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Have courage; go for the most difficult: The Living

Posted on: October 14, 2010

Amid the growing calamities and instabilities of our current world, people are learning to improvise, to adapt to ever-increasing change and unstable political and social structures.  People are rediscovering the potency of weaker links with friends, acquaintances, and in couples.  The stronger links of religion, marriage, and workplace are no longer available or convincing in our isolation.  

People are discovering that life is a series of accidents; taking risks is the name of the game:  The higher our fragility the more powerfully we act and improvise; the greater the magnitude of change the freer we become to evolve and resume life.  We are recognizing that our ultimate purpose is living and learning to steal longer and more frequent moments of joy, happiness, and pleasure. We are readier to admit that active desires in what we already own and have is the essence of living instead of desiring what we are lacking or are missing from the past.

We are living in a most challenging period and we are adapting to be resilient and resisting the moods of giving up the fight and struggle to surviving.  The 12th century Japanese poet Nokiosuki wrote: “I may have to live to the time, as I long in this moment of utmost sadness, to recalling this sadness tenderly.”

Committing suicide must be much easier than living:  struggling against injustice, famine, pains, suffering, and regaining dignity.  Fact is, anyone who decides to take out his life never failed.  You don’t know how to commit suicide?  Don’t you worry: nature and society will take care of that and come to the rescue effectively in due time.

Are you learning and training your mind and spirit to welcoming death in a state of grace?  I would not encourage wasting your time on this futile preparation.  I think it would be a dangerous decision to preparing to die when in good health:  Somehow your sick mind might make your wish come true. Your mind will get into the habit of bringing up death as a good outcome:  You will go ahead with your plan on an instinctive act that your rational brain refused.

Wait for the proper timing for actions.  How about you focus on learning how to enjoy sharing the happiness of others?  Are you the type who gives up early improving his situation, communicating with others, and getting organized to changing laws that enrich classes and impoverish classes?

Do you know of anyone who made it on his own will and potentials?  It never happened; that is why people need support systems and don’t mind weak links with acquaintances.  Even the will of walking one step forward depends on thousand of factors that are independent of our will and desires.  Learn the courage of asking for aid:  It is your right and your responsibility as a member of civilized mankind.

A few external supports should always be welcomed:  You might realize that most of the other individuals lack the health and potentials that you failed to using to your advantage.

Is life good?  Is death better?  You are asking the wrong question.  Get on the living part and rediscover your passions.

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[…] About Have courage; go for the most difficult: The Living […]

[…] Have courage; go for the most difficult: The Living […]

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