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Is Planet earth sick? Lacking collective intelligence for common good?

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Planet earth is sick: Lacking collective intelligence for common good?

Planet earth is sick and natural healing process is unable to catching up with the onslaught of mankind exaggerated activities and mass poisoning of its resources.

Three good news:

First, mankind is becoming aware that he is the main culprit;

Second, mankind is realizing that effective resolutions must be applied now; and

Third, the UN has established international institutions to meet regularly on biodiversity, deforestation, noxious gases, river poisoning

One bad news:  Mankind refuses to master enough courage and determination for changing his behavior. Behaviors acquired steadily and were sustained in the last century.

There are heralding signs that local community awareness of the deteriorating health of earth are the best alternative to spreading awareness to the global intelligence for planning serious programs and applying them effectively.

The paradigm is changing:  We are witnessing new collective behaviors such as: economy of solidarity, eco-regionalism, eco-villages, shared gardens, city in transition, alliances for health, eco-system management, equitable business management and trades, green tourism, ethical banks, micro-enterprises, alternative currencies, Slow Travel, Slow Food, Slow Money, Slow Fashion, Slow sustainable agriculture techniques...

The right question was finally asked: “What kind of grand children are we forming to resume the process of healing earth?

Education and pedagogic programs on earth illnesses, how mankind generated this sick earth, what individual behaviors must change, and what political plans must be impressed upon the power-to-be are the first essential steps into securing a sustainable healthy earth.

Experiments have shown that children, while exhibiting the worst individualistic behaviors in a family setting, when let loose among their own peers without direct supervision of adults, they engage in collective intelligence in their tendencies.  Not only they don’t conglomerate around their own ethnic groups, but they revolve amid children exhibiting the same affinities in sharing in games and communicating freely.

Apparently, the adult power structures in schools and daily realities in relationship destroy the collective intelligence for resolving problems of common goods.

The only collective success is stabilizing the ozone layer by reducing drastically the production and usage of fluor and related chemical compounds, and prohibiting its usage in domestic appliances and products.  Still, the antarctic witnesses depletion of ozone in springtime.

The UN global conventions and conferences experience massive presence of the most powerful leaders when the subject is related to finance and economic trades.

The presence of world leaders are very scarce when meetings are related to biodiversity, and sustainable economies.

Sustainable economies generate added-value products as the by-products in refuses and garbage are recyclable or biodegradable.  Economies and industries that are based on dissipation of non-renewable resources, affecting further degradation of the environment, and enhancing the pollution of rivers and scarce potable water sources cannot aid in the rejuvenation of earth.

Old trees, the most efficient factor in absorbing CO2, are cut down faster than young shoots are planted.

There is no improvement in growing economies by destroying public resources and biodiversity.  There is no valuable economies that lack discipline in managing resources equitably and without the mentality of “positive destruction” of what is functioning and sustaining the life of billion of people in the developing countries.

Heal earth and you are healed.

Take preventive actions for non-polluting behaviors.  Helping local peasants regain their dignity and applying their natural life ethics toward nature will heal their dying fields using agri-ecological techniques.

Increasing the base of local and regional solutions inevitably will lead to qualitative global resolutions.

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