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I say. Is it time to ask the two questions?

Posted on: June 28, 2010

I say. Is it time to ask the two questions?

There is this time when we seriously ask the two fundamental questions:

First, are we still healthy? And

Second, is our physical handicap not very painful?

Then, smile to life:  Whatever comes during the day is fine.  You are among the living.

Before this time, we don’t have eyes or ears to listen to words of wisdom or advices.

It is not that we lack intelligence or the will to learn, but life has demands on our energies to worry a lot, a strive to fulfill whatever dream we think we have.  This is best strategy to mankind.  I had written this short poem in 1999 and I don’t think I was that conscious of getting the wiser.

I Say  

I say, every one must have his identity:

Death has forced on us the I.

I say, what exists must be discovered:

Death impressed on us to know.

I say, every feeling must be experienced:

Death created stages for us to grow.

I say, there must be a meaning to life:

Death did not leave us a choice in that.

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