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Obama-metrics: How to rebound

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Obama-metrics: How to rebound; (Jan. 29, 2010)

            In the previous post I enumerated the promises of Barack Obama campaign promises. Bill Adair (Pulitzer Prize) published the Obama program that included 510 promises. Promises being executed are 240 promises, 86 promises were kept, 26 were compromised, and 62 were blocked by the oppositions.

            How to amplify reforms:  The modified universal health plan added 30 million more citizens to health coverage that should kick in 2013.  Between now and then, the Administration has to pay close attention to the lobbying schemes for altering the plan, lightening bureaucratic inertia, and keeping the public convinced that the current program is but a stepping stone for the ultimate coverage of the remaining 20 million most needy citizens.

            How to consolidate successes:   There is a serious risk that the economy might falter again as what happened in 1930.  The list of fragile sectors is long: Real Estates (private and commercial), too fast climbing in stock exchange trading, international trade crisis, and slow consumer confidence.  Regaining optimism is more valuable than any grandiose public plans for re-launching economic development.  Obama has to make sure that money will be available for job creation but no more extra expenses: the public deficit needs to get under control.

            How to rectify faltering reforms:  Regulating financial institutions should be the next priority.  It is the public anger against the highway robbers in the financial circles that should be re-directed into more focused pressures on particular targets: Banks and financial multinationals are regaining overwhelming power.  Otherwise, people will have to wait for the next financial crash to offer another opportunity for Obama to enact stricter regulations.

            How to rebound in Foreign policies:  Obama has to break with Washington provincial attitudes toward foreign policies.  For a century, the US Administrations thought that it was imperative to secure internal consensus on foreign problem resolutions before taking serious decisions.  It should be evident that securing internal consensus is an exhausting process and time consuming for urgent decisions; courageous long-term interest should be factored in the equation.  Consequently, Obama has to retake the Israel/Palestine file as a Presidential personal will and thus take all the necessary initiatives to bringing an atmosphere of serious negotiation. For that, diplomatic initiatives toward Iran must be activated on first gear.

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