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Myth feeding on myths; (Feb. 19, 2010)

            I was reading a special issue of a French magazine on slavery and black literature and was taken aback by this strong and inevitable tendency of black intellectuals and black soul songs paying particular attention to the myth of Moses leading “his people” from Egypt to freedom.  This myth appears to form the cornerstone for what slaves in America wished to be a replica process to their emancipation.

            Without any exception, all black authors, intellectuals, orators, preachers, political and social leaders, from Olaudah Equiano (1745-97), to Frederick Douglas, to Du Bois, to Langston Hughes, to Frantz Fanon, to Martin Luther King, to Stokeley Carmichael, and even Malcolm X could not help but regurgitate the Moses myth to expressing their yearning for emancipation and human dignity.

            I don’t mind that a culture resurrects a myth to be upon their set of values.  Actually, the basic characteristic of a myth is that it is beautiful, especially the awesome imaginative creations, expressions on life, and good finally vanquishing evil. I have problem when people fail to recognize a myth and take it at face value as real story in history.  I have problem when black Protestants and Baptists go beyond the myth into coinciding it with Zionist movement ideology.  This is very odd since Zionism chased out people from their land and ended up establishing an apartheid “homeland”

            It is important to recognize that the story of Moses is a myth, a fantastic and emotionally encompassing myth, where slaves flee to freedom and survive hardship of desert climate and the multitude of tribal revolts under the guise of worshiping other Gods and a variety of multiple semi-Gods.  It is a myth even though we may fabricate reasonable conjectures to constructing feasible occurrence. One of the conjectures is that not all the fleeing people were slaves and not all were non Egyptians.  People fled when the ancient class of priesthood who adored God Amon overturned the only God Aton (the Sun) that King Akhenaton instituted.

            The story of Moses is a myth since there are no tangible proofs either in writing (in any language) or existing artifacts that may shed any bit of reality. If we know that the Old Testament was written in around 200 BC in Alexandria then what has been transferred as oral stories should not constitute factual happenings but smart stories reflecting customs, traditions, and set of values of people.

            Faith in one God, creator of man and the universe, has nothing to do with considering stories and sayings of assigned “prophets” to be adopted as act of faith.  You may like or dislike a few stories; you may adopt in actions and behavior what a few “prophets” said but there are no harms admitting that these myths describe reasonable ways of living, attitudes, and behaviors.

            I can understand why Malcolm X had to talk about Moses: he was a black Moslem and Islam combined the Jewish and Christian Books as intrinsic part of Islam faith.  I got into thinking. If it was not for Islam that sheltered and protected Jews from persecution of the Byzantium Empires then the Jewish religion would have disappeared.  The Zionist movement is a scorpion that could not help but sting its benefactor and protector from extinction.  The Zionist movement through its racist and apartheid system has driven many Moslems into extreme tendencies to be freed from occupation and apartheid domination in Palestine.

            I got into thinking that the limited and racist Neo-Conservative “Christians” in south USA got impressed by the beautiful and soul searching Negro soul songs and music referring to Old Testament stories; those tight-assed conservatives revised the fantastic lyrics and rhythms into petrified ideology.  It is unfortunate that diamonds, more often than not, fall on pork’s ears.

“Black skin, white mask” by Frantz Fanon (1925-61)

Decolonization process affects the individual and modifies him fundamentally: it transforms crushed and unessential spectators into privilege actors.

Decolonization introduces a proper rhythm to the newly created man, to the new languages, and a newer humanity.  Man is liberated through the process and demands revisiting a set of questions in the integrally of the new situation: The damned spectators in the last rows want to edge to the first rows and then become full actors on the scene.

The damned of the earth want to smash the tribal and clannish conditions that colonial powers maintained to divide and subjugate.

This kind of violence is a de-intoxicating phase to get rid of the inferiority complex.  This initial violence tends to unify the damned of the earth toward national unity regardless of tribal and sectarian roots.

Thus, this violence has no pity to reactionary forces that struggle to maintain colonial statue-quo.

The damned needs the post colonial violence to re-gaining self-esteem: he wants to believe that success was the work of all the damned, even if not a single shot was fired in many decolonization conditions.

The damned is elevated to the rank of leader and refuses to confirm any single person as the “liberator”, simply because he wants to understand everything and then to decide on every issue.

The conscience of the damned, illuminated by violence, does rebel against any sort of pacification program. The de-colonized damned of the earth intend to demand from the colonial powers to rehabilitate man, his dignity, and his human rights. (1961)”

Frantz Fanon (1925-61) was born in French Martinique Island and died of cancer at the Bethesda hospital in Washington DC. He was buried, according to his will, in Algeria where he practiced as psychiatrist for four years (1954-57).  Algeria acquired its independence the following year to Fanon’s death.

Fanon was engaged in the French Liberation Army in 1943 and received the war medal in 1945. He then studied psychiatry in Lyon and he adopted the vision of his mentor Francois Tosquelles (1912-94) that says that hospital should be the center of unifying the sick, nurses, and physicians for the sole objective of rehabilitating and re-inserting the sick to normal society.

Frantz was incensed to witnessing Creole people (mixed blood) in French colonies trying to behave as class apart of blacks and be accepted as white to the heavy price of deep amputation in their heritage and culture.

Thus, Fanon published in 1952 his “Black skin, white mask” which is a study of the alienation of black people whose identity is defined by the others (white prejudiced culture).

Race is a prison for black man; he is radically alienated into becoming an object.  Black man should refuse to shoulder the burden of past slavery and thrives to catch up as man among men. Nigger is not; White too is not!

Mother, look at this nigger; I am scared: he wants to eat me live.  Every white child is scared when he sees me.  When a black man shivers of cold then the kid thinks that the black man is shivering of rage. I tended to get amused first, but quickly this game turned impossible to suffer. It dawned on me that every apartheid attitude is fundamentally not based solely on color but on every culture that is different of the mainstream culture. (1952)”

Note: Fifty years after acquiring independence, most African States have reverted to tribalism and religious antagonism.  The colonial and imperial powers have been at it indirectly: the enemy is not that obvious, because black foremen and black intellectual are doing the maligning and the work hired by multinationals that are mostly directly backed by their respective powerful governments.

Stinky clown discovers the New World

On mount Mitchu Pitchu: Atop the Galaxy

Back then, not that long ago, on mount Mitchu Pitchu,

A rather small stocky man, embarrassed with a dirty long beard,

Skin rather darker than indians,

Clad in stinky clownish garment;

(Washing was anathema to this breed arriving from Spain);

He mounted on a lovely horse, not known in the New World,

He said: “This is how I think”.

His black clad monk rejoined: “And that’s what our God said.”

For over four centuries, the same kind of rather whiter man,

Trailed by the same missionaries,

Landed around earth’s shores and ventured inland.

He said what he thought and what his God said.

A sort of universal whiter civilization exploded and expanded.

This new culture didn’t even try to explain:

It claimed that conscious is universal;

That natural human moral is similar under all-weather and clime;

That value system is one, and superseding all archaic systems.

Centuries later,

The rather whiter man said:

“Democracy, under all its minor variants (not so minor at all),

Is the ideal political structure to be governed in modern societies”

He resumed unabashedly:

“Capitalism is the main economic mechanism to spreading wealth;

World market should be entirely opened to my products and services.”

Atop the Galaxy (why go beyond our Milky Way?)

Weird specie with obviously a developed Neo Cortex,

Strong with more versatile and complex sensory organs,

Sophisticated limbs attached to a shriveled body,

Thumbs rotating in three dimensions, a little finger (not that little at all)

Designed to catch saucers and balls of any shape;

A sexual organ not so shamefully protruding;

And not mating as we do:

Female lays eggs or ovaries;

Male sprays his sperms over ovaries,

Unlike us:

We exercise for naught over walls and trees;

Very much how far we can spit;

Over there,

Nobody, male or female, feels to possess a mate

And dominate for servitude.

Once atop the Galaxy,

This newer breed said what he thinks and what his God says;

Mankind re-shaped his vision of the world:

His set of values coincided with the new Master’s vision.

A newly freed slave who vanquished his mental slavery

Was more attuned to this degrading,

Oh, so many times “deja vu” process;

He stood up to the new master and growled:

Fuck you!

Christ was crucified again.

The Church of Rome re-instituted its religion,

Its Instigative system

Its one-dimensional philosophy

Galactic scale: Confederate of the Universe.

This time around, a newly free-spirited freed slave

Thundered, a voice louder than Superman,

Reverberating for eternity:

Fuck you!

Before a new cycle of slavery system takes roots.




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