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Part two: Twilight of philosophy and dawn of philo-ethics

Posted on: January 18, 2010

Part two: Twilight of philosophy and dawn of philo-ethics; (Jan.20, 2010)

Note:  this might be unusual: I decided to publish a section of part two before part one.  I felt the urge to post what I had written the most recent so not to get discouraged in my vast endeavor.

            It is not necessary to be a practicing scientist to have a scientific critical mind; otherwise, not many people would feel comfortable believing that they are endowed with sensible rational and empirical thinking. When I claim that we need to think philosophically I mean that we need to combine the ethical component to whatever scientific thinking we undertake. The ethical mind should be the guiding rod to solutions or resolutions of any question.

            For example, (it might sound a simple interrogation but it might carry complex implicit ramifications), suppose that I stirred my Nescafe cup with a spoon.  My Nescafe includes no sugar or milk; just plain hot filtered water and Nescafe.  I got into wondering: should I rinse the spoon in tank supplied water (many germs) or just let the spoon dry when removed from the cup?  The idiosyncratic reaction is to rinse the spoon no matter what, isn’t it?  If I discover that the accumulated potent germs on a dried spoon are far less than the rinsed one then what would be your behavior?  The whole exercise is that we generally extend ready behaviors in answering that does not answer implicit reasons in questions.

            Philo-ethics (a new term that I invented) is to working on a set of stringent ethical reasoning that you feel are right.  The purpose is that you feel you have the right to state your ethics because you applied them.  The other advantage is that you won’t feel obliged to impose your ethics on people you like their company: you are in a position to be lenient and to compromise because relationships are more important than strict rules and regulations.

            The hardship that you subjected yourself to is to keeping sensible relationship working: a climate of genuine compassion to human frailty gives incentives to overcoming shortcomings that may be surmounted.

Note:  I wrote this post at 4:30 am and watched two movies.  One of the movies is about a girl who decided to throw a formal wedding invitation to marry herself.  If I had the finances I would have done the same: it is never too late to experience what you failed to do.  The other movie is”The Bridges of Madison “.  I liked the conversation and the two actors were well in their skins.  I have seen this movie before but this time I liked it even better, no matter the critiques.  I felt that the cheating wife overdid the whining part in bed.

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