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Did we miss the main cure?

Posted on: June 6, 2010

For so long,

The main culprits were greedy governments,

Over supply of weapons, a few of mass destruction,

Desire to dominate, horde wealth, enslave mankind

To subjugate differences in color, race, gender, and belief systems.

The culprits were many;

We added problems of world dimensions:

Pollution, lack of potable water, dwindling of clean air…

Newer culprits were invented:

Lack of democracy, of steady emotions, and rational thinking…

For so long

The only communication between citizens and authorities

Was kicking asses, smashing faces, pulling hairs

Hording political “misfits” to prisons…

For so long

Young men filled with testosteron,

Clutching clubs, roamed earth

To tasting fresh breeds of cows.

For so long

We forgot to sniff a wild flower

Chase a butterfly

Hearken to the coughing of a bird at dawn

For so long

We failed to look up the moon and stars

Drank clear water of a stream cupping our palms

Heard an unrecorded bold laughter.

Is there a childhood to tending to?

Are there fresh lips to be kissed?

Are there serene pair of eyes to drown in?

Are there steady fingers to hold on?

Are there slender wastes not wrapped with bombs?

Have we been missing the main cures?

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