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Are you balding? Shave your head

Posted on: July 9, 2010

“Two write: one who has a lousy memory and who cannot verbally express correctly.”  I suffer of both deficiencies, and I write double any author, and more:  I have positions, and my positions keep changing.  Once I realize that an idea, a concept, a social structure is balding then, I shave it and get on to new perspectives and newer horizons.

Listen, I do write of many topics and fields of knowledge.  I write on a variety of subjects in sciences (natural and mankind), humanities, literature, history, religion… I love to follow-up on the progress of paradigms shifting to new alternatives of viewing nature, the world, and knowledge.  Not that I believe a new perspective will last longer than the previous one, but it is essential that imagination be enriched and reign supreme:  How else people could get together and accept one another?

Listen, I write about history; not about wars of a monarch supplanting another monarch (who usually was far more benevolent, far-sighted, and more compassionate.)  I write of history in contexts of geography and the prevalent philosophy or custom of thinking.  I seek to understand the interactions among societies, cultures, and traditions; how people communicated ideas, methods, and skills.  What can I do?  I was practically blind for so long, and now I have this urge to know.

Listen, I write about religions; not to describing dogma, but to correct historical contexts and point out discrepancies in the evolutions of dogmas.  Yes, I hate dogma, and fanaticism, especially dogmatic political lines that are worse than religious structures in many cases.  You may comment on my “religious” topics and I will read them.  Just do not expect me to reply, except for correcting historical misunderstanding and to warn you that “If you are into religion in order to coming closer an inch to a wiser life style then, the odds are that you might retrograde miles into obscurantism; depending on your naive disposition to believing what is written or falling prey to vivid rhetoric pouncing on your fears and endemic ignorance of yourself.”

Listen, this world is governed by actors, clowns, and illusionist.  You have your own set of lively dramas to untangle; you don’t need considering other people’s dramas that are generally less meaty and less colorful than your own.  Get on with your life and start the process of introspection.  It is never too late to knowing yourself.

Listen, for every evidence that you feel ready to stating, make sure that you have read a thousand books.  Illusions surround us:  Illusions are fine, but you were given the power for reflection and de-rusting your brain and mind.  What else can you do but be an improved mankind; honest with your driving passions?

Listen, you are not continuing anything; you are not the extension of anything.  You have this life to live; live it as vigorously and as intensively as your energy level permit to the very end.  You are immortal, simply because you will never know when you died.

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