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No to”Force is justice”. Empower fairness: “Give me fairness and I will be happy for both of us”

Posted on: October 2, 2010

No to”Force is justice”?  Empower fairness

After securing good health, my first value is empowering fairness in all my deals and relationship.

I say “Give me fairness and I will be happy for both of us.”  So far, we failed the struggle for the coronation of fair deals as the prime value in our interactions.

We ended up concocting the practical notion that “force is justice” to serving the interest of the greedy passions.  The justice of Law and Order has been imposed on us by the power-to-be for the benefit of the rich classes and aristocratic “elite class.”

Ethics standards and moral values such as compassion, fairness, solidarity toward the less fortunate, the weakest, and the downtrodden are not within the realm of politics for achieving practical feasible objectives.

You want to change your life?

It is certainly an individual undertaking of awareness, will, and determination.  These qualities are necessary but never sufficient under certain conditions in society:  It is very difficult to change your life when the odds in social conditions are against you.

Harsh conditions such as lack of opportunities, schools, health care, insecurity, lawlessness, biased laws, undemocratic election laws and procedures… are almost insurmountable barriers to determined individual’s decisions.

First, get aware that you have reached bottom in apathy, misery, and indignity and that you need changing your life.

Second, figure out what is it in your life that need changing.

Third, pick up the item that you can handle as a first step in your plan of action.

Fourth, knock on doors of facilities that can aid you in your tentative push forward:  After the first step of action, resilience will follow.

Fifth, get convinced that only politics (political actions and political awareness and participation) can turn social conditions around to facilitating your goal.   Get it in your brain that ethics and moral values are individual responsibilities: Politicians and technocrats are of no help in these domains.   It is your responsibility to frequently reminding politicians and technocrats that ethics and moral values count very much to you.  Organized movements and marching are excellent means for refreshing politicians’ set of priorities.

If you are the type to waiting for election times to get into actions, vote, and let poll takers interpret your values and needs then, leave it to the next generation to changing life conditions.  In the meantime, learn not to flagellate yourself for your lack of awareness, determination, and courage:  Not anyone is a resilient fighter.

If you are determined to changing your life then, get used to challenging political structure and establishment every day:  doing politics is a battlefield for the serious-minded aware individuals who have dignity.

You cannot disengage; it is not a paid vacation from letting injustices and bullies run the show.


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[…] No to”Force is justice”? Empower fairness […]

[…] No to”Force is justice”? Empower fairness […]

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