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I got wed. Now, what I do next?

Posted on: August 29, 2010

I got wed. Now, what I do next?

Note: This article is a shortened version of a previous post, focusing on what to do next after the wedding…

Millions of couples get wed every day.

The vast majority never experienced intercourse, at least one party in the union.  It is no surprise that most of the couples have not met before the wedding, at best they have seen a puny picture of the member, supposed to living with for the rest of their life.

Many couples love the companionship.  The sexual part, and principally the intercourse phase, is the least interesting exercise in their mind, at least for one member of the couple.

It is wise that rarely any one in the couple bring up the truth that the sexual part is in second or third order of priority:  The wrong interpretation is invariably a bad one, of the most dangerous kind.  For example, “Am I that disgusting? Am I ugly?  Do I smell terrible?”

Well, you got wed and now you are wondering “what should I do next to make this courageous decision a success story?”

First principle, and maybe the only one of value for sexual intercourse, is that male partner is the passive part:  The woman should be the active and guiding partner.

Many males wait years before they comprehend that a successful, rewarding, and pleasuring intercourse is to sit back and let the woman do the job right.

Many women know that they are the one getting the most pleasure of that exercise, but they postpone indefinitely getting the courage of teaching their husband to take the proper course of action.

Before you resume the rest of this post, I suggest to the brides to imagine (visualize) the kinds of story they should undertake as they got the principle down.

Now that you have your own story of the proper way to enticing your man to perform intercourse in a very relaxed manner, you may continue reading.

I can figure that most women think that a sexy attire, in the privacy of the house, is the first in the list of “must do”.

This line of thinking comes with years of training and ruining the family treasury for clothing.  Sexy wear is an excellent idea but it is mainly a prompt.

The groom and the bride have acquired particular idiosyncrasies as to the varieties of sexy cloth.  Once the man comprehends what garment is meant by “tonight there is intercourse“, then the way is clear.

The man knows the objective of the evening, he feels relaxed, and can think of ways to be romantic.  The main hurdle is crossed, once the prompt is clearly defined.

Next, olfactive or the sense of smell is the most powerful sense in the lymbic (primitive) brain system.

Thus, both parties have to have a bath and smelling fresh.  A joint bath is excellent; you rub one another body parts, get relaxed, laugh, and play like kids.

By the by, both parties learn the nice smells that they jointly love; the kind of soaps, the perfume… Once this phase is nailed down, things can progress smoothly.

While wearing the sexy gown and then taking a joint bath or shower, make sure the background music is devoid of any lyrics: You don’t want to clutter your thinking brain; focus on what excite the limbic system.

The sense of touch has a direct route to the lymbic system but it has lost its power for men.  Women are more endowed with the pleasure of touch:  they kept this sense alive from practicing it since childhood.  Men don’t get excited by touch; it is mainly to enhancing his mental imagination.

The only “touchy” part in a male is the closest region of his anus.

I get generous and add the genital parts, but this is a manner of increasing his ego.  I am convinced that when a female touch the genital parts of a man, it is the imaginative brain section that is excited. The man think: “Wow, she wants it!” and that is enough for assuring an erection.

Man has to touch his partner everywhere, and seriously learn the most efficient exciting parts in his partner:  He does not want to bore his partner with lousy time-waster when the partner is ready to enjoy.

I suggest to the women to use boldly the largest skin areas in the hands, feet, and thighs: Nail and finger touching is to be avoided because man is different from woman in that powerful section of the lymbic system.

The sense of touch is basically atrophied in man and it is fundamentally used to excite the imaginative sections in the brain.

Good luck in your journey of learning the body of your partner:  It might be the initial phase in appreciating companionship and privacy.

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