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What is Israel? Beyond clichés?

The new generations of Jews outside of Israel feel estranged with the irrational clichés heaped on the State of Israel.

The new generation of Jews have been wondering for a long while why the older generations of Jews were supporting and drumming up supports to a State that has been flaunting international laws for over 60 years.  They have been uneasy that a State claiming to represent their hopes and moral values is practicing policies alien to moral and human rights standards that were proclaimed by the United Nations Charter, and acting irresponsible with diplomatic conducts and behaviors.

What is not disseminated are the hundreds of Jewish soldiers who commit suicide serving in the occupied territories in the Palestinian West Bank or live on the margin of society once they finish their military obligation.

Four main clichés are very disturbing and out of subject matters relative to what is really happening within Israel.

First, is Israel discredited by the world community?

The latest senseless military boarding of the “Peace boats” in international water and the killing of 20 civilians in their boats and dozens of injured people was the straw that pressured the international community to re-open files of racist activities against human rights that were covered up by the US and many European States such as France and Germany.

Spain, England, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway have taken steps to prosecuting Israel’s public figures who bear responsibilities of mass killing and collective punishment of Palestinians.  Many European States are getting ready to apprehending Israeli criminals against human rights. Israel is being reminded that occupied lands are its responsibility toward the world community and the occupied population have to be respected according to the UN Charter.

The UN adopted a resolution that “Israel is a racist State” and it stuck for a decade.  The US couldn’t rest until this label be dropped and woed the “moderate” Arab States to aid in that endeavor.  So what happened after the racist label was removed?  Israel resumed its old habits and at a larger scale and refuses any serious peace initiatives under various lame excuses.

Second, Is Israel a democracy?

The Western States maintained and disseminated for over 60 years the myth that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.”  The State of Israel was forcefully recognized by the UN in 1948 by a simple majority of one vote when the UN was constituted by three dozens of States representing the victor States or who sided with the allies.  The Western States wanted to shift the “Jewish problem” of recurring pogroms by their racist citizens to a far away land.  It was a political decision of taking care of a very hot potato that the Western States didn’t want to handle because their only solutions resided by the sword and blood.  Thus, for over 60 years, the US, Russia, and the European States did their best not to condemn Israel’s practices in the UN for all its flaunting of the UN Charter.

Is Israel a democracy?  The main difficulty is defining what are the characteristics of a democratic system (give or take a few exceptions to the rule).  Israel Constitution never delimited its borders (contrary to the UN requirements for recognizing a State); Israel hoped to extend its boders from the Nile to the Euphrates River based on mythical claims.  The Justice system in Israel is supposed to be an independent instituion; the Higher Court in Israel claims not to have any authority of what the army is perpetraiting in the occupied lands in matters of confiscating private properties, demolishing houses, imprisoning Palestinians for years without any due legal proceedings and taking out organs from Palestinian prisoners to the benefit of criminal organizations that the Israeli governments gave blessing to these atrocities. The Palestians holding an Israeli citizenship have not the same rights as a new comer Jew who know nothing about Israel.

There are many indication that the democratic system in Israel is not as developed as democracies in ancient City-States such as Athens, Rome, Tyr, or Sidon.  Citizenship in City-States was not extended to people in their stretched colonies for practical reasons of difficult communication facilities.  The Roman Empire kept improving and extending its citizenship rights to all its conquered lands.  Many Syrians became Emperors.  St. Paul enjoyed due legal proceedings and was beheaded instead of crucified as St. Peter. If Israel respected democratic systems it would have recognized Hamas in Gaza as a duely elected government.

Third, is Israel representative of “Semitic” moral standing?

It is known that semitic people, by the definition of the Jewish and Islamic religions, are people descending from Abraham or Noah or whoever religious sects would love to be originating from.  Jewish propaganda exclusively restricted semitic terminologies to Jews and thus, labeled Jew haters or perceived of harboring “anti-semite” feelings. Worse, if you critique Zionist ideology or the policies and practices of the governments of the State of Israel then, immediately you casted as anti-semite. The new generations of jews are increasingly skeptical, they are saying: “If denouncing the blockade of Gaza is a potential excuse to be labeled anti-semite then, why take so seriously the other typical accusations?  Is the Holocaust another pretext to excusing the Israelites for their apartheid conducts and practices?”  The State of Israel and its lobbying organizations in the US, European States, and Russia adopt this flawed communication scheme of badgering everyone and every institution as “anti-semite” when Israel’s policies and practices are critiqued and discredited.

The latest disturbing facts are showing that the Sefarade Jews in Israel are refusing to send their kids in Ashkenazi schools or even mingling in the same classrooms.  To the Sefarade Jews, the Ashkenazi are pseudo-jews originating from central Europe and who do not care about the 650 religious laws of the ancient (Pharisee sect) that inflict stringent daily customs of behavior and eating diet.

Fourth, do Jewish lobbying groups bear any responsibilities to the current state of affairs in Israel’s policies and practices?

Although Jews in the US, Russia, France, and Germany constitute less than 1% of the populations their lobbying organizations exercise unduly high pressures on the political structures in these States.  Basically, it is their hold on communication media that is their best leverage and their specialized political inside trading.  Yes, the “Zionist” lobbying organizations bare a huge responsibility for the aggravated affairs in the development of Israel’s policies and practices.

The newer generations of Jews are realizing that the State of Israel has degenerated into the biggest burden on the US and Europe in their strategies in the Middle East and Central Asia, not counting the exorbitant constant financial, military, and economic support that Israel demands to enjoy as a given. The US had to support Israel in maintaining its huge conquered lands after the 1967 war and then it had to pay again for Israel retreats.  The US tax payer aided in the establishment of over 300 colonies in conquered lands and will pay again for the withdrawal of Israeli colons.

The longer Israel lingers in not agreeing on two States status the longer the American tax payer will be burdened with supporting policies contrary to world community desires and decisions.




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