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I rented the suit for a wedding

I attended a wedding once.  A nice guy from my relatives complemented me on my suit.  I said: “I rented my suit.”  The guy told his mother. I told the mother not to hurt the big ego of her son that I was joking:  His feelings might be terribly bruised.

The mother went ahead and told the “truth” to her dear son (as she has the custom?)  The guy reprimanded me and I said: “Listen, I can’t afford a hair cut; much less renting anything.”  

The mother told her son: “He is probably saying the truth this time around. He told me recently that he is very down and has no sources for any financial income.”

The son called me up (for the first time ever to bloat, maybe?) and he sounded perplexed.  He had a serious question to ask me: “If you were overseas, would you have minded begging on street corners to survive?”  Nonplussed, I replied:”This job would have enticed me greatly.  I was on the verge of taking this line of work on several occasions and I think I would have been good at it.”

The nice guy retorted: “Wouldn’t you feel ashamed, knowing that you earned a PhD?”  I simply said: “It is because I busted my ass for this higher degree and paid for it with mostly my own labor that I feel shame for nothing.  I don’t care that much what normal people think of me.”

I am still wondering why I was that stubborn and never desisted shooting for a PhD at an advanced age, when everyone was chasing after quick money.  

Universities insist on hiring PhD to teaching (apparently, the pool of these well-educated people are armies.)  Universities love to cram campuses of unidirectional educated zealots.  Most of these “professors” end up sneaking in as consultant and advisors to industrialists.  

The industrialist surreptitiously and quickly (by habit) drop professional reports they receive in the waste basket. I am not sure how many of industrialists change their mind and retrieve the precious report on boring afternoons.  

Industrialists love to patronize campuses to gaining cheap valiant images of barons of quality products (by hiring university graduates?)

I might be over exaggerating my cynicism. Scientists are aiming for any kinds of awards; a Nobel Price would be adequate.  Like those millions of people training to becoming professional athletes.  

Wouldn’t it be far easier and more rewarding financially to record your own song and commercialize it on the internet?  This is how you get money, and purchasing wireless communication band franchises.

Note:  This is a fictitious short story.

What can you do with a single million $?

I don’t mind losing my peace of mind for a couple of days deciding what to do with one million dollar that came my way suddenly.  For a couple of days I will be thinking hard whether to give away all the money to charity to the last penny and pronto, or to keeping the dough. I have been told that money generates money which has the same concept of receiving free money for doing nothing.

If you want to get rid of your money, it must be done with “all and quickly”. Otherwise, you feel in hell feeling guilty. If you want to keep the money you must decide:  1. Do you mean to change your life-style, physically and psychologically, and 2. Do you you want to investigate an unchartered territory of the new comer, of the most con among the cons?

Do you believe that you can ever win keeping the million when you are used to living without?

I think it shouldn’t be hard getting a meal per day with no money.  You may wear your mendicant attire and beg for a couple of hours in your favorite spot, watching your favorite crowd passing by.  Or you may barge in your smelly cloth into a delicatessen and warn (blackmail) the proprietor that you are not leaving the good smelling place unless you get your favorite kind of pie.

Most probably than not, a satisfactory agreement can be reached with the stipulation that you eat the pie outside the premises and out of sigh of the main entrance.  Outside, you can always keep prospecting for another piece of pie by confronting the sweet tooth customers of you urgent need of another piece.

Or you may wear your most glamorous garment, smelling clean and fresh, and knock at any house at dinner time.  You will be invited to share dinner with the family; assuming that this family is familiar with strangers and very curious to knowing what other surprises Mormons and Jehovah witnesses have under their sleeves.

Keeping the money takes you in the road to troubles. Doing business means dealing with taxes, State bureaucracy, hiring lawyers, accumulating law suits, dealing with all kinds of people who believe that they can easily bilk you out of a substantial sum.

Sure, with enough patience and stubbornness to learning the ropes of your new life , assuming that you didn’t behave recklessly out of greediness in the first week, you can learn to delaying decisions on deals by asking for a written report and detailed intelligence pieces on the proposal.  You can learn to nail down the most recommended communication techniques and key success phrases.

The real danger inevitably comes sooner than expected.  Your new buddies, attracted to your honey, will convince you to run for political position.  They will tell you that money is more powerful than justice, congress, or any ministry:  You can buy anyone of these rotten characters in authority when the price is right.  So what if you failed?  You got out the best advertisement on your potential to wasting your money.

I think that I will buy a piece of land: mother loves to own properties.  I might keep about $15,000: the most that I had ever saved out of my sweat and labor. What can I do?  I am used to a miserly life, such as biking, auto-stopping travelers, renting in basements or keeping company to elderly people.

Peace of mind is priceless:  The less money you have, the less trouble you run into.  I mean the interactions with people at the lookout of rich people.  You don’t want to taking habits of owning slaves.

I lack imagination; tell me what can you do with a $million?  I love to be surprised.  Let your suggestions be more imaginative than mine.

I think that I will purchase a school and try my new daydreaming programs on learning…re-training graduate students in matter of design and designing for the mankind limitations, health, and safety…

I think that, after I trained competent teams of accountants, engineers, financial professionals…, I will open a new productive company every week that matches the needs and wants of the local communities…




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