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The proposed budget for the EU for 2011 is 143 billion Euro, or 1.25 billion in addition to the one of 2010.  The money is to be allocated as follows: 45% for growth and employment, 31% for agriculture, 11% for rural development, environment and fishing; 6% for international action and aids; 6% for administrative expenses; and just 1% youth, security, and justice.

The socialist bloc in the European Parliament want the increase but the right-wing (majority in the Parliament) want a decrease in the budget.  The diplomatic services, agreed upon in the Lisbon treaty cost already 9.5 million Euro and additional 100 posts are programmed to be included in the services.  Three supervisory authorities are contemplated related to banks, insurance, and financial markets.  A center for crisis detection is in the pipeline. The financing of long-term projects such as the thermonuclear fusion reactor and the positioning satellite Galileo are uncertain.  The creation of a unified data-base for fighting against terrorism is no longer in the budget. The functioning of the European Commission is at the heart of the major critics of this budget: It costs 8.5 billion Euros and the expense of paying for the retreat of the personnel of over 61 of age has reached 1.3 billion Euros.

There is this guy, married with two children with a steady good job.  His wife is a very able partner and took care of all the decisions related to the house management, hiring people for remodeling the house, and taking good care of upbringing the kids. All the husband had to do is having dinner waiting when he finishes work.

At the age of 42, the guy fell in love with a girl half his age.  She was an international woman, translating directly in many languages during tough business negotiations, especially in the oil field.  They started to meet overseas, mostly in hotels.  He developed the import/export branch in his company to have more excuses going abroad. She was no dupe but she loved him.  She wrote him a single letter saying:

“I have no illusions.  I love you but I have no confidence in your promises.  Since what we are living is not real then, it must be a game.  As a game, these are the rules.  I don’t want to meet you in Paris or in any other familiar locations where people might recognize you and ruin our freedom.  When with you, I want to hold your hands in public, kiss you in restaurants; otherwise, our meeting has no interest to me. When you know where you are going then, write to my sister’s address in London with your potential whereabouts: She will know to connect with me.  Just skip the nice words and be right on to the address of your destination.  Do not try to call me,  find out where I am, and how I live.  If I can meet you at your hotel then all is fine.  I am following your example in how to lead my life. I want to be free  to falling in love with strangers.  We have no scruples in this game.:  It is very convenient.  I want to try emulating your life style.  I have nothing to lose with a coward man; I have all to gain in the pleasures of seeing you.  This arrangement is to take or leave.”

She saw through his soft inner feelings.  He loved playing squash in enclosed environment and hitting hard a hard inner ball.  She liked playing Jokari because the ball had a soft interior and is linked with a thread; the ball always returns but you cannot forecast its direction. The guy was not talkative within his family and his work environment; he played the tough and unsentimental person.  When he was with his girlfriend he use to lay his head on her belly and talk non-stop for hours.  She used to laugh and say: “Would you take a short break and shut up?”

Well, the guys blamed his coward decision for not quitting his family and living happily with the girl he loved. He blamed himself for not taking chances in taking erroneous decision.  He was plainly a person liking convenient environment as he was brought up to sticking to “responsibilities” at the price of learning how to be happy.  For example, he went out with his daughter to buy bread; she wanted to have a the small crusty piece but he refused on the ground that the bread will be cut when reaching home.  At home, the father gave the daughter the part that she liked but she declined saying “I liked to eat it on the street, now it is too late”

Note:  This short story is taken from the French book “I loved her” by Anna Gavalda




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