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Joblessness? Cut the rate in half in a blink! (Apr. 13, 2010)

            For 13 centuries, the political leaders in the Islamic/Arab World had recourse to two weapons in time of social unrests and natural calamities.  First, they banned wine consumption and second, they summoned women to keep residences.  The first order was to rob the masses from an emboldening substance that drive them to a sober afraid attitude; the second order was to reduce by half any agglomeration of people in the streets.

            After the second invasion of Iraq in 2003, and then the latest financial crash, unemployment is devastating the Arab States. In the last 25 years, Arab population increased by 100 millions to over 300 millions; over 90 millions women who unfurled their wings are seeking work.  Fact is over 60% of university students in Arabic universities are women and they are demanding fair jobs.  In the last three decades, the only alternative for women to getting out of their confinement was to attend schools and continue their education; mainly in medical fields (50%) and teaching in universities (40%).

            Enforcing wearing the veil (hijab) or the burka is a political decision and it means: Any Moslem State can reduce by half unemployment by sending women back to their kitchens and house keeping chores. Modernity is fundamentally the emergence of women as full citizens with equal rights to individual voting right and work.  Fact is women wearing the veil have much higher opportunities to finding jobs than the ones acting as if they demonstrated for change at schools.  While men have political parties and the State power to back their demands, women organizations have no such supports.

            Modernity has created two new classes in the Arab World: the first class is represented by the educated male rural population who had never a chance to participate in the social and political development; and the second class is represented by urban educated women who are viewed by the first class as serious competitors and potent challenge in the job market.  The quicker women are sent packing to their homes the better the opportunity for the educated male rural class finding scarce jobs.

            The initial successes of the Western alliances in the first invasion of Iraq in 1991 strengthened the most obscurantist Saudi monarchy in disseminating their brand of Islamic laws or justice named the Hanbali Shari3a.  Since then, the Wahhabit “sunni” sect of Saudi Arabia has been pouring billions of dollars erecting new mosques everywhere and hiring thousands of imams to preaching their brand of restrictive justice and alienating the women kind.  The main target of the Saudi monarchy was publishing ridiculous fancy books sold at cheap price to train the hired imams on the Wahhabit Shari3a justice system concerning women.  Since then, terrorist tendencies and extreme oppression of women have been the rule: women were to be relegated to the slave statue!

            Imams are taught how to give advices to husbands and brothers on what their “women” should wear, how to paint their eyelids and lips, what kinds of shoes to wear, how to epilate, and so many irrelevant recommendations.  Islamic integrism is financed and disseminated mainly by Saudi monarchy on a global scale and it cannot be contained since financing is available abundantly.  The web of terrorism is the US Federal institutions that are supporting its two main terrorist State allies: Saudi Arabia and Israel.  It is the US benefiting from terrorist activities in foreign lands because they are extending “valid” reasons to establishing new military bases and meddling directly in social and economic policies.  Saudi Arabia has been salvaging the US military companies by purchasing unused military hardware by the billions of dollars so that the US can hire more engineers and scientists doing research in space and communication technologies.

            The Arab/Moslem women have unfurled their wings and Wahhabit obscurantism cannot stop modernization and equal civil rights to all citizens regardless of gender or religious affiliations.  The Western States have to react positively to Arab women movement and support their demands before the West lose every credibility to its brand of humanistic civilization and types of democracies.

Hardworking Mina on a war path; (Apr. 12, 2010)

            Eleven years ago, Mina found a job weaving carpet in Morocco.  Her more “experienced” co-worker incited Mina to check with syndicate for membership and was chased out beaten.  Mina then paid a visit to the work inspector who let the owner of the factory on Mina visit. The boss convoked Mina and treated her worthless whore with no sense of loyalty: Mina was supposed to appreciate the boss as a “father figure” and then she was dismissed.  For 6 months Mina could not find work in the same city: all the bosses were informed of Mina’s “disloyal” behavior.

            Mina worked for 10 years weaving carpets and then had hone of her wrists broken. Mina was dismissed with no compensation or even for covering medical expenses. Mina worked and was paid daily and had no papers or documents as a working citizen.  Her highly educated friend, Fatima Mernissi, paid Mina a visit to the hospital and then mindlessly suggested to Mina to have recourse to the work inspector. Mina got in a state of anger and frustration and threw her veil to the ground and replied: “Fatima, you are very educated but I am no stupid” and she told her friend the story of her work conditions. Mina resumed: “Allah is my defender, my work inspector, and my syndicate. God said “if any of my servants asks for my intervention then I will be by his side”. May Allah hear my demands; I want the factory burned down and the boss broken to pieces”

            A few nurses barged in to cool down the shouting and Mina chased them out saying: “If you don’t leave immediately then I will add your names to the list of the work inspector and the syndicate.”  In Mina’s mind, the incidences that she experienced 11 years ago with the work inspector and the syndicate are still valid: nothing has changed since then in the relationship of workers and bosses and control institutions.  Mina’s assumptions might be correct but lack of stable and equitable institutions drove Mina from a rational thinking person to an extremist “khawarej” attitude: she wouldn’t mind taking the most extreme of measures if supported in her frustration.

            Extreme codification of life behaviors, even in developed States with strong central institutions, to controlling and managing people generate extreme reactions in periods of civil unrest.  For example, the USA is witnessing terrorist acts (kamikaze) by its citizens against targeted institutions such as the Pentagon and the IRS (tax revenue) offices. It appears that the life of little people is extremely codified in developed States but the barons of industries and elite classes get off with a slap on the wrist: huge loopholes in laws for the barons and a justice system based on financial means is dooming little people for lack of serious justice.

            At least, in Islamic world, people have this exit alternative to lamenting to Allah and have the right to ask Allah to chastise unjust people.  Just figure a citizen in the developed States asking his God to burn and maim the boss: the boss might probably have a claim to drag to justice the disgruntled worker for incitement to physical hurt intentions.

            Democracy in most of the developing States is a mystery with no corresponding physical application; democratic institutions are shells devoid of any democratic rights to individual responsibilities and serious participation.  The UN Charter is a super law relative to human and civil rights and freedom of expressions but this charter is still the best kept secret to most students and adult people in developing States.  In kindergarten, kids learn their religious laws but the UN super laws are not available or taught or even required to be exhibited.

            Colonial powers didn’t practice their brand of democracies operating at home: as soon as a semblance of democratic institutions (such as parliament) were established that the colonial power flaunted it and disbanded it at the first free expressions of freedom, liberty, and equality.  Even today, the former colonial powers have no interest of witnessing democratic institutions in the developing States as long as oil is available at low prices and the market for arms is booming.  Bush Junior claimed that democracy had priority on his list of changes in the Greater Middle East! Bush Junior never was specific on what kinds of democracies he had in mind; anyway, the method he applied to invading Iraq in 2003 had nothing democratic about it!  Saudi Arabia is still disseminating and financing terrorist tendencies and all the Arab despots kept their martial laws that were instituted 40 years ago.

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