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Are you acquainted with death? (Mar. 14, 2010)

Posted on: March 14, 2010

Are you acquainted with death? (Mar. 14, 2010)


          Tagore captured death as the master of the house inviting everyone to the banquet of life.  We are all the invitees to the Banquet of Life.  Each one tries his best to participate according to his talent and the way he likes to enjoy banquets.  Some gather flowers, others arrange the flowers, others cook the plate of their choice, a few sings, play musical instruments, recite poetry, crack jokes, laugh at jokes, confess to a dear friend, converse with someone in particular, woo pretty girls, paint people in the banquet, take photos, disseminate opinions and positions, chat on the latest neighborhood news, get intelligence on the ecosystem, ask for advantageous ways of investing surplus money, hand out CV and pamphlets, and contacts for references.

          When the hour to leave is over, when we have eaten and drank, then we thank the host for his generosity. Hoping to be invited to another banquet is not a sure thing: the merrier, the most gracious your behavior, and the higher the chances for another welcoming card.  You may decline invitations or not participate for fear of making a mockery of yourself but fear will never prevent the inevitable. Better enjoy your time to the hilt: Tomorrow is never better than the present.

          You live to know who you are and how to share what you love in life. Learn to talk about death, especially with people you know have terminal illness. The more you talk about death the more familiar you are with this fact.  There is this couple who faced imminent death in childish joy and contentment.  The husband was diagnozed with cancer and for an entire year he had great moments with his wife and children; he said: “My wife and I are behaving like kids splashing about in the banio”

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