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Diaries of a Saudi “Princess”

Posted on: October 21, 2010

Diaries of a Saudi “Princess”

I am a girl and the youngest of ten sisters and a unique brother from the first wife of my Saudi father, a member of the extended Saud family.  Mother was 8 years old when her parents died of a contagious disease.  Her five brothers married her to my father.  Mother gave birth to 5 still-born children:  Thus, she gave birth 16 times within 20 years of marriage.

My brother is two years older than me, but enjoys all the privileges and affection of my father who never talked or communicated with his daughters.  My father married 3 other women as is the custom, in order to boast his wealth and to beget more male children.  When my mother died still young, my father quickly married a girl of 15 , a year younger than me and with whom I used to play in my childhood.

In Saudi Arabia, the rich and poor wish to marry four women; the poor erect four similar tents for each wife: “equitable” standard of living is “de rigueur” for wives.

Consequently, the lower middle class in Saudi Arabia have to contend with only one wife because they cannot afford to purchase four houses:  Thus, middle class Saudis go on frequent vacations to Far East Asia and Egypt in order to satisfy their lust for baby girls and young men.

When I visited Egypt for the first time with my married sister and her husband, I was shocked to witness a young Saudi raping an 8-year old girl and my brother holding her legs to facilitating the task.  The so-called mother of the little girl came to retrieve her daughter and get paid.  When I confronted my brother he mocked me saying: “It was my father who provided me with the proper addresses.”

The young Saudi was from the “moutawaa” or the guardians of moral values according to the Wahhabi Koranic customs.  These guardians of morality are mostly used to crack down on women in the streets and to beat them if not wearing the proper attire or behaving “shamefully”

My brother had the “right” to take away anything that belonged to me, if he desired the object.  He once wanted a puppy dog that all my sisters cherished and cared for it.  My brother took the puppy, showed it to his friends, and got upset by the puppy constant whining:  He threw the puppy out his window car.

I got very angry for my brother behavior and set him up:  I rummaged in his secret drawers and got his porno slides and “Playboy” magazine.  My brother had written his name on the items since he was lending them to his friends.  I carried the materials to the mosque when no one was there around 2 pm.  The “moutawaa” knocked on our door.  My brother was made to attend the mosque five times a day during the prayers for an entire year.

Every street in Riyadh has a mosque:  Men don’t have to drive for their daily prayers.  Women are forbidden to praying in mosques. Although the Koran never mentioned discrimination of genders for praying in mosque.

My sister Sara was married to a business man of 65 against her will.  She was drugged most of the time in order not to rebel and show her dissatisfaction.  Sara was drugged too during the wedding ceremony by the Pakistani family physician.

Sara’s husband maltreated her and abused of her which prompted Sara to attempt suicide.  Mother refused that Sara returns to her abusive husband and father relented when she threatened to talk to the King Faisal.

Not that the system will give Sara the right for divorce but in order to keep this sad business within family confines.

I once befriended two other girls of my age and my youngest father’s wife was within this group.  The two girls tended to have “fun” luring foreign men without removing their veils.  They were caught.  One of the girl was quickly married to an old man and far away.  The other girl was drowned in the family swimming pool and all the family members were to attend the ceremony.  My father divorced his youngest wife and she was made to marry quickly.

I fell in love with a Saudi rich man who studied law in London.  I managed to convince my father to meet with the prospective groom; the groom’s mother and my aunts were present at the meeting and they felt very upset that I showed wooing gestures and expressions with my eyes and lips.

My groom called me up and wanted to know if I had been “khitan” or circumcised (sex lips removed in order for women not to feel inclined for sexual desires).  I said that I will ask dad; he said with pleasure: “If you don’t know then you are not circumcised.  Forget asking anyone.”

I learned that my three oldest sisters were circumcised at the demand of my mother who was circumcised just before getting married at age of 13.

Women don’t know better and mothers encourage the old customs, even if my sisters suffered greatly then and during their married life.

Before being circumcised, a fanciful ceremony is organized; the little girl is held tight on a white sheet while women bang on utensil in order to cover up the girl’s screams. An old women removed swiftly the lips of the girl’s sex.  The girl is taken to another tent to be cleaned.  Most circumcised women suffer during intercourse and they bleed and the injury is infected frequently.

I was lucky as a British physician convinced my father of the danger of girls’ circumcision.  Thus, the seven youngest sisters were saved from this barbaric tradition.

As I was giving birth to first child (a boy) I noticed the “mutawaa” guarding a 14 year-old girl giving birth.  The “morality guards” were to carry away the girl to be stoned to death as she gives birth.  The girl was ganged raped at her house when her parents were on vacation; the boys (friends of her brother) were not persecuted.

When a woman is to be stoned to death (dilapidation), she is whipped 50 times; a van discharge stones in front of the men watching the event.  A physician checks on the victim every now and then to confirm that she is still alive.  The stone throwing continues for 2 hours by frenzied men.

One of my girlfriend was studying in London and fell in love with a catholic American student.  The American decided not to go through the marriage when they were in California.  My friend was penniless and was encouraged to return to Saudi Arabia.  She was locked in a dark room, all windows shut.  A hole was made in the middle of the room for excretion purposes.  A dog hole was made in the door for delivering food.  She was to die in loneliness and not been communicated with unless her uncle’s die first and her case reconsidered.

We have been married for eight years and I had one of my tits removed for benign cancer and I had to be “neutered” because it was dangerous for me to get pregnant again.  My husband decided to remarry in order to beget many boys.

I flew with my three children to London.  I met a Lebanese mother in the airplane at Dubai; she looked at me with the utmost hatred and said:  “You Saudis think that you can buy everything”  It turned out that her little girl of 8 was kidnapped in Saudi Arabia and had one of her kidneys removed.  After a few weeks, the girl was dropped at the door with a handbag containing $20,000 and some jewels.

Apparently, the girl had the transplant done in India for a rich Saudi prince.

When Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1991, Kuwaiti women fled to Riyadh and started to drive without even a veil.  The Saudi women got jealous and 47 of them began to drive in defiance of the archaic system.  They were rounded up and locked in their homes:  No one was able to communicate with them.

Note:  I decided to review the book “Story of a Saudi Princess” by Jean Sasson (who lived in Saudi Arabia for 8 years) because I am appalled by democratic and modern powerful States restlessly trying to depose “democratically elected Presidents” in the third world while supporting politically and militarily the archaic Wahhabi monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

Oil is a commodity for anyone ready to purchase regardless of who is in power:  Otherwise, there is no point extracting reserves of oil that are more useful for pharmaceutical and chemical industries than providing simply for energy consumption.

Note 2:  It is my contention that if Saudi monarchy is in existence it is because the ultra conservative elite classes in “democratic” powerful States consider the Wahhabi system as their “utopia” structure for totally enslaving women to the desires of men.


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