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Beyond Versailles and Vienna; (Mar. 20, 2010)

            I have seen Versailles in 1975 before landing in the USA. I have seen majestic Baalbak in Lebanon.  I have not visited Vienna yet though I was very close when I spent a week in Budapest (Hungary) in 1981. The audio-visual mediums have supplied me with vision of Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and many other glorious edifices.  All those magnificent edifices could not match what I have seen in one of my latest dreams.

            I had a fantastic dream of an ancient city, far flung with a hallucinating beauty; streams of Emperors, kings and prices who settled this city or decided to leave a mark for eternity consecrated a few blocks to build their own particular imprints with megalomaniac edifices according to the style of the period.  I have seen the fantastic but I am sorry that I never took formal classes in art or architecture: I lack the terminology to describe this illusion.

            There were the Gaudy and the baroque styles; I don’t recall seeing anything classical, at least from the outside.  There were edifices in state of crumbling but most looked as ready to accommodate entire governments with their ministries.  I had the impression that the ground, valleys and mounts, had magnetic inertia so that I could not fall in steep inclines or need to descend on four or on my behind.

            I think the whole dream started by the news (in my dream) that a homicide occurred in the tiny village in south Lebanon of Maroun El Ras. I have never been to Maroun El Ras, perched on a mountain, where you can see the entire region of Galilee in northern Palestine/Israel. Maroun El Ras was made famous during the July war of 2006: the Israeli army tried for four days to capture this village; the Israeli radio would claim that Maroun El Ras fell and then, an hour later, counter news confirmed the lie.  When finally Israel entered Maroun El Ras it decided to vacate it at night fall as if lethal ghosts inhabited the totally ruined village.  Well I drove to Maroun El Ras as the dective in charge of the case and the dream took another turn.

            I am venturing with three friends toward the borders with Israel. There are pubs in Maroun El Ras packed with tourists (I doubt pubs will be permitted there for many years); the Israelis were ogling these pubs with jealousy and anger since they cannot cross the borders with Lebanon to enjoy the good life.

            Little by little, I am swept over to this huge majestic ancient city, as if turning a corner life and sceneries change abruptly and you are immersed into previous glorious periods.  I described my dream. Share with me your fantastic dreams.

Note:  Three weeks later after this dream, I saw on the news that Maroun Al Ras has already established tourist play gardens and restaurants facing the Israeli colonis.  It is not just a defiance attitudes: tourists are flocking to the borders in south Lebanon where attractive centers welcome visitors.  Before the July war in 2006, Israel had only to threaten to her demands be obeyed.  This is no longer the case:  Hezbollah has just to warn Israel for Israel to re-assess her plans.

Is death necessary? (Mar. 19, 2010)

            Up to now, there are no satisfactory biological explanations of why people have to die.  There are evidences that for tens of thousands of years, mankind has not changed genetically and biologically.  I think that the brain might have undergone some changes to accommodate increased influx of visual and auditory signals and sensations and the ever development in technological innovations that forced qualitative levels of life styles.  Technological development did not decrease the daily worries and needs for survival: as soon as an innovation is appropriate to release mankind from hard chores then society complicates its routine to adding various tasks and regulations to the fill the void in time spent on daily chores, physically, emotionally, and mentally; it seems that society wants people to staying actives even if need be to creating chimerical wants and needs.

            Even during the Sumerian Empire period (over 4,000 years BC) there are texts explicitly stating “there is no youth anymore”; this means that there is no time to play as kids and enjoy quality time. In this century, there are people who lived long enough to witness electricity, trains, telephone, aviation, and even computer!  How can any single person keep up with that kind of evolution and not give up when youth fresh brain feels comfortable in that environment like fish in water?

            The brain is sending all kinds of haphazard messages to the rest of the organs.  The organs respond “Ok, you sweet brain is obviously tired and tiring us with incoherent orders. Are you insinuating that we need to start the shutting down procedure?” It is the brain that decelerates rapidly and sets a morose attitude of a universe going too fast to catch up with.  May be it is the brain that is sending signals to the biological system to shut down.  It is the brain telling people that new generations of fresh brains are ready to resume the struggle for human survival; it is time to let go. It is basically a cultural reality, as old as man’s cerebral development, and not a genetic fact, that is defining death and its necessity.

            As long as the brain is functioning adequately in absorbing continuing education demands to keep up with youth’s sponge brain then the brain will demand an extension on life by any means possible and available; this is what I call the zest to struggling for living a while longer.  There are people who die relatively serenely: they can think “Everything is done” and let go. People die in atrocious suffering and pains: they are thinking “Why have you abandoned me?!” People die suddenly in surprise: they still have a second or two to think “Jesus, right now?!”

            I have witnessed that youths, who have lost one of their parents or who had no practical contact with one of them, are the ones who mature earlier than “normal” youths.  I mean by maturing this drive to plan ahead for the future much earlier and to stick to plans the longer.  I am not sure if those killing diseases and cancer types are not consequences of a brain giving up prematurely and generating processes to set a person at rest.

            Taming of death means: I accept being scared of suffering and pains; I accept feeling lack of courage; I agree that I am not that strong.  I am afraid of death but I am waiting very consciously its coming.  All these “yeses” are emanating from deep inside us, a depth that we never had conscious of its existence.

Sex markets and trades; (Mar. 19, 2010)

            Thailand is the prime sex tourist attraction.  About 15 millions flood the Capital Bangkok every year.  Many girls are connected by internet to their favorite regular tourists who visit yearly for a two-week vacation: one week with the girl (who consider this period as vacation time on beaches, all expense paid) and another week for touring Thailand. It is estimated that over 3 millions in Thailand practice sex business, supposedly with the consent of their folks to feed the remaining members of the family. The government enacted laws proclaiming sex business as illegal; it had completely forgotten this law: this particular tourist appeal generates 14% of GNP.

            The American soldiers fighting in Vietnam and Cambodia targeted Bangkok for relaxation breaks and then opened bars and sex businesses. After the war in Vietnam, ex-soldiers resumed their preferred tourist activities to their accustomed destination. Obviously, drug trade was a major catalyst for targeting Bangkok.

            The next destination for the northern Europe and England hard working population is the Capital Riga of Latvia. Every weekend, dozens of charter planes at low cost land in Riga for a relaxing time. Morocco is the favorite destination for southern Europe.

            As for the sources of the human sex pool it is the new Republics of former Soviet Union and Africa. Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldavia are prime sources for the mafias in that trade. For example, Moldavia insures the availability of 10,000 sex slaves a year; the slaves principally land in the city of Antalia in Turkey and then to Europe; Cyprus used to be the first landing location of these girls, who had secured due legitimate papers for other jobs; but the law in Cyprus required medical check up on contagious diseases; thus the mafias shifted the target location to Turkey;  Cyprus has now cancelled this requirement: it cannot afford to lose a large proportion of its 7 millions tourists.

            Sex slave business mafias have reformed their techniques in hiring slave sex to circumvent tighter regulations. Currently, the mafias promise a sex slave freedom, after working several years in abject conditions, by luring and expediting fresh replacements.  At first, the girl is promised freedom for hiring one replacement and then this number is increased gradually for one reason or another. The replacing girls know that the final job is sex but are never aware of the conditions of the work as slaves; they work non-stop and barely have time to feed and sleep. As the fresh slave girl board the plane then the doors are shut on her freedom; when she reaches destination she is gang raped, beaten and humiliated to give her the proper taste of what to expect.

            Nigeria and Cameroon are the main African sources of sex slaves.  In Nigeria, mafias organize witch ceremonies for the hired girls called “Djudju” where the girl promises complete secrecy on the bosses and organization.  Many mafias set up faked “Queen Beauty contests” and then photos are taken in bikini and brochures are sent to select rich elite customers; first the girls are sent to work in hotels and bars and then are coerced to upgrade into sex business.

            There are 400,000 whores in Germany and as many in Spain; 85,000 in England and as many in Italy; 20,000 in Holland and as many in France. Over 80% of the whores are foreigners from Romania, Bulgaria, and Africa.  Sex slave charges between 300 and 400 in developed European States while it cost between 30 to 50 in their home States.

            Many European States have tried alternative approaches to cut down on sex trades.  Holland enacted laws to legalize this business as long as the sex provider applies legally. Unfortunately, only 4% opted to formally legalize their trade.  Sweden has proven to have the most efficacious method: apprehending the customers for illegal activities.




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