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Neutrinos? For what is worth

Posted on: June 13, 2010

Neutrinos are elementary particles hypothesized a couple of days to having no mass.  Neutrinos easily cross matters and the atomic core at the speed of light.  Yes, neutrinos are allocated three “flavors” or types:  neutrino-electron, neutrino-muon, and neutrino-tau (guess relating to the kinds of nuclear reactions emitting the neutrinos).  The short story is that a team of scientists announced on Mai 31, 2010 that they observed neutrino-muon oscillating (mutating) into neutrino-tau type.

Why this big fuss? Now that physicists believe that, after 80 years of experimentation, they observed one neutrino flavor mutates into another flavor then, neutrino should have a mass.  Again, why this fuss?  Physicists feel now more confident to explaining how we ended up living in a world of matter instead of anti-matter. The theory of the Big Bang would like us to believe that a universal fight of annihilation “for existence” between these two types of matters ended up with matter as victor (in our world).  So, why this fuss?  Apparently, if neutrinos have masses (infinitesimally small) then they contributed in this universal struggle for matter winning the battle!

Hold on a second.  This is not the end of the wonderful story.  There is a laboratory close to Rome called Gran Sasso, 1,400 meters below ground to shelter its rooms from cosmic rays.  In Geneva, and exactly 732 kilometers from Gran Sasso, there is this monster of nuclear accelerator of particles, 22 kilometers long, used by a European conglomerate CERN.  In CERN, protons were accelerated on a graphite target; the collision produced all kinds of particles at huge quantities.  Among these elemental particles we have neutrinos-muon by the trillions that reached Gran Sasso within 2.3 millisecond.  Of all the neutrinos-muon, a SINGLE neutrino-tau was detected (caught hand in the bag).

So much investment to proving a theory of the Big Bang that may also greatly interest superpower military complexes anxious to mass kill mankind while preserving the materials.   In the meanwhile, millions are dying of hunger, thirst, and common diseases every day for lack of a wretched single dollar to survive.  Just another point of view.

Note:  An Austrian physicist hypothesized the existence of neutrinos in 1930.  Neutrinos were detected 30 years later.  Every second, each square centimeter is bombarded by 65 billion neutrinos from stars and a variety of nuclear reactions.

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