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Equitable business practices: Max Havelaar?

The organizations and institutions for monitoring, supervising, and investigating the claims of industries and businesses “on equitable business practices” for paying workers right and allowing syndicates are taking wings.

For example, the US Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) was founded in 2000 by universities, students, and specialists in work rights. The WRC verifies on location that engagement of businesses in matters of work conditions, liberty of establishing work syndicates, and proper remuneration for work done is authentic.

In De Villa Alta Gracia (Rep. of Dominican), Knights Apparel refurbished a factory vacated by South Korean BJ&B that manufactured baseball hats for Nike and Reebok.  Knights Apparel is paying 3-fold what workers used to get from the Korean (sweat shop factory) and a work syndicate is functioning.

Barnes & Nobles and Follet are merchandising university’s products of shirts and other paraphernalia manufactured by companies respecting the WRC engagements. Nike and Adidas are watching closely the performance of the promotional efforts for selling equitable products at the same prices as theirs.

For the same quality, would students buy equitable products instead of world trade marks?

Before WRC, ONG Solidaridad, directed by Nico Roozen, established the movement of equitable standards in doing business.

A Mexican coffee grower sent Nico a response to a monetary gift stating: “Thank you for the gift.  We would have preferred that you aid us in buying our coffee products at equitable prices.”

Nico is associated with a Netherland Anglican priest (Frans Van der Hoff) who was implicated in Mexican coffee cooperatives and founded the first coffee label Max Havelaar.  The coffee label Max Havelaar is officially born in 1988 at Amsterdam and became a house name.

Three years later, in 1991, Nico instituted the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) that dispatches inspectors to verify marks claiming “equitable trades” for sugar, honey, tea, and chocolate.  Nico instituted AgroFair with the label Oke for all kinds of fruits.  “Fairtrade towns” in the Netherland were the rage; the Capital Rotterdam is one of the agglomerations.

Who is Max Havelaar?  He is the hero of the book “Max Havelaar” published in 1860 by Eduard Douwes Dekker under the pen name of Multatuli. Dekker worked in 1856 with the United Netherlands Company of Oriental India.  He witnessed the ravages and calamities that colonial power policies did in Indonesia.

The inhabitants of Indonesia (about 12.5 millions in 1860 were governed by 43,000 Europeans) grew rice and were self-sufficient.  The colonial power wanted to grow coffee, sugar, and indigo to satisfy the European markets with luxury items.

In 1840, half the rice fields in Java were transformed into fields that could not feed the Indonesians and famine stroke down; mother sold their kids and even ate them.  Around 1859, coffee harvest was considered insufficient by the Netherlands colonial power and thus, 850,000 Indonesian peasants were forced to work for free in building infrastructures of roads, canals, railroads, and ports to cater to the transport of merchandise to Europe.

Indonesia was occupied by the Netherlands in 1596.  In 1621, the founder of this empire, Jan Pieterszoon Coen wrote on the genocide committed to the indigenous in the island of Banda, a region rich in coconut, muscat, and black cashew.

Dekker exposed to the king his grief stating: “More than 30 millions of your subjects are maltreated and exploited in your name.”

Elie Barnavi wrote: “Yes, there are two Israel. There is the idolaters, centered on a divine earth, prisoner of archaic beliefs, and fabricating a strange modern ideology, strange to classical Zionism, and strange to rabbinical Judaism.  There is another Israel, mine, directed to the world community, secular, and rational.”  Barnavi went on: “From this confrontation depends the future of the State of Israel.  Will it continue to be an armed ghetto, isolated from its neighborhood, or a respected member of world communities?  In the long-term, my Israel will win.  I am not sure if we all be dead by then.  The right-wing politics are counting on the diaspora and their ancestral fears of any emerging anti-Semitic feeling and they are willing to die to the last Israeli citizen to keeping occupied land.  The right-wing politics are  counts also on the American Evangelical new-conservatives who claim that the second coming of Christ-King is soon after the Jews have been converted properly.   The right-wing politics in Israel know that it will be the end of their power when peace is achieved; and they mean not to let peace have a chance.”

Bernavi is simplifying the partition into two groups because explaining the subdivisions between the main two politics is infinite in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora.  You have the class divisions among the Sefarad, the Ashkenazi, the indigenous Jews in Palestine and surrounding Arab States and their subsequent caste system into minority religious sects and origins.  You have economic classes such as the rich military industrialists, the growing power in the military hierarchy, the sex trade mafia, the human parts mafia, the hard drug mafia, the new immigrants from Ethiopia and the Slavic new Independent States, the colon problems, the apartheid policies against the invisible Palestinians, the untenable “democratic” system that gives advantages to the hard-line religious parties…

Unlike most intellectuals, Barnavi has no illusions as to the indefinite total support of the US.  Demographic of the US is changing and its focus on its interest in Asia and Africa is encouraging the US to resolving the Palestinian cause, the sooner the better.  The US is convening the Palestinians and Israeli to negotiate directly in Washington this September; the negotiation might take a year but a resolution must be the fruit of this gigantic effort to bring peace in the Near East region.  The US knows that its dominance is dwindling economically, financially, and politically.  The period of destabilizing the Middle East for its oil reserves is over:  The more the Middle East is destabilized the more advantage China, India, and Brazil reap the fruit at the expense of the US.  The fiasco in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the financial crash have demonstrated to the US the limits of adventurous military mentality.  Diplomacy and good business undertaking are the way out of this catastrophic policy.

Old Testament stories? Not much of humanism

Note: A re-edit of 2009 post

The Old Testament was written in the last century before Christ in Hellenistic Alexandria (Egypt)  by a group of Jews who needed to have a history of their own.

Judaism, Islam, Medieval Catholic of Rome, and the USA affiliates religious sects based on the Old Testament are essentially “theo-centrist”: They believe that God is the real King in this world and that the rights of human come in second.

Mankind has to pay the price for all calamities to satisfying a mythical God who is tailor-made to the interest of the religious hierarchies.

The Roman and Greek (Hellenistic) cultures regarded the Jewish religion at the antipodes of humanism, the negation of philo-thropia.

Actually, cultures that adored idols barely persecuted other religions on the ground that corresponding idols (for fertility, agriculture, war…) were available anywhere they ventured overseas. The functions of the idols were the same anywhere they traveled.

The further apartheid Israel slips into theocracy  the stronger Islam fundamentalists acquire relevance in Islamic World.

The two religions are the same in nature of God-center and it is the corresponding “unique God” fighting for the unique position. T

he people take backstage in that mythical fight.  The people are suffering mindless terrorism and counter-terrorism on both sides, humiliation, apartheid behaviors, and blood is shed in the name of the powerful unique God.

Judaism and Islam are alienating their devoted members; it is as if the religious leaning individual has either to think “I am not what I am”, and then for convenience sake, he finds a verse “demonstrating” “I am what I am Not“.  Their God does not want that an individual believes “I am what I am”.

The God of papal Rome split the world in the 16th century in two:

The world East of Rome belonged to colonial Portugal and the western part to colonial Spain.

The God of the fleeing tribes from Egypt under command of Moses allocated fertile lands to them in Canaan (This is a fictitious story that never took place).  By the by, the map planned by Jehovah extended to Samaria and Syria.

Created Israel by a single vote majority in the UN in 1948, gave the Jews lands of Palestinians.

The Palestinian cause of returning  to their lands, establishing a recognized independent State by the UN, and the return of Palestinian refugees in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria requires a powerful impartial mediator (go-between) that can enforce and supervise the execution of the treaties.  So far, this mediator is not available since the successive US governments refused to consider the Palestinians as an entity.

The USA is playing the role of “embedded journalist” in tank convoys with the marching Israeli army.

The USA can but refuses to take on that dangerous initiative.  The US institutions made sure that a Bible rest on bed tables in each hotel room for night reading.  

After the 1967 preemptive war and Israel conquering more lands that it could shew on, the successive US Administrations held the entire US citizens hostages to the new conservative religious ideology;.

The US citizen has now to believe that the purpose of the US is to convert the Jews into so sort of Christianism in order to quicken the arrival of the second Messiah.

The mythical “pilgrims” story who landed by mistake on Cape Code and were fed for two years by the Indians took on another dimension.

The US wants its citizens to believe that the pilgrims were fleeing England religious persecutions on the ground that they held the Old Testament as a divine Book and its laws to be followed exactly by the letter.

Thus, the US wants to spread this myth that it would be committing parricide if it exerted undue pressures on Israel.

Actually, half the Congress members do not even read the laws that APAC submit to them to vote on; it is not even a matter of catering to their Zionist financial contributors.

Germany, France, and Italy are still playing the role of “afflicted penitents” even after 70 years of the “yellow patch” discriminating against the Jews.

France, not only refuses to react on the countless humiliations suffered by its diplomats and French citizens in Israel, but insists on heaping extraordinary favors in expression of the primacy of its Jewish minority:  The president of “The Republic”, the Prime Minister, the ministers and most of the deputies of the Parliament have to assist to Jewish religious ceremony.

France was the prime State to have supported unconditionally Israel since its creation, and the aid increased during de Gaulle: the socialist government delivered the nuclear power plant and De Gaulle the most sophisticated fighter jets Mirages.

Germany is still building nuclear submarines, free of charge for Israel.  Berlusconi of Italy wishes he can be a Prime Minister in Israel to exercise his fascist ideology with total impunity.

Germany, France, and Italy have the job to frequently re-financing the infrastructures that Israel destroys in the West Bank and Gaza.

England, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway would not turn the left cheek to the humiliations of Israel or hide the atrocities committed by Israel against human rights and dignity.  That is why, Israel dare not humiliate the citizens and diplomats of those States.

So far, Israel felt free, untouched, and immune to baffle all UN charters, conventions, and treaties.

When George Mitchell (US mediator in the Palestinian cause) submitted the report of the Commission of Investigation in 2001 then, Ariel Sharon defied the World community stating: “Nobody has the right to bring Israel before any international court of justice.

The proposed budget for the EU for 2011 is 143 billion Euro, or 1.25 billion in addition to the one of 2010.  The money is to be allocated as follows: 45% for growth and employment, 31% for agriculture, 11% for rural development, environment and fishing; 6% for international action and aids; 6% for administrative expenses; and just 1% youth, security, and justice.

The socialist bloc in the European Parliament want the increase but the right-wing (majority in the Parliament) want a decrease in the budget.  The diplomatic services, agreed upon in the Lisbon treaty cost already 9.5 million Euro and additional 100 posts are programmed to be included in the services.  Three supervisory authorities are contemplated related to banks, insurance, and financial markets.  A center for crisis detection is in the pipeline. The financing of long-term projects such as the thermonuclear fusion reactor and the positioning satellite Galileo are uncertain.  The creation of a unified data-base for fighting against terrorism is no longer in the budget. The functioning of the European Commission is at the heart of the major critics of this budget: It costs 8.5 billion Euros and the expense of paying for the retreat of the personnel of over 61 of age has reached 1.3 billion Euros.

There is this guy, married with two children with a steady good job.  His wife is a very able partner and took care of all the decisions related to the house management, hiring people for remodeling the house, and taking good care of upbringing the kids. All the husband had to do is having dinner waiting when he finishes work.

At the age of 42, the guy fell in love with a girl half his age.  She was an international woman, translating directly in many languages during tough business negotiations, especially in the oil field.  They started to meet overseas, mostly in hotels.  He developed the import/export branch in his company to have more excuses going abroad. She was no dupe but she loved him.  She wrote him a single letter saying:

“I have no illusions.  I love you but I have no confidence in your promises.  Since what we are living is not real then, it must be a game.  As a game, these are the rules.  I don’t want to meet you in Paris or in any other familiar locations where people might recognize you and ruin our freedom.  When with you, I want to hold your hands in public, kiss you in restaurants; otherwise, our meeting has no interest to me. When you know where you are going then, write to my sister’s address in London with your potential whereabouts: She will know to connect with me.  Just skip the nice words and be right on to the address of your destination.  Do not try to call me,  find out where I am, and how I live.  If I can meet you at your hotel then all is fine.  I am following your example in how to lead my life. I want to be free  to falling in love with strangers.  We have no scruples in this game.:  It is very convenient.  I want to try emulating your life style.  I have nothing to lose with a coward man; I have all to gain in the pleasures of seeing you.  This arrangement is to take or leave.”

She saw through his soft inner feelings.  He loved playing squash in enclosed environment and hitting hard a hard inner ball.  She liked playing Jokari because the ball had a soft interior and is linked with a thread; the ball always returns but you cannot forecast its direction. The guy was not talkative within his family and his work environment; he played the tough and unsentimental person.  When he was with his girlfriend he use to lay his head on her belly and talk non-stop for hours.  She used to laugh and say: “Would you take a short break and shut up?”

Well, the guys blamed his coward decision for not quitting his family and living happily with the girl he loved. He blamed himself for not taking chances in taking erroneous decision.  He was plainly a person liking convenient environment as he was brought up to sticking to “responsibilities” at the price of learning how to be happy.  For example, he went out with his daughter to buy bread; she wanted to have a the small crusty piece but he refused on the ground that the bread will be cut when reaching home.  At home, the father gave the daughter the part that she liked but she declined saying “I liked to eat it on the street, now it is too late”

Note:  This short story is taken from the French book “I loved her” by Anna Gavalda

Do you have the right to “daring to err”?

We are mostly trained to take on responsibilities, but do we have the right to decide taking chances to err?

They say that “it is human to err” but this saying does not convey the meaning of this article.  Do we have the right to morally and consciously take decisions we understand to have significant chances to be wrong, knowing fully well that the consensual social value consider it not proper or down right wrong?

Did you experience this crucial moment in your life, looking straight in the mirror, and asking “Do I have the right to be wrong if I decide for serious action?”  Maybe you asked this question implicitly, not daring to admit that, most probably, your decision is irreversible and will alienate the closest ones in your family and relatives.

Does not life has its right to challenging our personal inclinations and passions?

If parents keep detailed diaries, let say for every ten minutes, they will realize that the child was barely under close supervision; the child has been growing and surviving investigating his environment by trials and errors.  Implicitly, the parents know this fact, but the question is: “Would any parent consciously let the child take decisions, while sitting back tightly and watching the child resuming his things?”

A few parents would love to allow the child to learn on his own the danger of surviving, but community value system and legal pressures might refrain any parents playing this dangerous role of responsible educator.

Consequently, as adults, it never cross our mind to consider our right to err without previously communicating our decision to someone.  we need a surrogate to testify that the decision was not totally an individual endeavor, a courageous step to an uncharted territory.

Life demands of us to decide to leave our community, our village, our family, and discover the world.  Most of us never leave their own country on the ground that their responsibilities toward their parents, sisters, brothers, or community require of us to staying put, and let the world revolve around us.

Most of us knows that their marriage is a failure, but they hardly take a drastic decision unless the other partner brings up the subject.

Most of us do not go abroad to acquiring higher education for various unessential reasons.  Venturing outside our known environment is dangerous and not comfortable.  What about going abroad not knowing any acquaintance or having previously investigated where we are going?  Do you think these kinds of decision are for fouls and irrational persons?

Somehow, not venturing will come back to haunt us for failing to dare and trying something else; our character is changed for the worse, as well as our behavior.

I was not endowed to venture outside my surrounding and I was not equipped to navigating alone and taking individual decision, but I did it, and in the hardest ways.  I went far away not knowing anyone, not even a single acquaintance, and did it without communicating my decisions with anyone.  These decisions did not kill me, but I have a few stories to tell.

Your parents had their lives.  You should have your life of your own: No more excuses!  Life without adventures, when youth demands it, is such a waste.

Eating is good.  Before you take a bite, you take a deep breath, you clear your mind of current worries, you focus on eating, you shew slowly and take pleasure in what you like to eat.  Eating is a sacred reserved period in the day and you treat it as such.  You do not allow conversation on the job and talks that upset your state of mind and disturb your digestive system.

You eat as a requirement to fill an empty stomach, a weight to your body to satisfying a light-headed brain.  You eat as if it is another task to fulfill.  You eat food recommended by the talking head of nutritionists.  You don’t enjoy eating as it is a drag that needs to be taken care of.  You don’t shew and just swallow your bites whole:  You don’t have time for that luxury.  You eat and resume your conversation of what to do next and how quickly to erasing your tasks off the must do a list.  Eating is bad for you mentally and physically.  You better fast instead of suffering acute indigestion.  Less eating will not harm you as badly as eating fast and mindlessly.  Eating fast food does not mean eating fast and without shewing.  Eating fast food slowly and enjoying its taste as a sacred habit of enjoying our deeds is far better than eating “healthy food” quickly with no intention of taking any pleasure in this duty.

What goes with hard food goes to drinks.  Try retaining a gulp of water while inhaling deeply.  Can you discriminate among chlorinated water, purified water, and clear water source?  Try it when thirsty and not as a recommendation from your physician to clear up the stones from your kidneys.  Retain for a few seconds any sip of drink and experience the rich aroma, taste, and consistency of the drink.  Take a bite of any fruit and retain it for a few seconds, suck slowly on its juice and learn the variations among fruits during the season and the off-season.

Are you eating and drinking badly?  Your products are bad, your cooking is foul, your line of thinking is wrong, and your reasoning is flawed.  You have missed what set you apart as an individual from the rest of the mass producers and consumerism trends.  Time to reserve time for individual pleasures during the day and night.  Quality time means learning and training our individual style to a good life and good manners, and enjoying any task we undertake.  Quality time is learning, and getting training in sharing the joy and happiness of what pleases every members of your family.  Learn and train to frequently taking deep breaths and clearing your mind of redundant worries before you start any task:  These moments are the best parts of life.

So, what’s going on in August? (2010)

In this hot August of Lebanon it is sort of “branle-bas de combat” or getting ready to waging war, literally and figuratively, internally and externally.

Thousands of Lebanese immigrants selected August to pay a visit to their motherland. Many have come to get married.

The process of getting married can be extremely lengthy and complicated among Christians of various sects, and as easy as dispatching a spouse among Muslims where the father sign the contract on behalf of his son and then buy an airplane ticket to the new bride to join a husband she had never met face to face.

For example, Christian immigrants have to reconcile with different mentalities:  In Europe, the States require civil marriage prior to religious one, on the ground that religious contracts are not valid by law.

This rational is reversed in Lebanon: You need to get married religiously first, otherwise, registering your civil  marriage that you had contracted outside Lebanon might turn out a headache.

Thus, if you get married religiously in Lebanon then, you better keep mute about this landslide event when you get re-married civil in Europe.

As far as I recall, religious marriage in the USA are as valid as civil marriage:  The priest signature on the contract is highly respected.  (I might be wrong, so do not hesitate to correct me).

One of the fiance asked me: “Do you think a priest might allow me to read my vow written in English?”  I replied:”If you locate a priest willing to allow you to state your own version of why you want to marry then, I will help you edit your vow and teach the priest to read it”.

It is always feasible to finding accommodating priests with a lavish bribe.

As far as I know, the only acceptable version in Catholic churches is that “What has been linked in the sky no man can cancel it”

My niece Joanna is one of the prospective candidate to be wed by the end of August.  She was invited to the church for the wedding of one of her closest friend.

I sensed that she might need support and I accompanied her.  She was all eyes and all ears to the procedure and was awed to what the priest preached and what the couple read together in Arabic; she could have a second thought if she took seriously what religion demands of its hapless souls.

By the way, the elder brother of the potential bride take seriously being a “unchurch” attendant. You might think he is a Jehovah Witness but he thinks he is smarter than these archaic believers of the written archaic Books.

I still cannot fathom the unidirectional attitude of young people as they learn to read and taking strong positions.

I think taking strong positions is a matter of immature ignorance.

Anyway, emigrants coming from the northern cold front of “developed” States in Europe land in Lebanon with haggard pale faces and much weight loss:  I think too much biking to juggle several jobs under cold rains is one of the factors for their nervous wreckage.

Within a week, the pale-faced creatures acquire colors and recover their normal weight in addition to a few extra pounds.

I was invited to an open air restaurant called Gilgamesh to meet the brothers of my niece’s fiance and each of the large platters could easily feed four people of the cold front guests.

I saw a reportage on our local TV of a German family visiting Lebanon; they were apprehensive before they arrive to Lebanon.

Now the kids don’t want to return to Germany:  They are having too much fun and seeing the sea everyday and discovering the high mountains everyday and eating abundant assorted food.

Obviously, they are seeing the hidden ugly realities of Lebanon and what kinds of monstrous crap the Lebanese have to swallow and endure in order to survive the decisions and activities of pseudo governments.

I am not going to be the bad mouthed citizen jeopardizing this touristic season.  Anyway, the fasting season of 40 days for the Muslims is on and prices of all kinds of sugar, rice, fruits, and vegetables will easily double.

Most non-Lebanese touring Lebanon in August are from the Arabic Peninsula States. Temperature there range from 50 to 60 degrees Celsius; people are prohibited leaving their homes from 11 am to 3 pm.  Temperatures in Lebanon are 15 degrees less, but high enough for Northern Europeans to die like flies.

In the external front, this arrogant and racist State of Israel has tried to start problems with Lebanon last week.

The Israeli army invaded our borders in the village of Adeissy in order to remove a tree that obstructed vision  of its surveillance cameras.  The UN waving of flags was of no use.

The Lebanese army sent warning shots but the Israeli bombed the army positions and killed two soldiers and one daily reporter and injured several civilians.

One of the injured Lebanese soldier shot down an Israeli officer and another enemy soldier.  The next day, Israel learned to coordinate with the UN forces to remove a lousy tree that made several victims but confirmed the steadfastness of the Lebanese army to denying arrogant Israel any further humiliation of the Lebanese.

Hezbollah was ready to support the army if confrontation escalated and that is why Israel relented in its stupid activities.

The next day of that engagement, Canada ordered its citizens to scrap visiting Lebanon from their plans.  Three Canadian young relatives visiting us laughed out their government scare tactics saying that Canada usually wants to save money repatriating its citizens.

Young Joseph is a funny guy; he recounted that he was among his Lebanese relatives and they were speaking in Arabic; so Joseph dozed off until he heard his name followed by a hilarious loud laughing.  Joseph asked them: “Am I the one concerned?”  They laughed some more and reassured him “Well, it is nothing”

Joseph says that he managed to capture a third of a conversation. How? Joseph clarified “Lebanese use words from Arabic, French, and English in the same sentence.”  So, Joseph assume that he is understanding something.  

Joseph’s father Nassif (a Lebanese) did not make the effort to teach him and his two sisters Arabic or encouraged them to  speak Arabic in his presence.  If Joseph’s father were Jew, Joseph would have learned archaic Hebrew; the most archaic language still in existence.

Actually, married Lebanese are settled or settling abroad.  No young Lebanese can afford to rent or buy a wretched small apartment in Beirut and the district of Metn.  Real Estates prices jumped 600% in the last two years.

Note:  At the peak of the tourism season, the government is reminded to do extensive road works and spreading asphalt.  Traffic congestion is thus at its peak.

The State of Israel has decided that the best manner to save the sanity of its Jewish citizens is to obstruct the vision of the Palestinians across their towns and villages.  The policy is “NO see any Palestinian then, he does not exist” .  Golda Meir wished to believe that “There are no Palestinians”.  That was before the Palestinians established their resistance against the occupier.  The policy says: “If the Palestinians are not seen then, they are not to be considered as a people”

As long as the Israeli citizens are blind to their neighboring Palestinians then, the State government can deal leisurely with the legal aspects of the UN obligations of the occupation and handle the media in the civilized World.

Israel built the infamous Wall with the support of Bush Jr. and against the prohibition of the UN.  Israel claimed that this long and high Wall will prevent physical infiltration of “terrorist Palestinians”; the real reason is to obliterate the sight of the Palestinians across the Green Line as a sore reminder of their nasty occupation policies.  Israeli can no longer see the Palestinian working his fields and gardens, the Palestinian children playing in muddy streets with a makeshift soccer ball, the women in tattered garments, and old people left unsheltered… Consequently, the Israeli citizen has no longer to be anxious about his moral obligation for dispossession of the original inhabitants of their lands and homes.

No see thus, does not exist policy applies to constructing special highways and routes to circumvent Palestinian communities, at the expense of more confiscation of Palestinian lands under the guise of security requirements.  Before the Israeli colons evacuated Gaza in 2005, the French author Regis Debray was visiting Gaza with a Dominican priest.  They were on the highway under the terrible noon sun and then, the highway was closed for 30 minutes.  Regis thought that a terrible car accident occurred.  Wrong.  Israeli soldiers closed the highway to let a 4×4 of a colon family going to the beach to cross the highway “safely and quickly”.

To make matters worse, the soldiers had to stop many Palestinian cars just to demonstrate that the closing was indeed for security checks.  The Palestinian driver asked Debray to bow down his head and not look the soldier in the eyes: “He is the master” said the driver.  These humiliations occur everyday in the West Bank and on over 600 check points.

For every artisanal and homemade missile landing in an empty field, Israel bombs a whole sector killing and injuring civilians.  For every Israeli soldier killed, Israel kills 100 Palestinians.  For every Israeli soldier kidnapped, Israel incarcerate 10,000 Palestinians (including kids and girls) without due legal procedures using the defunct British colonial martial laws.

Israel has existed for 60 years and refused to demonstrate any good will for peace.  The name of the game for this implanted State is waging preemptive wars on the ground that Israel is a tiny country and pretty vulnerable.  Fact is, Israel launched all its wars during period of truces.  In 1982, it invaded Lebanon for no reasons:  The Palestinian factions had not launched any missiles into Israel for 6 months:  They were busy surviving the onslaughts of the Syrian army,  the Lebanese Christian militias, and the Moslem militias at the sold of Syria.  In 2008, Israel invaded Gaza though the Palestinian factions had not launched any homemade puny missiles into Israel.  Actually, Israel expanded its territories in 1949 during the truce of the “Arab States”.

It is not the Shoah that created Israel and the Palestinian Shoah is not about to wait another 60 years to return to his homeland. The State terrorist of Israel terrorized Palestinians before its recognition and has continued to terrorize the Palestinians ever since.  The big difference is that satellites and internet are transmitting images and news that the Zionist medias in the Western World censured and selected for over 50 years.




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