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Old Testament stories? Not much of humanism

Note: A re-edit of 2009 post

The Old Testament was written in the last century before Christ in Hellenistic Alexandria (Egypt)  by a group of Jews who needed to have a history of their own.

Judaism, Islam, Medieval Catholic of Rome, and the USA affiliates religious sects based on the Old Testament are essentially “theo-centrist”: They believe that God is the real King in this world and that the rights of human come in second.

Mankind has to pay the price for all calamities to satisfying a mythical God who is tailor-made to the interest of the religious hierarchies.

The Roman and Greek (Hellenistic) cultures regarded the Jewish religion at the antipodes of humanism, the negation of philo-thropia.

Actually, cultures that adored idols barely persecuted other religions on the ground that corresponding idols (for fertility, agriculture, war…) were available anywhere they ventured overseas. The functions of the idols were the same anywhere they traveled.

The further apartheid Israel slips into theocracy  the stronger Islam fundamentalists acquire relevance in Islamic World.

The two religions are the same in nature of God-center and it is the corresponding “unique God” fighting for the unique position. T

he people take backstage in that mythical fight.  The people are suffering mindless terrorism and counter-terrorism on both sides, humiliation, apartheid behaviors, and blood is shed in the name of the powerful unique God.

Judaism and Islam are alienating their devoted members; it is as if the religious leaning individual has either to think “I am not what I am”, and then for convenience sake, he finds a verse “demonstrating” “I am what I am Not“.  Their God does not want that an individual believes “I am what I am”.

The God of papal Rome split the world in the 16th century in two:

The world East of Rome belonged to colonial Portugal and the western part to colonial Spain.

The God of the fleeing tribes from Egypt under command of Moses allocated fertile lands to them in Canaan (This is a fictitious story that never took place).  By the by, the map planned by Jehovah extended to Samaria and Syria.

Created Israel by a single vote majority in the UN in 1948, gave the Jews lands of Palestinians.

The Palestinian cause of returning  to their lands, establishing a recognized independent State by the UN, and the return of Palestinian refugees in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria requires a powerful impartial mediator (go-between) that can enforce and supervise the execution of the treaties.  So far, this mediator is not available since the successive US governments refused to consider the Palestinians as an entity.

The USA is playing the role of “embedded journalist” in tank convoys with the marching Israeli army.

The USA can but refuses to take on that dangerous initiative.  The US institutions made sure that a Bible rest on bed tables in each hotel room for night reading.  

After the 1967 preemptive war and Israel conquering more lands that it could shew on, the successive US Administrations held the entire US citizens hostages to the new conservative religious ideology;.

The US citizen has now to believe that the purpose of the US is to convert the Jews into so sort of Christianism in order to quicken the arrival of the second Messiah.

The mythical “pilgrims” story who landed by mistake on Cape Code and were fed for two years by the Indians took on another dimension.

The US wants its citizens to believe that the pilgrims were fleeing England religious persecutions on the ground that they held the Old Testament as a divine Book and its laws to be followed exactly by the letter.

Thus, the US wants to spread this myth that it would be committing parricide if it exerted undue pressures on Israel.

Actually, half the Congress members do not even read the laws that APAC submit to them to vote on; it is not even a matter of catering to their Zionist financial contributors.

Germany, France, and Italy are still playing the role of “afflicted penitents” even after 70 years of the “yellow patch” discriminating against the Jews.

France, not only refuses to react on the countless humiliations suffered by its diplomats and French citizens in Israel, but insists on heaping extraordinary favors in expression of the primacy of its Jewish minority:  The president of “The Republic”, the Prime Minister, the ministers and most of the deputies of the Parliament have to assist to Jewish religious ceremony.

France was the prime State to have supported unconditionally Israel since its creation, and the aid increased during de Gaulle: the socialist government delivered the nuclear power plant and De Gaulle the most sophisticated fighter jets Mirages.

Germany is still building nuclear submarines, free of charge for Israel.  Berlusconi of Italy wishes he can be a Prime Minister in Israel to exercise his fascist ideology with total impunity.

Germany, France, and Italy have the job to frequently re-financing the infrastructures that Israel destroys in the West Bank and Gaza.

England, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway would not turn the left cheek to the humiliations of Israel or hide the atrocities committed by Israel against human rights and dignity.  That is why, Israel dare not humiliate the citizens and diplomats of those States.

So far, Israel felt free, untouched, and immune to baffle all UN charters, conventions, and treaties.

When George Mitchell (US mediator in the Palestinian cause) submitted the report of the Commission of Investigation in 2001 then, Ariel Sharon defied the World community stating: “Nobody has the right to bring Israel before any international court of justice.




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