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What should be done: After the “peace boat” slaughter?

Two main movements should start simultaneous discussions, dialogues, compromises and consensus on the best alternatives to containing the new Zionist apartheid and theocratic religious goals in the State of Israel.

The first movement should be a bottom up dialogue

Starting among the Palestinians within Palestine/Israel to unify their factions and reach a consensus, and among the Palestinians inside Palestine and the diaspora.

1. Instituting a unified Palestinian front with the Arab States bordering Palestine such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Then between the unified front of the bordering Arab States and the Arab States in the Arab League.

2. Consolidating a strategy between the Arab States in the Arab League and the Islamic States.

3. Forming a front  between the Islamic States and the emerging power nations such as Turkey, Brazil, India, and Korea, then with the United Nation and the individual veto power States in the UN.

The second movement should starts from the top down.

The United Nations should initiate the peace process dialogue with the emerging nations (in addition to the veto power States that have already formed the group to implementing and establishing a Palestinian State).

The UN should communicate with the Islamic States as a serious formidable block to resolving the Palestinian cause and taming the extremist salafist movements.

The UN must initiate an official dialogue with the Arab League of nations, with the bordering Arab States , and with the unified Palestinian front.

The Palestinian cause has indeed become an international problem that requires international resolutions.

The Palestinians share in this resolution is to unifying their ranks and programs and then propose their plans to each circle in the discussion movements.

The Arab bordering States share in the resolution of the problem by unifying their proposals to contribute to any step by step execution of the peace proposal.

The Palestinian unity AND the unified Arab bordering States positions are the cornerstone for any successful initiation and execution of peace plans proposals.

The regular meetings of the Arab States League and the Islamic States should be increased and sessions extended for serious consensus.  It is expected that the greater the number of States the weaker is the scope of the consensus; but this is alright as long as consensus is upgraded after each meeting.

It is expected that the unified Palestinian front should have a far-sighted and more detailed consensus than all the wider concentric movements.

It is also expected that the Arab bordering States should thrive to expose a higher qualitative consensus to the Arab League than the Islamic States or the UN.

So far, Israel is becoming a big burden on the US.

Iran and Turkey are no longer to be relied upon for larger strategic depth or strategic plans.

The Mubarak regime in Egypt is barely standing and has lost all credibility to the Egyptians and to the Arab masses as a viable regime to counter-weight Israel arrogance.  Any firm consensus is far better than rhetorical speeches.

The only critical weight rest in the hands of the Arab masses to keep reminding their governments of their obligations to resuming the pressures in the international front.

The meeting of the Palestinian factions into a unified front with a clear and steadfast consensus that never relinquish the Palestinians rights AND the Arab bordering States historical and international rights is a fundamental base for all the peace process.

This is the time to feeling confident and expressing big demands commensurate to the weakness of Israel and the rising power of the Arab bordering States.

The most urgent steps for resolutions are:

First, breaking up the embargo on Gaza (the greatest detention camp officially imposed by the US) so that Palestinians can receive medicines, functional hospitals, potable water, electricity, decent education, and building materials.

Second, breaking up the internal embargo on the West Bank by dismantling all of the hundreds of Israel’s military check points, freeing the 11,000 political Palestinian prisoners, and permitting free movement on all highways regardless of race or religion, and communication among the Palestinians.

Third, establishing an autonomous Palestinian State with diplomatic embassies to all independent States, airports, ports, passports, and currency.

Fourth, dismantling all Israeli colonies outside the 1967 borders.

Fifth, pulling down the Wall of Shame dividing Palestine from Israel.

Six, Negotiating the processes for the “right of return of Palestinian diaspora” into Palestine and Israel with appropriate compensations and remuneration for miseries subjected to for over 70 years of humiliation and indignities.

Seven, pressuring Israel into abiding by all the UN human rights and international rights that all member States agreed upon; including any States that are not making any effort into showing seriousness to improving their human rights records.

Note:  Since posting this article, Arab masses have risen from the ashes and demanding dignity and full national and human rights.




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