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Woo: No victors!?

Posted on: June 23, 2010

Should civil wars ends with a victor?

Woo to people who underwent a civil war and nobody believes that he emerged the victor!  In this state of affairs, males , when forced to talk about the war invariably blame the other or other parties; they are never willing to divulge the atrocities they perpetrated and they act as if they were innocent from what happened; they offer plenty of excuses for fictitious pardons.

God should know that even a monster harbors a horrible conscious after 15 years of insanity and horrors; a bad conscious does not vanish without confessions and true admission of personal guilt and accepting the responsibilities.  Only women are ready to talk about the experienced feelings and events of the war but it is hard to locate these women. How can you believe that a state of normalcy can be won when only ambulatory wretched men are crowding the streets and selling little stuffs just to cover the stigma of mendicancy? In this state of affairs, the women after the war are nowhere to be found in the streets; they are secluded in their homes; how the tourism business can flourish when women and girls have deserted the open spaces?

During the civil war, mostly women roamed the open streets tending to the survival of the clans while men were hidden in bunkers and behind fortified sandbags, cagouls masking their faces, conscious of their cowardism and smallnest.  In this state of affairs the souls resume their rotting process and inability to see clear into the future; our sun and sea salt have managed to give a semblance of exterior cleanliness, of erradicating the stench and putrifaction that is plaguing every corner in Lebanon.  In this state of affairs another civil war is doomed to be re-activated because ignorance cannot grasp another concept but victory, even a fictitious victory.   There was one tiny period when the Maronite Christians thought that they have won the war when the hard-line conservative leader Basheer Gemayel was elected President of the Republic, under the Israeli bayonets.  Looking back, I would have accepted this ludicrous fact instead of a no victor outcome!

There were many circumstances when a few individuals longed for the resumption of the war without daring to confide their desires: many got lucky in sexual encounters in basement where the living were sheltered from rockets; they made love in total darkness and made sure not to give their real names or be seen in broad daylight.  Sun light was not to provide additional details and the consequent exacerbations of finding major physical flaws.  Darkness was the queen for releasing the bottled up emotions and tenderness and saving unattached comfortable relationships.  Only the sense of touch and fowl smell of the environment and mouth smell were the facts that could handicapped the close relationships:  the general deficiency in running water, hot baths and health higyene were excellent excuses to forgiving the shortcomings.

Could you imagine what would happened to Spain if General Franco didn’t win the civil war before the second world war started? Spain would have been the scene of the war played on its land and with its inhabitants.  France and England would have been saved from direct involvement in the war and Spain would have been divided and shattered.  Could you imagine China if Chang Ki Chek won the civil war against Communist Mao Tse Tong?  Most probably, Japan would have not dared invade China.  Could you imagine what would have happened to the USA if Lincoln decided for a no win deal?  Woo to the people who never managed to win a civil war!

Lebanon civil war lasted 13 years, from 1975 to 1991.  Then, the US appointed Syria as mandatory power to keep peace and security till 2005 when the Syrian troops withdrew after the assassination of Rafic Hariri PM.  Not until 2007, did the Lebanese felt that there was a victor since 1975:  Hezballah overran all offices in Beirut that were planned to amass arms and militias in order to start another civil war.  It is then that the lebanese comprehended that the civil war was over and that there was a victor.  Elections took place, Constitutional dates were satisfied, and a unity government established.  It is going to take more time for reforms and the institution of a modern State but psychologically, the main barriers to development and a climate of security are over.

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