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What’s in the dawn? (Apr. 7, 2010)

What’s in the dawn?

Birds must be chirping.

Cool breeze must be biting.

Wet thyme must be tingling.

And I am smiling.

What’s in the dawn?

Is it raining?

Is it thundering?

Is it freezing?

I am sending a prayer

To the sick, the ill, the suffering from cold and hunger;

To the many at the end of their rope

Curtain drawn

What’s in the dawn?

I am breathing fresh life.

In a couple of hours nature dies:

The drama of the day begins

I can’t get used to that drama.

I want my dawn

Any day of the year.

Moslem/Arab women are unfurling their wings; (Apr. 8, 2010)

            Moslem/Arab women are already flying over family walls, city barriers, and heading toward newer horizons of freedom, individuality, and cosmic reality.  There are currently 90 million educated women in the Arab World seeking employment.  Over 60% of graduate university students are women; over 35% of university professors are women (far ahead of the USA and Western Europe with barely 20%); over 45% of physicians and the medical sciences are women.  Two out of three Arabs are below the age of 24 and increasing alarmingly.

            Women in the Arab World are still not walking steady: 15 centuries of despotism and obscurantism have left the sensation of heavy chains on the feet.  Women fall, get information, and then get up again: it is hard enjoying liberty after years of caging behavior.  During the first Iraq invasion in 1991, it was women who took to the streets expressing frustration and anger against impotent men to defend their lands and protect against “collateral damages” of smart bombs on civilians.  Men were taken aback and terrified in their silence of the power to be and despotic incarceration.

            Women have unfurled their wings and scaring off appointed imams and despots.  What!  If women are freed of their imposed traditional chains then how despots can be obeyed by men? Billions of petrodollars are invested by Saudi Arabia and many Gulf States to publishing expensive ridiculous books at low prices prescribing how a woman should behave, paint her lips and line her eyelids, how to epilate, what to wear, and the kinds of shoes are appropriate for obedient women.  Those stupid books, supposedly extracted and selected from “hadith” are meant for devout Moslem men to read and then transmit “valuable knowledge” to their women!  Actually, those books are targeting the thousands of appointed imams, financed by petrodollars, to continue their restricted teaching on “Koranic laws” and how to write the preaching sermons and target the best ways to subjugate women.

            Centuries of violence against rational Moslem philosophers aqnd Sufis are redirected against women when despots are facing serious civil unrests.  It is like “order half the population (of women) to retrench at home and the streets will be more manageable for control.”  Male youth are more fragile than ever and feeling uncertain in this modern world where material and psychological frontiers and barriers are crumbling.  Ironically, women fall in love with men expressing doubts and distress as the highest aphrodisiac for seduction.  Arab youth instinctively know why women are becoming more attractive: women are sending signals that they prefer men not exhibiting too much self confidence in their traditional behavior.

            Women have decided that they were born to be respected, to have individual rights, to vote personally, and to have the right to work in their field of expertise.  Most educated women no longer give a damn what imams are preaching to abridging their rights: no to blindly obeying men or God; no to be reduced to slaving for the comfort of men.  Saudi Arabia can build thousands more mosques around the world and hire imams to disseminate the obscurantist Wahhabit “Sunni” sect; and the USA can totally support the monarchy in Saudi Arabia and the other terrorist State of Israel but nothing would do.  Veil or no veil; hijab or no hijab, imam or no imam, shari3a or no shari3a: The genie is out of the bottle and there is no turning back.  A new dawn is rising upon the Arab World and lead by educated women.

Otherwise, the next holocaust is imminent; (Apr. 9, 2010)

A month ago, I saw an old Japanese movie “The seven samurais”.  You have this village of rice growers experiencing yearly raids by a gang of 40 robbers as the crop is harvested and stored.  The village leaders decided this year to hire a few samurais to defend the village on the expected date of the raid. The leader suggested hiring four samurais to be fed expensive rice though he knew perfectly well that the village needs at least seven samurais: the leader wanted to lure the village into accepting this proposition to circumvent their miserly attitude.

The first hired samurai was to select the other six samurais but he found only five willing to die for just food and lodging just to defend land growers. The village idiot let the secret to the samurais that the village has hidden plenty of food and expensive condiment and just acting poor and starving.

The samurais trained and disciplined the villagers to taking arms and defending the village; the samurais were the squad leaders at the major entrances of the village.  As the samurais arrived to the village all young girls were rounded up and hidden out of sight. Males believed that girls will instantly fall in love with samurais and then flee the village at the first occasion; the main excuse extended by men was that customs of class distinctions forbade land growers into marrying with noble men.

Finally, the samurais successfully defended the village and 5 of them died in that endeavor.  The next day, the villagers were back growing rice and harvesting fields as routine way of life.  The leader of the surviving samurai said to the young samurai in training: “We lost again. Peasants won.”  Elite classes claim their privileges as emanating from a God who divided mankind into two major groups: the governing and the slave classes.

In aristocratic Europe of the last century elite classes resented a religious sect living in ghettos: the Jews proclaimed to be the select race in face of the European elite classes who considered themselves the select class.  Pogroms after pogroms and the Jews refused to learn and relent on their myth on the ground that it was this myth that kept them united over the years.

Then pogrom was elevated to holocaust:  Now it was a whole nation claiming to be the select and purest race: Nazi propaganda convinced most Germans that they are the purest race of all and must dominate. There is no doubt in my mind that most Germans implicitly knew of the holocaust of Jews and other lower “races” and that genocide was at work: they opted to play it dumb as long as they were winning battles after battles.   I also believe that Nazi Germany didn’t care for the Jews in the Arab world: they didn’t exhibit any threat to the purity of their race; it was the Jews in Europe, citizens in European States, which were to be exterminated.  Either the myth or the de facto power was to win in this race among select races!

The Jews still refused to learn and relent after this first terrible holocaust.  After the war, the US and European States decided that the best way to hold the resumption of pogroms in their elitist culture was to ship the Jews to Palestine and create a State for them.  The European elite classes knew that pogroms will recur since they staunchly clanged to the ideology of being the crème of the crème.  Europe aristocrats and elite classes sent the Jews packing to Palestine with plenty of financing, arms. and political support in the UN.

For over 60 years, Israel has been emulating the western mentality of being “the select people much better of the neighboring masses.”  The Palestinians, consistently labeled Arabs by the Zionist propaganda, have been humiliated as only fit for labor work.  Millions of Palestinians have been massacred and their descendants want revenge.  Millions of Palestinians have been chased out of their villages and towns to live in ghettoes of camps and they want revenge and that the UN applies the right of return voted on in 1948.  Ironically, Israel is still pursuing “transfer” policies with the tacit agreement of the US and many European States.

After 60 years of establishing the State of Israel, now the “orthodox” Jews want Israel to be of pure Jews; Mosques and churches have to be demolished and the Pharisee laws applied over the land. The Western States are tired of their monster Frankenstein creation.  The Moslem/Arab World is running out of patience.  Secular Jews in Israel have got to get organized and united and win the next election! Otherwise, the next holocaust is imminent.




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