service? Will turnover be higher?

I got into thinking: What if a State decided to confront an army of male soldiers with only female soldiers?  Will close range fighting be the norm? Will wounded still be achieved? Will war be waged to just capture prisoners? Will the frequency of raising white flags increases? Will men soldiers be used in support system, such as treating the wounded, nursing the frightened women soldiers, cleaning camps…? Will men behavior change with time and how? Will diplomatic peace negotiations become the norm?

I am just thinking: Do you have any historical records of different gender armies facing one another? Shall this wretched mankind ever learn to refrain from fighting useless and brutal wars? What are your opinions?

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