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Is there a strategic defense program in Lebanon?  Yes, there is one and in progress.   You don’t have to take my word for evidence.

In short, the Lebanese army is in charge of security and civil defense in all Lebanon; the army is to take on defensive positions and respond to Israeli guns and repealing any land incursions and sea landings.  The Lebanese resistance forces of Hezbollah is in charge of targeting deep land and marine strategic installations within Israel: Hezbollah’ Secretary General, Hassan Nasr Allah, promised to target Tel Aviv if Beirut is targeted; to target Ben Gurion airport if Beirut airport is targeted; to sink any navy or commercial cargoes heading toward Israel if Israel Navy decides to seal off Lebanon’ sea front.  This is a very pragmatic and efficient strategic plan for several reasons:

First, the Lebanese army lacks war materials and is denied any modern and efficient weapons to strategically check the Zionist army.  Thus, Hezbollah is training and extending short to medium range missiles to the army in order to countering any Israeli pre-emptive war and the massing of troops by the borders.  This strictly defensive job is within the rights of the State of Lebanon: the international community could not lay blame on the Lebanese army to using weapons stocked by Hezbollah to defending the motherland.

Second, Hezbollah has the job of hurting Israel’s economy, commerce, transport, and whatever it takes to slow down any land or sea invasions.  Hezbollah cannot be blamed to counter attacking in kind, given the barbaric war that Israel waged in 2006 by destroying almost all Lebanon’s infrastructure and industrial complexes and polluting our sea shores with oil from destroyed refineries.

Third, this is a pragmatic plan well suited to Lebanon’s intricate political system that would have never agreed on any realistic strategic plan.   It is a plan being ironed out as difficulties and diplomatic troubles wreck the political and social landscape of Lebanon.  There is high level field cooperation between the army and the resistance which is antagonizing many political leaders who would like Lebanon to remain weak and begging foreign interventions to safeguarding its sovereignty.

Fourth, the political discussion around the famous “Table for the strategic defense plan” is an excellent source for open communication among the various parties to extending political cover for field integration and cooperation between the army and the resistance.

This approach to strategic defense could not have been possible without the tacit agreement among Iran, Syria, and  Qatar and their financial and material supports.  The political support of Turkey to Lebanon is a serious diplomatic counter weight to the US total support for Israel.




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