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Let us first consider the interesting case of a settled professional (regardless of gender).  I will not butt my head speaking in the name of the other specie:  I don’t understand it and gave up the luxury of specializing in ethnology.  As far as I am concerned, there are two species on earth regardless if they walk on two, four, fly, or slide.  In the case of mankind, the details are infinite to categorize types of the female specie.

I am told that a third specie exists that can change nature or live as dual male/female types; this should be a most interesting specie where society could be utterly boring in equality, responsibilities, and rights.  Actually, a boring society is irrelevant: what counts is the individual personal excitement of occasionally experiencing different natures from the inside.  We would have a society where no totem, taboo, or God can sustain for any length of time the turbulent emotions of rich spirited individuals.  Consequently, rational and logical thinking would be very confused and untenable to constructing any semblance of life structure or comprehending the world according to a mental model.

Back to the topic; thus, you have a settled male professional; he own his property, he has a steady job, and his day is pretty much routine. After so many repetition of typical days, the professional believes that his principle is scientifically confirmed that he can pretty much control the planning and execution of his day.  The professional knows that rare events, the one happening in the tails of the bell shape graph of probability, will occur.  This realization invariably materializes when he least expected; the rare case is devastating, on the ground that any simple event that  shakes down your ego, disturbs your familiarity with the regularity of your concept and structure of the world and life. Now you have an individual who is a control maniac reduced to a vegetative state simply because of a stupid rare events.  As if rare events are not within the norms of life and part of the equations.

Do you think that control nature in categories of people have nothing to do with implicit training during the upbringing?  I know many cases of bright controlling people who had no clear idea of the kinds of university studies they wanted to do.  There is this guy who discovered that his elder brother, who studied medicine, left vast quantities of expensive medicine books and manuals. Thus, he became a physician.  Obviously, having the books ready is not a sufficient condition.  A nephew of mine collected three large boxes of medicine books from relatives.  The boxes are still in a corner of the house and gathering dusts; I will not have anyone move these medicine books unless he demonstrates that he registered to be physician:  It is not appropriate that precious boxes be transfered from one corner to another corner of another house.  I guess people are no longer excited to be physicians with the advent of internet and the availability of medical answers in time of need.  Who in his right mind would invest ten years of his life studying medicine with all these war games?

If I were in a real socialist country, with very weak “professional” syndicates, that permit older people to register for medical school then,  I might have given it a try.  People get scared of these medical. big convoluted terminologies to memorize.  Actually, terminologies are meant to establishing sacred society of priests in any profession and not to advance the study of medicine.  All you need is to retain the sound of the large word,take a good visual of the word for discrimination, comprehend its lengthy and clear definition, and strong of a sound rational mind then, you can be a good physician.  Exams are just testing how well you memorized the terminology and not how good a physician you are.  I conjecture that the best medical program would let students apply what they learned in the first three years in rural areas on common diseases before resuming their theoretical study. Medicine is an applied discipline and students should be able to earn their living practicing early on what they learned.  Billions of people need physical attention on curable diseases and medical students should be asked to serve overseas.

Another, who was smart to graduate in anything he selected, decided to be mathematician since all it required was a pencil and paper.  Another one could have been a bright mathematician but decided to be a civil engineer simply because he likes the actions on the field. (more updates on this post)




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