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Public figures said last two weeks; (Feb. 18, 2010)

Actor Robert Duval said: “My often says that a good meal and a lovely tango suffice to be happy. She is right.”

Clare Short, Ex British Minister for international development on Blair PM decision for Iraq’s pre-emptive war: “The climate within the government sessions was like living in a psychiatric ward”

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who walked on the moon is for canceling the project on moon exploration: “We have been there” (Let us move on and care for earth and people living on earth)

Neil Barofsky, general inspector of the US treasury, said: “The road is still ascending but this time around the car is faster” (This fast ascension should greatly worry us all since jobless rates and foreclosures are increasing)

The newspaper magnate of News Corp Rupert Murdoch said: “Platforms are proliferating but all these intelligent technologies are empty recipients.”

Avi Shapira, president of Israel comity for the preparation of earthquakes, said: “What happened in Haiti can happen in Israel”

Actor Johnny Depp denying news of his death: “I am not dead; I am in France”

President Barrack Obama: “I prefer being a good president for one term rather than a mediocre one for two terms”

President of Bolivia Evo Morales: “I am proud to announce that the period of humiliated and mendicant Bolivia is over.  People all over the world have decided to regain liberty and dignity”

Italy’s PM Silvio Berlusconi said: “Less immigrants less criminals”

Secretary General of Sweden Academy Peter Englund said: “I am taking paternity leave. This period will not hurt the Academy nor disturb the power structure between the sexes”

Tennis player Andy Murray after losing the game said: “I cry like Roger Federer but I don’t play as well as he does”

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