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Second redundant hole by my asshole; (Feb. 5, 2010)

People surf the net for info; I don’t: I experience hurt Sitting Bull.

I submitted a couple of days ago to a repeat surgery that I had 20 years ago. I had a cyst removed by my asshole at the end of the tail (we call it “hair home” in Lebanon). At the time, 20 years ago in the USA, the wound was stitched and I was under that impression this time around.

The new surgery technique is to leave the wound wide open to heal leisurely, naturally and let flesh refill the gap, which lasts over 30 days.

I was surprised to learn that women undergo such surgery too.  Why not? It is another confirmation that mankind is a branch of chimps: our tiny tail is hidden inside; totally useless for balancing on branches, for efficient equilibrium, or as extra limb.

Some have the cyst way up and do not require sitting on a potty to disinfect the region around the hole. My case requires submitting to the humiliating process of sitting on a potty filled with lukewarm saline water with Betadine: let the microbes by the asshole run amok, around the vicinity of the gaping wound.

Iosine is poured in the wound and several layers of padding are added for comfortable cushioning.  I am using leftover of my father’s padding after his previous surgery of the urinary track.  The good thing is that there is no pain, but plenty of discomfort for at least an entire month; kind of the “real pain in the butt”.

Would you belive it? The insurance started by refusing a one night stay over in the hospital.  I felt nothing in my legs for over 6 hours after the partial anesthetics; what! I don’t recall being awake during the surgery.

The geniuses in health insurance expected me to be moved by ambulance on a stretcher home?

For the dry run, I opened the needed sacs and bottles and aligned the items for my mother in linear sequence. For the first attempt, I decided to wear the full-fledged pamper until mother gets her hand on that procedure.

It is nice to feel cushioned; it becomes rather too humid and uncomfortable after a couple of hours.  Mother is learning slowly but surely for efficient manners to pad me up. I tear and open all that is to be used to alleviate mother’s disarray due to her arthritis.

It is bad enough that I am still suffering from itching that has been lasting for a month.

Mankind has many more holes than other species.  This is due to our totally inefficient energy conservation system.  We are equipped with a jet reactor engine attached to a horse carriage. We have a powerful engine that consume plenty of energy, burn it quickly, and released it as quickly; nothing much is reserved for tomorrow, except poisonous leftover accumulating around the waist and belly.

No wonder we are so fragile physically and emotionally: we are mostly angry, uncomfortable with our sudden surge of energy, blood thirsty, and destructive of whatever we can get our hands on.

I heard a Mexican American stand up comic say that at age 45, he realized that he can now inadvertently sit on his balls: pretty painful.  Sweet invincible tight and lean youth!

Shoot me with a silver bullet; (Feb. 4, 2010)

Shoot me with a silver bullet

Don’t miss me, my heart.

Make sure you never aim

At my foolish heart.

I don’t mind be dead once,

Not twice, my vengeful heart.

I fear, if you did shoot by mistake,

You be wounded,

Hurting, in my heart.




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