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Blue sea eyes

Posted on: March 26, 2010

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Blue sea eyes; (Mar. 25, 2010)

On the deck of your blue eyes

Rain audible vibrating lights.

On the port of your blue eyes

From a tiny open window

A view

Of faraway birds sworming

Searching for yet undiscovered islands.

On the deck of your blue eyes

Summer snow is falling.

I am a kid jumping over rocks

Deeply inhaling the sea wind

And returns a weary bird.

On the port of your blue eyes

I dream of oceans and navigation.

If I were a sea farer

If anyone lent me a boat

I would surely ease my boat closer

To your blue sea eyes

Every sundown.

Note: An abridged free translation from Arabic of the famous late Syrian poet Nizar Kabbani.

1 Response to "Blue sea eyes"

a great poem of the great nizar.well done.vivid imagery and a dream-like setting.

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