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Do you have the right to “daring to err”?

We are mostly trained to take on responsibilities, but do we have the right to decide taking chances to err?

They say that “it is human to err” but this saying does not convey the meaning of this article.  Do we have the right to morally and consciously take decisions we understand to have significant chances to be wrong, knowing fully well that the consensual social value consider it not proper or down right wrong?

Did you experience this crucial moment in your life, looking straight in the mirror, and asking “Do I have the right to be wrong if I decide for serious action?”  Maybe you asked this question implicitly, not daring to admit that, most probably, your decision is irreversible and will alienate the closest ones in your family and relatives.

Does not life has its right to challenging our personal inclinations and passions?

If parents keep detailed diaries, let say for every ten minutes, they will realize that the child was barely under close supervision; the child has been growing and surviving investigating his environment by trials and errors.  Implicitly, the parents know this fact, but the question is: “Would any parent consciously let the child take decisions, while sitting back tightly and watching the child resuming his things?”

A few parents would love to allow the child to learn on his own the danger of surviving, but community value system and legal pressures might refrain any parents playing this dangerous role of responsible educator.

Consequently, as adults, it never cross our mind to consider our right to err without previously communicating our decision to someone.  we need a surrogate to testify that the decision was not totally an individual endeavor, a courageous step to an uncharted territory.

Life demands of us to decide to leave our community, our village, our family, and discover the world.  Most of us never leave their own country on the ground that their responsibilities toward their parents, sisters, brothers, or community require of us to staying put, and let the world revolve around us.

Most of us knows that their marriage is a failure, but they hardly take a drastic decision unless the other partner brings up the subject.

Most of us do not go abroad to acquiring higher education for various unessential reasons.  Venturing outside our known environment is dangerous and not comfortable.  What about going abroad not knowing any acquaintance or having previously investigated where we are going?  Do you think these kinds of decision are for fouls and irrational persons?

Somehow, not venturing will come back to haunt us for failing to dare and trying something else; our character is changed for the worse, as well as our behavior.

I was not endowed to venture outside my surrounding and I was not equipped to navigating alone and taking individual decision, but I did it, and in the hardest ways.  I went far away not knowing anyone, not even a single acquaintance, and did it without communicating my decisions with anyone.  These decisions did not kill me, but I have a few stories to tell.

Your parents had their lives.  You should have your life of your own: No more excuses!  Life without adventures, when youth demands it, is such a waste.

Eating is good.  Before you take a bite, you take a deep breath, you clear your mind of current worries, you focus on eating, you shew slowly and take pleasure in what you like to eat.  Eating is a sacred reserved period in the day and you treat it as such.  You do not allow conversation on the job and talks that upset your state of mind and disturb your digestive system.

You eat as a requirement to fill an empty stomach, a weight to your body to satisfying a light-headed brain.  You eat as if it is another task to fulfill.  You eat food recommended by the talking head of nutritionists.  You don’t enjoy eating as it is a drag that needs to be taken care of.  You don’t shew and just swallow your bites whole:  You don’t have time for that luxury.  You eat and resume your conversation of what to do next and how quickly to erasing your tasks off the must do a list.  Eating is bad for you mentally and physically.  You better fast instead of suffering acute indigestion.  Less eating will not harm you as badly as eating fast and mindlessly.  Eating fast food does not mean eating fast and without shewing.  Eating fast food slowly and enjoying its taste as a sacred habit of enjoying our deeds is far better than eating “healthy food” quickly with no intention of taking any pleasure in this duty.

What goes with hard food goes to drinks.  Try retaining a gulp of water while inhaling deeply.  Can you discriminate among chlorinated water, purified water, and clear water source?  Try it when thirsty and not as a recommendation from your physician to clear up the stones from your kidneys.  Retain for a few seconds any sip of drink and experience the rich aroma, taste, and consistency of the drink.  Take a bite of any fruit and retain it for a few seconds, suck slowly on its juice and learn the variations among fruits during the season and the off-season.

Are you eating and drinking badly?  Your products are bad, your cooking is foul, your line of thinking is wrong, and your reasoning is flawed.  You have missed what set you apart as an individual from the rest of the mass producers and consumerism trends.  Time to reserve time for individual pleasures during the day and night.  Quality time means learning and training our individual style to a good life and good manners, and enjoying any task we undertake.  Quality time is learning, and getting training in sharing the joy and happiness of what pleases every members of your family.  Learn and train to frequently taking deep breaths and clearing your mind of redundant worries before you start any task:  These moments are the best parts of life.




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