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Stinky clown discovers the New World: On mount Mitchu Pitchu. Atop the Galaxy

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Stinky clown discovers the New World

On mount Mitchu Pitchu: Atop the Galaxy

Back then, not that long ago, on mount Mitchu Pitchu,

A rather small stocky man, embarrassed with a dirty long beard,

Skin rather darker than indians,

Clad in stinky clownish garment;

(Washing was anathema to this breed arriving from Spain);

He mounted on a lovely horse, not known in the New World,

He said: “This is how I think”.

His black clad monk rejoined: “And that’s what our God said.”

For over four centuries, the same kind of rather whiter man,

Trailed by the same missionaries,

Landed around earth’s shores and ventured inland.

He said what he thought and what his God said.

A sort of universal whiter civilization exploded and expanded.

This new culture didn’t even try to explain:

It claimed that conscious is universal;

That natural human moral is similar under all-weather and clime;

That value system is one, and superseding all archaic systems.

Centuries later,

The rather whiter man said:

“Democracy, under all its minor variants (not so minor at all),

Is the ideal political structure to be governed in modern societies”

He resumed unabashedly:

“Capitalism is the main economic mechanism to spreading wealth;

World market should be entirely opened to my products and services.”

Atop the Galaxy (why go beyond our Milky Way?)

Weird specie with obviously a developed Neo Cortex,

Strong with more versatile and complex sensory organs,

Sophisticated limbs attached to a shriveled body,

Thumbs rotating in three dimensions, a little finger (not that little at all)

Designed to catch saucers and balls of any shape;

A sexual organ not so shamefully protruding;

And not mating as we do:

Female lays eggs or ovaries;

Male sprays his sperms over ovaries,

Unlike us:

We exercise for naught over walls and trees;

Very much how far we can spit;

Over there,

Nobody, male or female, feels to possess a mate

And dominate for servitude.

Once atop the Galaxy,

This newer breed said what he thinks and what his God says;

Mankind re-shaped his vision of the world:

His set of values coincided with the new Master’s vision.

A newly freed slave who vanquished his mental slavery

Was more attuned to this degrading,

Oh, so many times “deja vu” process;

He stood up to the new master and growled:

Fuck you!

Christ was crucified again.

The Church of Rome re-instituted its religion,

Its Instigative system

Its one-dimensional philosophy

Galactic scale: Confederate of the Universe.

This time around, a newly free-spirited freed slave

Thundered, a voice louder than Superman,

Reverberating for eternity:

Fuck you!

Before a new cycle of slavery system takes roots.

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