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The door is always open:  Decide to enter

It is said: “Knock and you will be answered”.  Another said: “The harder and the steadier the knocks the faster the door opens.”

The female Moslem Sufis Raabi3a Adawiya (the fourth daughter in the family) clarified: “The door is always open:  Just decide to enter.”  She was referring to sinners seeking the mercy of God and his absolution.  She believed that the best way to be forgiven is to focus on loving God and try not to dwell too much on your sins after you approached God for his mercy.

This article is not about meditation, Sufism, or religious belief systems, but about open doors, open space, and open workspace.

Just imagine living in a community with no doors to be closed:  There are millions of such kind of communities around the world.  Billions of people do not have the luxury of privacy:  Entire families sleep and eat in a single room.

Do you think it would be easier to enter a house if you don’t have to knock first? 

My impression is that people don’t just enter unless they have decided to enter, whether there is a locked door or no door to separate the exterior from the interior.

There is always an invisible barrier to barging in a house without prior notice.

I have been imagining a story where I decide to enter any house with an open door while taking a stroll.  What would I say as I enter?  Peace be upon you citizen?  I have nothing to say or ask of you; I had decided to just enter and then figure out what to say and do after I am welcomed or denied entrance.  I am entering because your door is open and it implicitly means “come in and visit with me.” 

How can I be of utility to you today?  I have my time if you need to tell me a story; I have the time to listen to your complaints or happy surprises.  Believe me, I am not a government agent or of any Jehovah witness group.  I have nothing to preach you or any message to disseminate or any prophet to witness his real existence.   How can I help you?

I have been thinking of work-space organization. 

Currently, the most common form of space distribution in institutions is to have an open work-space for the lowest level employees and then allocate private rooms to the higher levels workers.  How about we reverse this mentality?  Let us allocate almost private spaces to lower level employees and then dispatch the higher level personnel into open spaces?  Why?

As I mentioned previously, except for the most developed States, billions of people never enjoyed privacy in their families.  Except for automated chain working environment, it is an excellent opportunity to expose and train newer employees into a climate of privacy at work and then enforce respect of this kind of privacy even if access is easy to co-worker.  For example, co-worker has to give advance notice that he is coming in to talk or discuss a problem.

Workplace should be a good catalyst to enhancing individual behavior for initiative and to reflecting on their ideas and opinions. Companies need to retrain workers to get stock of their individuality through respect of their privacy.

The higher level employees should be confined into an open work-space.  The highest the rank in administration or management the more the behavior of the employee to act as if he is running for political election. For example, communicating openly with employees and asking them to contribute and offer alternatives.  In this case an open work-space is the best catalyst for enhancing transparency in management and decision processes.

A high ranked worker is implicitly asked not to show up to work if he is under the weather or not in the mood of working:  he is under the light and must behave accordingly.  Open work-space train a high-ranking employee to focus  on his job and not let the open environment distract his work: That is why he was promoted in the first place, isn’t it?

As high-ranking personnel are trained to function within open work-spaces, then the message would be “Never think that it is the end of the world if you are ever fired or sent to pasture.

You have been expose to communicate openly and you should not find it a terrible bother to knock and ask for interviews.




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