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Beyond Versailles and Vienna

Posted on: March 18, 2010

Beyond Versailles and Vienna; (Mar. 20, 2010)

            I have seen Versailles in 1975 before landing in the USA. I have seen majestic Baalbak in Lebanon.  I have not visited Vienna yet though I was very close when I spent a week in Budapest (Hungary) in 1981. The audio-visual mediums have supplied me with vision of Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and many other glorious edifices.  All those magnificent edifices could not match what I have seen in one of my latest dreams.

            I had a fantastic dream of an ancient city, far flung with a hallucinating beauty; streams of Emperors, kings and prices who settled this city or decided to leave a mark for eternity consecrated a few blocks to build their own particular imprints with megalomaniac edifices according to the style of the period.  I have seen the fantastic but I am sorry that I never took formal classes in art or architecture: I lack the terminology to describe this illusion.

            There were the Gaudy and the baroque styles; I don’t recall seeing anything classical, at least from the outside.  There were edifices in state of crumbling but most looked as ready to accommodate entire governments with their ministries.  I had the impression that the ground, valleys and mounts, had magnetic inertia so that I could not fall in steep inclines or need to descend on four or on my behind.

            I think the whole dream started by the news (in my dream) that a homicide occurred in the tiny village in south Lebanon of Maroun El Ras. I have never been to Maroun El Ras, perched on a mountain, where you can see the entire region of Galilee in northern Palestine/Israel. Maroun El Ras was made famous during the July war of 2006: the Israeli army tried for four days to capture this village; the Israeli radio would claim that Maroun El Ras fell and then, an hour later, counter news confirmed the lie.  When finally Israel entered Maroun El Ras it decided to vacate it at night fall as if lethal ghosts inhabited the totally ruined village.  Well I drove to Maroun El Ras as the dective in charge of the case and the dream took another turn.

            I am venturing with three friends toward the borders with Israel. There are pubs in Maroun El Ras packed with tourists (I doubt pubs will be permitted there for many years); the Israelis were ogling these pubs with jealousy and anger since they cannot cross the borders with Lebanon to enjoy the good life.

            Little by little, I am swept over to this huge majestic ancient city, as if turning a corner life and sceneries change abruptly and you are immersed into previous glorious periods.  I described my dream. Share with me your fantastic dreams.

Note:  Three weeks later after this dream, I saw on the news that Maroun Al Ras has already established tourist play gardens and restaurants facing the Israeli colonis.  It is not just a defiance attitudes: tourists are flocking to the borders in south Lebanon where attractive centers welcome visitors.  Before the July war in 2006, Israel had only to threaten to her demands be obeyed.  This is no longer the case:  Hezbollah has just to warn Israel for Israel to re-assess her plans.

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