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You are watched every second: Big Brother and social sientists having field day

Posted on: September 27, 2010

Most probably you are not aware or you are not taking seriously the fact that everything you write, say, or move on social platforms (Tweeter, Facebook…) or on your portable phone is recorded and coded, second by second, somewhere in Big Brothers intelligence agencies on the superpower supercomputer intelligence gathering centers.  If you are connected and manages to secure clearances then, you may have access to your big file and write your diary and autobiography.  Big Brother can know you far better than you know yourself and his analysis is far more accurate and precise than your well-intentioned introspection work.  Big Brother is able to analyse your desires, your preferences, your best friends, and your potential enemies better than you can:  You are leaving behind you a numeric trace anytime you write, talk, or move.

Social scientists no longer have to run complex experiments on live subjects or handing out questionnaires and then collecting data.  Social scientists and research psychologists with access to valuable pieces of intelligence (research usually instigated by government and private enterprises linked to government) have located an inestimable trove of zillion of data.  Social scientists can now predict individual behavior and social behavior mathematically.  They can predict accurately the product and services that will enjoy great success within a week of its launching on the market.  They can predict election outcomes with great accuracy.  Social scientists discovered that with all our unpredictability we end up behaving in mathematical trends.  There is a breaking point in any trends when qualitative shift sets in instantaneously.  Movements start with individual liking and preferences and then peer pressures and mass communication decide on the outcome of a product, a service, or a candidate.  Social scientists track number of “buzz” generated by social platform users to comprehend social trends.

Before this outbreak of fast communication, social scientists felt the heat of being labelled as quasi-scientists; which means dealing in soft sciences that offer suggestions and options rather than accurate answers.  Since mankind has hundreds of variables to be controlled in order for any experiment to be valid and not ending up to have confounding results (results that hide the effects of pertinent variables that were not controlled) then, social scientists and psychologists had to run difficult and time-consuming experiments on hundreds of willing subjects and still feeling not satisfied with the results.

Now, social scientists can selected and stratify millions of data and still deal with enough cases that reduce hazard errors to the bare minimum.  Data is no longer the beast; the problem is how to access data without antagonizing Big Brother.

The only dilemma is: “How can we prevent the restauration of a police State?”  The police State has been around since antiquity and didn’t need so much data to institute efficient ideological political systems.  This new trend in instant communication is playing to the advantage of the common people in making a difference and preventing further exacerbation of policing mentality and trends.

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