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Singularity of existence? Not a specie superiority

Posted on: August 13, 2010

There are many religious minorities disguised as ethnic minorities and there are genuine isolated ethnic minorities or singularities in existence that developed a written language and thus, created their own Gods to fight off enemies gods. Isolated ethnic minorities invariably end up developing the notion of special breed of people.  For example, Israel forced the media to agreeing that it is a particular State of a special breed of society constantly having to worry about its survival among hateful Arabic States.  There have been many such cases as Israel in history (for example, Palestine is one of these cases in the 13th century BC), but Israel is the modern kind.

With respect to the Palestinian cause there are four categories of ideological concepts that describe their support or antagonism to the State of Israel.

First, the right-wings Zionists who use religion as a leverage to hide behind radical and extremist racial and isolationist mentality.  They are very favorable to a Zionist Israel simply because the Jews have finally got a land to go to and thus, don’t need to stay in their societies.  Israel is supported because its apartheid system coincides with their ideological . Consequently, Israel will not constitute a hotbed of left leaning attitudes badgering International Capitalism and Imperialist domination.

Second, the left leaning Zionists who loves to go back and reminisce on early Zionist agricultural collectivities or communes and fake not to be updated on the changes in value system of the current Israeli political and social policies and racial activities.  I think De Gaulle was one of these mentalities with the exception that he foresaw the consequences in the policies of Israel after its preemptive war in 1967 and conquering more lands that it could chew on.  De Gaulle said (after starting by regurgitating the sickening and erroneous laudatory pronouncement of the greatness of the Ancient Testament stories on Jews): “There are people who feared that the dispersed Jews, confident of being the elite and chosen people and dominator (to top it), once reassembled in a recognized State then, will change in ardent ambitions of conquerors…”  Before 1968, Israel airforce was mainly of French Mirages and De Gaulle banned exporting Mirages to Israel.  Consequently, Israel turned to the USA for imperial support.

Third, you have the right-wing anti-Semites who abhor ethnic minorities in their mist and jubilate when Israel confirm their hypothesis that “Semitic people” are the worst in establishing constitutional fair, egalitarian, and democratic systems of governance.  To this category, Israel demonstrated that it quickly reverted to classifying its citizens in privilege classes and second and third classes and then, subdividing the classes into caste subgroups.  Israel that was heavily and continuously supported financially, politically, and economically by the Western powers for over 65 years ended up emulating the “Arab and Ottoman” political structure of blatant apartheid ideology.

Fourth, you have the left leaning romantic anti-Semites that would like to believe that “The Jew was invented by the anti-Semites” (Sartre) or that “Black was the invention of White people” (Frantz Fanon).  They do have a white/Black comprehension of the evolution of history where the dominant powers leisurely invent ethnicities, religious sects, minorities, and counter-ideologies in order to creating material enemies for arming against and releasing the pressures off their poorer ignorant classes.  The dominant elite classes then release the masses against fabricated enemies to the nation, its security, and well-being.

If Zionism is a material ideology that exerted and executed many of its fundamental principles and thus, can be condemned according to its tangible results and behavioral activities, it does go smoothly with this mythical concept of semitic origin.  When the Zionist lobbies in Western States constantly hammer out the “anti-Semitic” counter-offensive every time Israel is condemned by the international communities then, Zionism loses its pragmatic ideology or any moral value system it based on and is transfered to a mythical position. If Zionism wants the international community to believe that Israel is a singularity of existence then, it should not hope that we believe that it is formed of a superior specie.  Israel has demonstrated to be the ugliest and horror joke that Western powers, including Russia, performed on the world communities.

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The origins of Zionism are in the public domain, and so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE for not looking it up…and getting your facts straight. Instead, you start with an unsupported conclusion and simply invent whatever ‘factoids’ support it.

The first Zionists were secular and religious Jews despised their presumption (and many still do).

Zionism sought to solve the discrimination faced by SECULAR Jews who had tried to assimilate, but were still rejected by the highly nationalistic Europeans of the 19th century.

“OK,” they said in frustration, “Let’s create a Jewish country where Jews won’t face constant discrimination.” Not an absurd idea at all! But where will we put it? Zanzibar? Vladivostok? Anticosti Island? Patagonia?

If not Judea, where is the place for Jews to establish a ‘discrimination-free’ corner for Jews?

You have no answer.

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