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Does God exist?  It is Not a matter of proof but choices in belief systems.  If we had proofs of God’s existence then, this discussion will be out of subject matter; religions will have no basis to exist and resume spreading humongous illusions that satisfy our desire to immortality and the absolute.

Does God exist?  If we had proofs that God existed then, religions would not have displaced philosophy (although both systems are based on premises that have no foundations in facts and experimentations) in the mind of youth and the majority of people living in an insecure world, internally and externally.

Does God exist?  It is a matter of choices in belief system:  “I believe God exist”, “I don’t believe God exist”, or I intermittently change my belief position with age, conditions, experiences, and eye-witness accounts that affect my previous dispositions.  Do I truly believe that God exists?  Do I truly believe that God does not exist?  Am going through a temporary state of imbecility and feeling totally self-satisfied in my good conscience?  Am I having hard times and decided to invest time reflecting, injecting a healthy dose of skepticism and suspicions in belief systems that are fraught with illusions and untenable premises?

If we are certain that we shall die, that earth will eventually vanish, that what mankind has imagined and produced will be lost then, can we start carrying on a discussion based on compassion, humility, and lucidity?

Do you know that this century witnessed 140 armed conflicts totaling more than 150 millions in casualties.  More than twenty conflict produced over one million killed.  For every killed you may estimate another one dying within a month and two others handicapped for life physically, mentally or both.  Thus, in this century or one billion were victims of direct armed conflicts. WWII killed more than 60 millions.  Two dozen conflicts are still on going for decades and the toll is accumulating.  Mind that in every decade, one billion die of famine and curable diseases.  The UN estimated that currently there is one billion earning less than a dollar per day and have no shelters:  Which means, all the most downtrodden of the billion of mankind will invariably die within the decade of famine and curable diseases.

Tell me: If the God you believe exists to be absolutely jealous, absolutely vengeful, absolutely powerful… can your God outperform mankind in evil doing?  If your God has any notion of compassion how can mankind degenerate generation after generation?

Tell me:  If your God is absolute love, absolute resilience, and absolute compassion… then, can he outperform mothers bringing up and nurturing naturally new-born beasts for over 20 years so that he may be inducted in the community of the civilized world of mankind?

We are lucid in our frailty, shortcomings, weaknesses, and what is in our will to change.  A single step depends on thousands of other factors not dependent on the individual.  We are aware that knowledge is relative and that moral values are relative.  We yearn for an absolute, an invariable, a timeless entity to win this race for us.  We created this absolute entity and lavished 99 absolute names on Him so that this God will tame our natural violence, will give us incentives to learn to be compassionate, to hold communities in brotherhood of respect and dignity.  How this God was interpreted to encourage violence, hate, racism, and inequality in dignity and opportunities?

Tell me:  If your God is absolute power, absolute in lucidity, absolutely siding with peace and justice… then, why your God does not make the effort to prove it?  Are you still waiting for signs and enumerating countless signs from Books when what mankind needs is a simple act, even occasionally?

Why this God is totally impotent demonstrating his power such as whispering to the governments for a moratorium on armed conflicts even for a single day; inspiring politicians to increasing their contribution for developing countries to 2% of State GNP?

Was God created to appeasing mankind, to reassuring him, to consoling him by sneakily overwhelming him with grandiose illusions of well-being and satisfaction of all our desires in the after-life?  Designing an absolutely compassionate God who has never demonstrated it  is too beautiful to be true.

Puny avatar, how dare you excite for wars in the name of God? How dare you harangue for civil wars in the name of God.  How dare you discriminate among men in the name of God.  You puny avatar:  Why in the name of God?

There are two major line of belief systems:  people who want to believe in a God (whether external to mankind or created my man) and those who don’t want to even think about an absolute and invariable God such as Buddhism.  Reality proves that mankind can survive without a structured belief system in God.

No need to imposing your belief system on your neighbor:  Whay works for you does not work for your neighbor.  You have the right to explaining and sharing your belief but your neighbor has the right, duty, and responsibility to reflect and figure out his belief system.

Note:  I know that the first comments will be just pages after pages of excerpts of verses from “Books” on the existence of God and I shall refuse to join this game.




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