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The western media have been throwing smoke screens as to the non-existence of a Palestinian people since the recognition of the State of Israel in 1948.  Zionism and western media kept hammering out the notion that Palestinians are just another tribe among “Arab people” and had no distinctive characteristics, culture, and national spirit.  Golda Meir was utterly blunt when she proclaimed: “there are no Palestinians” in 1970 as the Palestinians started organizing their national resistance movement as early as 1965.

What define a people if not uniting to fighting an occupier?  Since 1930, the Palestinian people have been exercising frequent uprising and armed struggle upheavals against colonial Britain.  In 1936, Britain had to mobilize 100,000 troops to quell the 6-month Palestinian revolt (called al Qassam) that lacked the rudiment of arms and means to fighting mighty Britain.  How could the British troops in 1917 advance in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria to defeating the Ottoman army if the nationalist Palestinians refused to cooperate with the allied forces?

How could the Palestinian people not exist when even the UN divided Palestine into two States in 1948 between Jews and Palestinians?  It is a historical fact that Zionism had lost hope establishing a State in Palestine in 1920 when the resistance of Palestinians to the immigration of Jews forced Britain to stop any further immigration and the Rothschild family desisted financing further kibbutz and building Tel Aviv.  Then, the US financial crash of 1929 put a complete hold on any further financing to Jewish organizations in Palestine.

If it was not for brutal British colonial power then, there was no way that Zionism could have settled in Palestine.  Why Britain delayed giving independence to Palestinians when it gave it to Jordan and Iraq, and when France acknowledge independence of Syria in 1936 and Lebanon in 1943?  Is it because Jews served in the British army in WWI and WWII? Another reason that Palestinians are the patriots and legitimate people of Palestine because they fought the occupying colonial power when the Jews were mercenaries to the occupation force.

Israel wants to be recognized as a Jewish State.  Are the Jews out of their mind? Is the US out of its mind? Is Russia out of its mind? Is the UN out of its mind?  How can Israel survive as a religious State amid surrounding Moslem States (that will surely be hijacked by extremist fundamentalist Moslems) simply because Israel was declared a Jewish religious State?  If the western nations could maneuver within nationalist feelings and allegiances then, how can they navigate within the sea of religious extremism?

The latest round of negotiation does not have to last a year.  There are four evidences: First, Palestinians want an independent State; second, they want Jerusalem as Capital; third, they will never relinquish their right for return to their place of birth (even if in the State of Israel); fourth, all lands occupied by force will have to be vacated.  What is so difficult about these truths that acknowledge by every sane person?

Let’s get on with this lousy peace negotiation that has lasted three decades before it is too late for diplomacy, good will, and peaceful intentions.

Vanity of vanities?

You may have heard this saying written in Ecclesiastes: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

“Vanity of vanities” sound excellent; “all is vanity” must be necessarily wrong.

It must be tough chewing on this adage “all is vanity”; simply because we are doomed to die?  A million generations of pain, suffering , and struggle to survive just to generate vain outcomes all the way? Not a single virtue to save and cherish?!

All is vanity means:

1. “Thinking that you have reached an advanced stage for being wise is necessarily vanity.  

2. Thinking that there exists an absolute truth is vanity.  

3. Thinking there is an absolute set of virtues is vanity.

4.  Saying “I know that God exists” is vanity.  

5. Saying “I know that God does not exist” is vanity.”

Logically, if you know for certain something about God, you should be able to transmit your knowledge and explain what is that you know:  How faith can be a matter of knowledge?

Thinking that sciences have answers to everything is vanity.

Thinking that only faith can save you is vanity.

Thinking that you are a better person than your neighbor is vanity.

Ecclesiastes goes on “There is time for crying, a time for laughing, a time to feeling sorrow, and a time to dance…”  It goes on “Praise joy: there is happiness in eating, in drinking, and pleasure in making love and loving throughout all the days of your vain life.”

How can we know we are happy if we didn’t experience pain?

How do we know we have joy if we didn’t experience suffering?

The main difference between a sad-faced and a jovial person is that the unhappy individual is still highly disappointed that his moments of happiness were cut short.  The longer the disappointment the less likely good luck will come around.

Nonetheless, you agree that living in joy, with full knowledge of our shortcomings and its vanity, is so much fulfilling to the universe surrounding us than stepping out with a dark gloomy face.

What doesn’t kill you might strengthen your desire for joy and happiness. Learning the wise saying: “believe in whatever you wish; as long as you know that it is just a belief” can save us from dogmatic tendencies. Tell us your statement, explain it to us, but don’t try to enforce it on us.

It must be tough chewing on this adage “all is vanity”.   After millions of generations of rough survival processes verging on extinction in many occasions, it must be tough on mankind specie to accept that everything he has done, desired, or dreamed of was plain vanity.  Something else must be missing or not interpreted well in that description of mankind style of living.

I contend that there are two major philosophical attitudes: One is based on subjective perceived frequency of observation and experiences in life; the other is founded on the quality of experiences.  Both categories are subjective and not necessarily reliable scientifically in appreciation of frequency or quality and also not necessarily applied behaviorally.

The first category of attitudes says: “We feel that the string of bad events and frequency of pain and suffering far outnumber the occasional moments of joys and happiness.”  Thus, religiously, it is advisable to appeasing the devils (taking for granted that the Good God is not affected by much prayer and behavior of servitude), and socially, it is advisable to embracing what life offers and stop battling with the odds (stoic attitudes).  Normally, feeling healthy for many years, especially when we are young, goes unnoticed and does not stick in our memory.  Bad occasions retain our memory and last for long time; thus this feeling that bad luck is chasing after us.

The second category says: “We all will experience inevitable humiliation, pain, and suffering, so why focus on the sad events and experiences?  Let us focus on how to increase the chances for joyful and happy instances to the hilt.  Consequently, avoid strong attitudes and getting involved in matters that do not affect your current life-style (epicurean attitudes).”

“All vanity” is mostly of the first category but of the worst kind:

Why forecast and make plans for the future and better oneself?  It also adopt the concept of the second category, and also of the worst kind: Do not attempt to plan and work for additional moments of joy and happiness: just focus on the present conditions and take full advantage of what the present is offering you.

I think forecasting is one of mankind desired abilities, no matter how we learn to live, enjoy, and appreciate the present. Mankind desires to know what causes and, lessen and tone down circumstances, of pain and suffering.

For my part I like to turn the table upside down:  If I consider the improbable odds of being “who I am” and how improbable I came to exist I should be proud to have a huge vanity for existing.

I could have been a stone, a grain of sand, a chemical element, a plant, an insect, born somewhere else, never survived birth, never survived to be 5 years old…

I was unbelievably lucky to be existing, and whoever don’t appreciate my vanity, this constipated individual can go to hell.

If you are the type to sweating profusely at exam time, your heart beating at top speed, your hands sweaty, and feeling pretty light-headed and forgot everything you studied and learned then, you are an original of mankind specie.

Do you know that all these symptoms is basically to draw all the blood to your lower limbs so that you maybe able to run and flee at top speed without thinking back?  Wet hands are far more efficient for climbing trees:  You don’t want to slip and be eaten by a carnivorous animal.

We know, deep down, at exam time and during critical meeting (private or public) that something is not normal and does not match our psychological constitution, but we have no idea what is the real danger.  We have been conditioned to sit for exams and be interrogated and investigated during interviews that we forgot why we are so afraid and feel the real need to flee as quickly as possible.

Fact is, we our primitive intuition is intact to a normal degree and we didn’t lose it; we just are conditioned to think twice before running from dangers.  Fact is, all these exams and interviews are not meant to educate us but to humiliate us consistently so that we accept the role of obedient and mindless technocrats devoid of ethical and moral considerations toward the pain and suffering of common people.

The 10% in the population hoarding 50% of the wealth in the nation want a system that conditioned educated people to bow heads and feel terrified when hired to doing a job.  All these exams and periodic evaluation reviews are fundamentally meant to be ready to satisfying schedules of plans, study, and work-in-progress as “management” had decided without your feedback for feasibility.  You are trained not to think about the health, safety, and long-term benefit of any project:  You are to learn to becoming a human robot.

We all feel since childhood, as we are forced to go to school, that something is not right and a devilish system is moulding us to becoming something unnatural and inhuman.   We certainly prefer to have extended vacations, to working in jobs we like to do, to have quality time for our family and kids, to meet with our community and discuss our difficulties.  We have desires for so many interesting things but we feel in a big prison and having no choices but to following instructions, law, order, and peer pressures to be part of the group behavior.

Our primitive instinct is pretty intact and we feel in our guts that human carnivores are raising us as cattle for the slaughter as we grow older and under performing according to youth standards. Mankind is scared from his own kind and is loathing any kind of man-made system designed to increase law and order schemes.

There is no shame to getting angry and voicing your opinion high and strong when you feel afraid and in dire danger.  All indicate from political structures that 20% of the population are designed to stay in the lowest classes to serve as cheap hand laborers; and 70% are designed to becoming mindless technocrats for the benefit and comfort of the upper 10% of the population.  Has mankind lost his dignity investing time in serious reflection to his conditions, finding alternatives to regaining his freedom for whatever he desires of his life, and get moving accordingly?

Note:  Multinational corporations have increased their “own specialized university facilities” to 4,000 in one decade.  The traditional universities are meant for endoctrination of the new potential technocrats but company universities are meant to teaching particular skills that traditional universities have “forgotten” to focus on.  Company universities are far more sophisticated and equipped than any traditional university and millions are poured in to educated specialized employees.




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