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This article is not about Elliot Ness TV series of cracking down on bootleggers in Chicago of the 30’s.  It is about millions living in India and ranked the lowest in the caste system; they are called the “Untouchables”.  India wants to be fair to its thousand of minorities in religion, caste, community, and tribe in the government’s administrative positions and public services; it is currently trying to carry out a general census; among the thorny questions are selecting  the most pertinent castes and communities an individual believes he is part of. 

There are problems in this census: First, if an individual feels proud of his caste and agrees to be classified then he is a t a loss how to define his caste; for example, should he classify his social status according to his religious sect, his community, his historical class system, or his working class jobs assigned to every caste?  Second, if an individual disagrees with including caste information then the censor will choose for him and thus rob him from any fair opportunity to education, health facilities, public openings, and private enterprises biases.  Private enterprises don’t need an applicant to mention his caste since they have their idiosyncracies and rely totally on their pre-dispositions toward religious, or districts, or community, or color, or gender preferences to discriminate unabashedly: India do not enjoy anti-discrimination laws in the private sector. Even the USA and the Western European States cannot apply effectively anti-discrimination laws on peoples behaviors.

Fact is, designated “educated” censors, going house to house collecting data, feel very uncomfortable broaching the questions on castes.  My intuition is that censors will answer the question relying on their “common sense” of the most probable caste of the individual.  Consequently, even if the Indian government has the political will to be fair with all its citizens (Equality is said Samaata in Hindu) the odds are that the census will be hugely biased since illiteracy is pre-dominant in India among the lowest castes based on the political and social caste structure.

India believes that it has over 3,000 castes and distinct communities classified under “Other backward classes” (OBC) and representing over 50% of the entire population.  It is believed that only 27% of these OBC are represented in the public services.

There are many Indians quick to put the entire blame on the British colonial power for this caste structure or subdivision in order to efficiently selecting the most appropriate Indians in the army and administrative jobs.  I beg to differ.  Caste system is as old as antiquity in India and has been refined and structured by the Buddhist religion and Brahmans.  Fact is, the Ottoman Empire borrowed the Indian caste system and applied it in the 16th century to all his extended conquered lands. 

The Ottoman Empire was expanding militarily into Europe and economic and cultural embargo and boycott between the Ottoman Empire and the Western European nations settled in for over two centuries.  Thus, the Ottoman Empire turned toward Persia and India for whatever it lacked in administration knowhow, economy, and culture.  The caste system in Lebanon is consequent to the Ottoman administration for over four centuries.  The British made used of the existing de-facto structure to legislate it and fine tune it according to its interests.

Most religious sects in India do not discriminate among castes within their religion but many try to convert to other more favored religions in order to get out of their caste.  This strategy does not work:  It is how you are perceived through many centuries of traditions and customs that effectively discriminate among people.

The Indian Constitution guaranties equality among its citizens but the effective application is far too slow and lacking political will.  Gandhi worked relentlessly to eliminate the Untouchable notion in India and he was relatively successful in his life time to making the Indian culture getting more aware of this horrendous injustice.

Human Genome Project (HGP), a public consortium, started in 1993 with the goal of sequencing and decoding all genes in the ADN. Craig Venter also founded Celera Genomics to compete with HGP headed by Francis Collins; the two institutions managed to complete the job of decoding 21,000 gene combinations faster than expected within a decade due to new and cheaper technologies.  Over $3 billions were invested in this project.

Francis Collins had declared in 2001: “New therapeutic medicines, genetically tailor-made, will soon be introduced in the market to curing diabetes, hypertension, mental disorders, and many other ailments.” Francis Collins predicted that this dream will take effect no longer than 2010.

Well, we are in 2010 and not a single genetically tailor-made medicine was introduced.  Worse, we should not expect any breakthrough for a long time.  What are then the main difficulties and barriers?  It appears that technology is not synonymous with scientific knowledge.  For example, how a genome functions? After this first hurdle is crossed then, what are the effects of the horrendous number of interactions of these 21,000 genes?  There is this musoviscidose attributed to a single gene and yet, crossing from a theoretical knowledge to viable therapeutic treatments has proven to be a real headache.

The entire project didn’t start from any coherent set of hypotheses.  It was assumed that applications will automatically be generated from discovered data.  Many starting hypotheses proved to be wrong.  For example, researchers thought that genes conditioned the synthesis of proteins (essential for the proper functioning of cells); that genes were drowned in useless piles of ADN that failed to be eliminated in the course of evolution; that for each gene corresponded a unique protein that was coded by the intermediary of acid ribonucleic (ARN) serving as model for assembling of proteins.

All these hypotheses turned out to be incorrect.  It appears that genes are not linearly distributed unto the genome; that gene activities are influenced by various factors not explicitly coded in the genome; that the implications of a hereditary gene count little in the disease.  In short, there is this new big “black box” in the arsenal of sciences admitting ignorance.

After the discovery of the molecular structure of the ADN in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson, geneticists considered ADN to be the “Book of Life”; to be read as a manual of utilization. This paradigm stated “We are what our genes do to us.”

The scientist Jim Collins (not Francis) said:”We made the error of confounding data collection with the improvement of our knowledge.”  So far, the only general principle extracted from that labor of two decades is: “There is a link between the sequence of genes and the structure of a protein.”  Obviously, many more general principles have to reach consensus among scientists before anything useful can be done in therapeutic treatments.

Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa

There is this Imam in Saudi Arabia called sheikh Al Obeikan; he is not a non entity:  He is a member of the Council of Great Imams and a counselor to the Monarch Abdullah, mind you.

Al Obeikan has recently vomited a fatwa: “Women can give their tits to be sucked by their chauffeurs and thus, permit their favorite chauffeur to mingle with the family as part of the extended brothers and sisters and sons”

That women desire to have their tits sucked, now and then, for whatever reason is not the problem. That a fatwa is needed, I start seeing red.

This fatwa might have been an alternative to the growing pressures of women for rights to drive.  Al Obeikan must have received many queries and detailed clarifications in order not to infringe on any “religious” rules and regulations of the Wahhabi sect obscurantist doctrine.

For example:

“Can women offer their tits in the presence of husbands and brothers?”;

“If I had no milk to even feed my own kids, would that count if the chauffeur sucks on air?”;

“Will all females employees where my husband work and my husband tasted their milk become my sisters?”

Al Obeikan was overwhelmed and revisited his fatwa:

“The fatwa stands as is, with this minor correction due to misinterpretations… women should press in a cup their milk for the chauffeur to drink.

Sucking directly from tits of strangers to the family might be tantamount to pornography and you might be beheaded publicly, I think.

If people could be sure of anything in this lousy hell hole of a Kingdom then, tourism of “tits tasting” could generate far more wealth than oil pretty soon, and for much longer duration.

I would suggest that shapes of tits be publicized as well as the quality of milk produced.

Note 1:  The Saudi monarch met with Barack Obama yesterday.  Obama must have asked  for clarification about this landmark fatwa that promotes global brotherhood better that the billions of dollars spent to iron out the lousy image of the USA in the Middle East.

Note 2: Wahhabi terrorists playing soccer with heads they chopped

نعتذرعلى نشر الصورة بس لازم يشوفوها طلاب الفورة والحرية الملعونة
هذه هي الحرية على طريقة أبو جهل وأحفاد الجهل والجاهلية الوهابية من حيوانات آل سعوود وأسيادهم . شاهد ايها المطالب بالحرية والدمقراطية الى اين وصلنا بمنجزات ثورتكم المباركة ! هزلت هزلت 
مقاتلى "جبهة الصرماية و داعش" يرفهون عن انفسهم بلعب الكرة 
ولكن برؤوس السوريين... لننعم بالحرية المنشودة !؟




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