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Check-mate Israel: Last Strategic ally down in region (Egypt)

Israel has no longer any strategic allies in the region (on its borders), not even minor allies:  The people in the region guarantee that no State regime in the region will dare schmooze and negotiate with any Israeli leader who refuses a Palestinian State and support the resumption of building in occupied land and is not serious of transferring the Jews of colonies in occupied land back to Israel.

Not a single State around Israel is scared of Israel’s military retaliation of any kind: the people have risen from the ashes of humiliation and imposed foreign policies.

(Only this obscurantist Saudi monarchy is the last steady ally to Israel and against all Arabic States that it view as a menace to this monarchy…)

The regime of Shah of Iran has long vanished since 1979, Turkey has been alienated and Israel still refuses to apologize for the crime against the peace boat incident, Mubarak of Egypt is down.  Tunisia of Ben Ali is down; the people in Jordan are putting the squeeze on the Hashemite monarch; the people in Lebanon have fired ex-PM Saad Hariri; the Palestinian Authority is discredited with the latest WikiLeaks and Hamas of Gaza and the West Bank are is on the ascendance.

The policies of the US for establishing the so-called Greater Middle East is down the drain:  the US invasion of Iraq has been routed; the US troops in Afghanistan are readying to retreat from a war that cannot be won; the credibility in the sanity of the US Administration’s policies in the Middle East region has disintegrated; the faulty programs of the International Monetary Funds have not been revised for transparency and discussion with the concerned parties that led to the latest upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen.

Israel is no longer in a position to play coy and humiliate the US and everybody else during the negotiation of a Palestinian State, not even Saeb Erakat, one of lame and cowardly Palestinian negotiators.  The crude statement of Tzipi Livni  (Israel ex-foreign affairs minister) “To create your Palestinian State, you have got to agree with Israel in advance on everything.  Your only choice is to relinquish any choices in the future.  Those are the founding bases for negotiation” is one of Israeli posturing relegated to history bins.

The new Palestinian State demands total withdrawal of Israeli troops to the 1967 border; it demands the dismantling of all the Jewish colonies in occupied land; it refuses swapping small portions of lands to legitimizing forced settlement; it wants borders with Jordan and Egypt, it wants and an international airport and a maritime port and full autonomy.  The new Palestinian State, recognized by Russia, most of Latin American States, and Cyprus refuses to be totally dependent on Israel economy, finance, and military support.

The leaders of the Palestinian Authority, those self-appointed President, PM, and negotiators in the name of the Palestinian people (in the West Bank, in Gaza, in refugee camps all around the world…) that refused to have another democratic election for fear of Hamas winning all the way, have been under contemptible situations as leaks of their cowardly negotiations with Israel surfaced in the public domain.

A new election for the Palestinian people is necessary before the resumption of any “peace talk” with the extremist Israeli government.

The cooperation of this defunct Palestinian Authority of Abu Abbass and company with Israel in capturing and assassinating Hamas operators, under the excuse that the Oslo agreement in 1993 to safeguarding Israel’s security, is null and void.  A new generation of Palestinians demand drastic reforms and dignity; they are denying their political leaders to continue  functioning under a prison mentality.

This masquerade of offering free parcels of land to Israel, a parcel from here and a parcel from there and pretty soon there is no land to giving away, is no longer accepted.  The quarters of Har Homa, Gilo, the Armenian quarters, Ariel, and Maaleh Adumin belong to East Jerusalem, the Capital of the Palestinian State.

The oligarchic style of governance of the Palestinian Authority needs to be reformed to a democratic constitution:  currently, the Palestinians living in Jerusalem would rather apply for Israel citizenship, if given choices, and refrain from living under abject conditions and lacking basic rights under this rotten Authority.

The Palestinians living in Israel and having Israeli citizenship and passport have to be included in the negotiation as a full concerned party.  A unified negotiating team, including all the major factions, especially Hamas, is the only viable alternative to resuming a dead negotiation process.

Israel had a window of opportunity to live in peace in 1993 after the Oslo agreement, but it preferred to play the bully, its favorite game. Israel is experiencing a check-mate move:  No free oil from Egypt or Saudi Arabia; no free water from Syria or Lebanon; no free occupied land by force or negotiations; no makeshift democratic mask that the Western States can no longer sustain with the latest public Israeli policies reinforcing the apartheid and racist activities.

Down with the Wall of Shame separating people along the dividing line.

Time for Israel to deal with the UN Charters for human rights, prisoners rights, legal prosecution processes, crimes against humanity, sex market, slave market, drugs market, arms market.

Note 1:  Mubarak is denied political refugee status everywhere, even in Saudi Arabia.  Otherwise, Mubarak would have resigned a couple of days ago.  The US Administration is calling around to finding a resting location for Mubarak.  I suggest that the UN designate an Island State to be the refuge to all deposed Presidents in order to save thousands of casualties in mass upheavals.

Note 2:  You may read my post  “The next holocaust”

Projects to live 700 years: What is Singularity University?

Remember Deep Blue?  The program of IBM that defeated Garry Kasparov in chess?  How about Project Blue Brain, also by IBM, a synthetic brain following mammalian’s models?  David Ferruci is responsible of the Semantic Analysis and Integration part; David is ironing out a few glitches in project Watson, a supercomputer designed to challenge contestants in Jeopardy. Project Blue Brain has created hundreds of programs and algorithms endowed with capabilities of reasoning, learning, organizing memories…; these algorithms are based on Artificial Intelligence rules of (If-Then) questions and answers.

There is this Singularity University, a campus based at NASA, and is supported and funded by Google and the Pentagon.  Google is working on a “giant brain” emulating human reflexes!  Yes, a “Singular Brain”. Peter Diamantis, the co-founder of Singularity University and its director since June 2009, declared that his objective is to live to be 700 years; “I am very serious” he said.  It seems that current technology has limits: It cannot extend life beyond 700 years; or maybe an oracle warned him not to witness what will happen 700 years later. The 49-year old Diamantis is a pioneer of private space trips.

You have participants coughing up $15,000 just for a 9-day sessions of discussions and training for acquiring creative minds.  If you want to attend a 10-week session then you must have saved $25,000.  Obviously, these rich participants are encouraged by their multinational corporations as direct means for funding this Singularity thing.

Andrew Hessel, former researcher at Amgen (biotechnology leader) is confident that within 10 years we will be able to control the code of life.  Christopher de Charms is involved in brain imaging:  Collecting information by means of detection systems that quantify (objectively) the levels of depression or pain; he said: “We are about to obtaining objective data directly from the brain”. How objectively feelings can be quantified?  How would a experimenter know what we feel in order to gather the proper data?

What about this engineer and entrepreneur Raymond Kurzwell? He is the author of “Humanity 2.0: The bible of change” and described as the “absolute thinking machine”?   He pretends that artificial recreation of a brain is far simpler than what it appears since everything is enclosed in the genome.  Kurzwell is the inventor of readers of characters for the blind, music synthesizer,  and voice recognition. Kurzwell envisions the usage  of sciences to improving mankind physical and mental capabilities; for example, by applying genetics and nanotechnologies illnesses and getting old would one day be history!  He said: “Being a human means precisely to going beyond what we are”.  Ethan, Kurzwell’s son, said lately: “My dad has been considered lately as far less bizarre:  He is such meticulous in his research and his reflections are far advanced.”

Skeptics are by the shovelful; generally they had experienced life and tend to view the optimism of Singularity University as overly premature:  extrapolating trends on prior advances are no longer applicable, since the rates of scientific advances and technology are diminishing rapidly relative to population rate increase . Among other facts. Anyway, how many people reaped any advantages in decoding the genome so far?  Are these technology destined to be reserved for the elite 1% of humanity?  Are eugenics programs developing full swing?

Note:  You may read

The leaders of the Palestinian Authority, those self-appointed President, PM, and negotiators in the name of the Palestinian people (in the West Bank, in Gaza, in refugee camps all around the world…) that refused to have another democratic election for fear of Hamas winning all the way, have been under contemptible situations as leaks of their cowardly negotiations with Israel surfaced in the public domain.

The Palestinian Authority is blaming the Emir of Qatar, since Al Jazeera is headquartered in Qatar, to leaking enormous amount of documents that robbed any remaining legitimacy to the Palestinian Authority:  This Authority is holding simply because the US and the western States want them to remain in power. The Palestinian Authority, represented by the defunct President Mahmoud Abass, Fayyad PM (stooges to the IMF and US Administration), Ahmad Korey3,  Saeb Erakat…are claiming that the maps are those presented by Israel and not their own version of land concessions; that the negotiations didn’t waver from what Arafat signed on in Oslo in 1993…

It sounded so disgusting; an “illegitimate government” endeavoring to negotiate from positions of total impotence and helplessness.  This Authority has not the backing of the Palestinian people and has been behaving as an oligarchic political system:  The Treasury is considered as belonging to the Fateh faction and the miniature other factions, factions that relinquished resistance to the occupier and insist on licking asses at every opportunity. This Authority has been cooperating fully with Israel in capturing and assassinating Hamas operators, under the excuse that the Oslo agreement in 1993 was to safeguarding Israel’s security.

This Authority has been cornered since Sharon assigned Arafat to his quarter in Ramallah and then assassinated Arafat by poison.  This Authority has been functioning under a prison mentality and trying its best undignified posturing for being recognized by the western nations are “legitimate negotiators” on behalf of the Palestinian people.

You have commentators saying that the leaks didn’t divulge any strategic shift in the concept of independent State for peace but simple tactical giving away parcels of lands.  A parcel from here and a parcel from there and pretty soon there is no land to give away.  The quarters of Har Homa and Gilo are already under constructions for some years, and Ariel, and Maaleh Adumin well established.

Fact is, this Authority has been governing as an oligarchy to such an extent that the Palestinians living in Jerusalem would rather apply for Israel citizenship, if given choices, and refrain from living under abject conditions and lacking basic rights under this Authority.  What kind of Palestinian State these backstabbing and slandering negotiators are discussing?  Tzipi Livni was pretty crude, responding to Erakat, on the kind of military defenses the Palestinian State should have: “To create your State, you have got to agree with Israel in advance on everything.  Your only choice is to relinquish any choices in the future.  Those are the founding bases for negotiation.”

Rumors would like us to believe that:

First, the negotiation between Arafat and Uhud Barak failed during the Clinton Administration simply because Uhud wanted “what is underneath the Great Mosque” of Haram El-Sherif to be Israeli territory;

Second, Hamas refuses that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria to return to Israel but exclusively to the long-awaited Palestinian State

Third, the sticky parts in the negotiations is whether the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem should revert to Israel, or that the Armenian quarter should return to Israel…

What if the remaining West Bank land reserved for the Palestinian State barely constitute 30% of the original land before the 1967 borders, since all the 400 Jewish colonies distributed in the West Bank and special highways joining the colonies are to be Israeli territory…

What if the Palestinian State has no borders but with Israel and all its economy is based on Israel?

So far, No party discussed or asked the opinions and input from the Palestinians living in Israel and having Israeli citizenship and passport.

A unified negotiating team, including all the major factions, especially Hamas, is the only viable alternative to resuming a dead negotiation process.  Anyway, with the fall of Mubarak (Egypt), the last “strategic State” in the region to Israel, this Zionist State is no longer in a position to playing coy.  Not a single State around Israel is scared of Israel’s military retaliation of any kind.

In Lebanon, the channel Al Jadid has been diffusing videos of questioning sessions of the International Court representative to Lebanese political personalities,  related to the assassination of Rafic Hariri PM in 2005.  You cannot imagine how these politicians slandered and reviled their opponents in front of a foreigner, simply because he is a UN representative.  Lebanon has been ruled by those same leaders for 60 years; they claimed that stability and peace of Lebanon are linked to satisfying their family, clan, and sect interests.  The newly appointed Mikati PM has a small window of opportunity to demonstrate that he comprehend that the Lebanese people, before the fallen Mubarak, Ben Ali, and Saad Hariri, are no longer the same and demand drastic reforms.

Note:  Mubarak is denied political refugee status everywhere, even in Saudi Arabia.  Otherwise, Mubarak would have resigned a couple of days ago.  The US Administration is calling around to finding a resting location for Mubarak.  I suggest that the UN designate an Island State to be the refuge to all deposed Presidents in order to save thousands of casualties in mass upheavals.

You have social and psychology scientists intent on doing research jostling around all kinds of questionnaires.  They want to observe your psychological make-up, your set of moral values, your buying binge trends, your political ideology, ethnic behaviors and customs, you eating behaviors, ethical standards…

Those researchers claim that they can establish a good profile of an individual mental and psychological traits (and will deliver you the result of your scores to encourage you ego) and then extrapolate the results to offering general laws that describe entire community make-up, and more specifically ethnic minority on the ground that they have a good comprehension of the character of the “majority” national fundamental traits.

Those researchers boast that they only deal with published peer-reviewed articles, a close club of professionals not interested in other sources of intelligence, to entice you to taking them seriously as very talented and professional people.

What’s the point if the questions are not interested in discovering the core of a person traits such as “How much of a heart you have?”  What’s the point if you fail to asking:

“Have you fed lately a stray hungry dog, cat…?”

Have you ever  watered a thirsty flower, plant, tree…?

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a homeless person?

Have taken a minute of your busy day to chat with a stranger, and ethnic minority…?

Have you shared a piece of your hamburger or French fries with a hungry dog, cat, homeless…?

Have you visited a patient member in your extended family?

Have aided an elder family member in the daily chores?

Have you supported financially a needed family member without him asking you?

Have you spared an hour per week to talk to one of your family member?

Have demonstrated interest in the opinion of one of your family member who is marked as “crazy”?

What’s the point if a question is devoid of a specific context and related to the subject’s experiences?  What’s the point if the subject is subjected to forced-choices or binary choices that are irrelevant to the current conditions that an individual is going through?  In fact, how about discovering the subject feelings and situation at the time of answering a questionnaire so that answers are relevant to living context?

What is this “anonymous research” and the safeguarding of personal information and data, using coded numbers?  How difficult is it to transforming numbers into real name?  Actually, what’s “anonymous” in multinational corporations and their identification as “moral entity”?  What values can we extract from information having no face, or heart, or feelings?

Why researchers are not candid enough to expand on the real purpose of their research project and who is funding it and who is interested in the research?  If the researcher is neutral on who is funding and who are the interested party, and how it might be used in applications then, why should anyone of us answer these stupid questionnaires?  Would you contribute to research that promote eugenics ideology and laws?  Would you participate in a research meant to extending stupid results for discriminating on genders, race… and reinforcing apartheid systems…?

How many subjects have asked the researcher:

“What statistical analysis package will you be using for manipulating the data?”

What kind of design is your experiment based upon?

Have you tested your questionnaire on a sample people to correct incomprehension and idiosyncracies?

Would the results make any sense to you after the computer returns its numbers?

Have you investigated if your interpretations made sense using the analysis results?

Do point-data have any meaning?  For example, if your level of conscious-centered trait is very high and the average point-score is very low then, what that mean, and how it affect your overall psychological make-up?  Who is the liar, you or the model is deficient or you were under the weather at the time of answering the questionnaire?

What mathematical logic and rational are behind the equations of the analytical model?

How much do you comprehend the math model behind the analysis?

How many other alternative statistical models have you investigated to be appropriate to your interpretation?

What’s the point of answering questionnaires if the researcher is not interested in you as a particular subject and prefers that the research not be done face to face and invest time meeting with you?  Are you encouraging researchers to view you as an anonymous subject, irrelevant as a person, a point-data, an “anonymous entity”?

What if the “researcher” came out with an interpretation that goes against you interest, your family interest, and the stability of your community in the name of “scientific” basis that you know is all crap and data manipulated and distorted and biased results then, how proud would you feel of being used and abused?

Let us be bold and ask researchers pertinent questions before submitting to stupid questionnaires.  You are being manipulated and it is your right to know how you are being manipulated.

They say that there are 22 States acknowledged in the Arab League.  First, there are no clear criteria for inducting a State as Arab; may be Arabic is one of the official language?  Second, nobody knows what are the functions of this Arab League that was established in 1946 and that no one takes seriously (ask Amro Moussa, the current all-powerful Egyptian chairman).  Third, if you can name a dozen of the Arab States then you are eligible for a diploma in political science.

Invariably, every single Arab State share one important traits with the remaining States, a trait that should be included as one of the criteria for further expansion of this invisible Arab League:  Mainly, every monarch, dictator, one party power, or block of victor parties (elected under a makeshift election law) considers that the State Treasury is his own to use regardless of regulations or makeshift control systems.  The reverse is not applicable:  Mainly, my money is never to go to the Treasury and no taxes should be imposed on me, my family, my extended family, my clan, my tribe… For example:

Ask the Saudi Royal Family and the 5,000 descendents of Ibn Saud.

Ask the Hariri clan in Lebanon:  The ex-PM Saad was fired two weeks ago.  The family, headed by Rafic Hariri, took power in 1992 till two weeks ago.  Rafic came in with barely $one billion as an entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia and was assassinated leaving $14 billion to his family.  The Hariri clan paid only one million dollars when it should have paid over one billion!

Ask Ben Ali, ex-Tunisia President who ruled for 23 years and is now a political refugee in Saudi Arabia.  Do you believe that 14,000 of his party members were on the monthly payroll?  Every single member of his family and in-laws had a monopoly on the economy.

Ask Mubarak, President of Egypt for life, actually packing for an extended leave of absence to Saudi Arabia, for a thorough health check-up at the ultra-modern King Abdallah Hospital having no medical staff to running it.  Hell, it barely rains in Saudi Arabia, but the city of Jedda defies the odds:  It floods every year and drown in a couple of millimeters of water, killing 500 Saudis, every year.  And the Saudis are wondering: “where all these billion have been spent?”

Ask Muammar Qadhafi, God knows what title he has invented as of today, but he has been ruling Libya forever and nobody knows if there is a State Treasury per say.  Qadhafi was beside himself as his best friend Ben Ali departed without warning or saying “good-bye”.

Ask Abdallah Saleh, President of Yemen, who has been ruling as President for life and packing his suitcases to leave somewhere.

Ask the “Palestinian Authority” or Fateh how the treasury is accounted for.

Ask the King of Jordan, with an extended family quickly outpacing the Saudi Royal family.

Ask the King of Morocco.

Hell, ask Israel.  No State stays in this region and could resist emulating our excellent policy on money handling.

A second interesting feature that all Arab States share is:  The government is mine; if I cannot change it quickly then I install a shadow government to generate profit quickly to my own treasury.  Every member of the extended family or clan or close party members are “embedded” in every government institution.  No, the US military had invented nothing new when it embedded journalists and news “professionals” to lie to all the common people.

A third fantastic features that all Arab States share is:  Only my party members or my extra extended tribe members have unquestionable priority to government positions, civil service, and public contracts.  There is no use to waiting for older civil servants to go to retirement:  You get out voluntarily or you go to jail for “fraud” and mishandling of money and taking bribe to make ends meet.

A fourth extra smart characteristic that all Arab States share is:  media was created to disseminate our noble character.  We wholeheartedly welcome expressing free opinions about how good, brave, honest, clean, people loving we are.  We are the most integral leaders in the entire world and we are most generous to our faithful allies; just read what our unique daily boasts about our regime.

Is you State sharing the Arab States Syndrome?  Get on the move and help your oligarchy packing their suitcases:  They are so lazy to pack and refuse to pack anything but gold and jewelry.



They masterminded the Twin Towers Horror: Dick Cheney and Ariel Sharon of Israel

There is a direct link between the attack on the Twin Towers of 9/11/2001, the election of Ariel Sharon of Israel as PM (now in deep coma for several years), and the invasion of Iraq.

On Sept. 28, 2000, Sharon stormed the Great Mosque in Jerusalem (Al Haram Sharif), guarded by police forces, in the intention of destabilizing the peace process initiated by Rabin and Yasser Arafat in Sept. 1993 for the establishment of a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza.

Dick Cheney, Vice President of Bush Jr, and Ariel Sharon had masterminded both the Twin Towers attack and the invasion of Iraq as a complete package for two main complementary goals:

First, to effectively cancel out or postpone indefinitely the plans and programs for the establishment of a Palestinian State;

Second, to devastate and destabilize the State of Iraq with a GNP surpassing the combined GNP of all the States surrounding Israel (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon) and thus postponing indefinitely the emergence of a powerful regional State with high potentials in resources, educated people, and strong industrial and agricultural bases.

What’s in for Cheney in that devilish expanded plan?

First, besides the ideological affinity with Zionism for an Israeli State stretching from the Euphrates River (Syria) to the Nile as an outpost for the US interests in the Middle-East, Cheney had two main economic and financial advantages such as:

Second, weakening the European and Japanese multinational companies having large offices in the Twin Towers and a few US multinationals competing with the Cheney cartel of multinational companies in oil, finance, and industries (Halliburton as a smokescreen), and

Third, the Cheney’s cartel taking hold of the vast Iraqi resources in oil and blackmailing competing multinationals.

One interesting question mark:  Was Cheney aware of another plane smashing in the Pentagon?

Did Osama take advantage of a window of opportunity?

Most probably, Sharon factored in another leg in the operation for two reasons:

First, to take Cheney hostage in order to satisfy the full agreement, and some more

Second, to send a warning message to the US Administrations that the US will pay a heavy price if further political pressures are inflicted on the occupation and apartheid policies of the Zionist State.

Fact is, the Bush Jr. Administration desisted from further programs to demanding the establishment of an Independent Palestinian State and covered the genocidal policies of Sharon and vetoed all UN indictments to Sharon’s brutal decisions that are crimes against humanity.

Sharon went on to build the Wall of Shame separating Palestinians and Israeli at US tax payers expense, cornered Yasser Arafat in Ramallah and then assassinated him with poison, ransacked the prisons with the specially instituted Massada prison brigade and cancelled all rights to prisoners, ravaged the camp of Jenin and let tanks drive over living people and corpses… And Bush Jr. fully supported Sharon against the recrimination of world communities.

Yes, Osama Ben Laden claimed and executed the attack on the Twin Towers, but the main mastermind in the planning and facilitation of the operation were the close teams of Sharon and Cheney.

The novice President Bush Jr. who never travelled outside the USA and had no clues on foreign affairs or world affairs was taken hostage by the Cheney close team in the White House, the CIA, the Pentagon, and Congress.

What were the consequences of the well planned and executed operations:

First, Sharon grabbed the power as Prime Minister in 2002, crushed the second provoked and unprepared Palestinian uprising (intifada 2), retreated unilaterally from Gaza in order to commit genocide after the dismantling of Jewish colonies in Gaza… All these atrocities went ahead with the benediction of the Bush-Cheney administration.

Second, Iraq is still suffering since 2003One million civilians died, in addition to the two millions during the previous embargo; the infrastructure was annihilated, the army was dismantled, all social institutions destroyed…

Third, the rise of Islam Wahhabi extremist fundamentalists (Saudi Arabia) in almost all Sunny Islam States and maintaining dictators for life in States supported by the US such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan…

We know that:

1.  Azzam, the spokesman of al Qaeda, was in fact the Zionist  American Jew from California named Adam Pierman.

2. The close relative of Al Jarrah was a Mossad agent for 25 years; the Lebanese counter-intelligence arrested Ali Al Jarrah last year.

3. The Italian President Francisco Cossiga declared to the Italian daily “Courriere de la Sierra” that all intelligence services around the world know that Israel is behind the planning of the terrorist attack on the towers.

In December 2009, Press Pakalert (Pak Alert) published a paper that offered many facts pointing to Israel’s involvement in planning and facilitating  the Twin Towers “terrorist attack”. This paper mentioned that former Mossad chief Esser Harrel (1952 to 1963), told Michael Evans as early as 1979 detailed plans to how the Twin Towers will be destroyed. Esser said that Twin Towers represented the phallic symbols of the USA and thus will be targeted to humiliate the male ruthless image of the USA. Evan was having dinner with Harrel and Roven Hecht, first secretary to Israel’s Menahim Began PM.

Investigations pointed to four Zionist terrorist organizations involved in the planning and the facilitation of the attack.

The first group was headed by Larry Silverstein, an American businessman Jew from New York. Silverstein secured a rent contract to the World Trade Center for 99 years in July 2001 aided by the staunch Zionist Jew Ronald Lauder who was chief secretary to New York governor George Pataki.  The Towers were infested with asbestos and cleaning up would have cost more than the rent.  Larry and his two sons failed to show up to work at the Northern Tower on 9/11.  Silverstein cashed $4.5 billion from the insurance company.  Larry is a close friend to Ariel Sharon; and Benjamin Netanyahu PM calls him every morning.

The second terrorist Zionist group is headed by Frank Loy Loy and owner of Westfield American.  Frank was an officer in the Israeli Golani Brigade and spends three months a year in his residence in Israel; he rented the Mall in the Northern Tower.  Frank didn’t show up to work on 9/11.  Frank was lately indicted of embezzlement with former Israel’s Olmert PM.

The third group is headed by Louis Eisenbeg; he is a jewish gangster who directed the port authority of New York and let in the explosives and necessary materials; he funded the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign.

The fourth group is headed by Ronald Lauder, owner of Este Lauder. He played an important role in the privatization of the Twin Towers during governor George Pataki.  Lauder established in Israel’s town of Hertzilia a Mossad school named Lauder school for diplomatic and strategic governance.

Who was in charge of security in the trade center?

Kroll Company was; it is owned by the two Zionists Jule and Jeremy Kroll.

The executive manager is the Zionist Gerome Hower, a specialist in biological terrorism.

Who was in charge of airport security?

Now, It was ACTS World company that was in charge of security in the 3 airports from which the airplanes took off.  ACTS is owned by the two Zionists Ezra Harrel and Menahim Atzmon.  Atzmon was the treasurer of the Likud party and lately was put on trial in Israel for political blackmail and embezzlement.

The Israeli Odego company was handling fast communication messages that received the warnings to targeted persons to vacate the building.  Thus, two hours prior to the first airplane crashing in the first tower 400 Israelis working there were warned to vacate.  For example, the merchant marine Israeli company Zim was warned a week ahead of the attack to vacate its offices in the Northern Tower.

The former and current Israel Benjamin Netanyahu PM was actively part of the masterminding team for this terrorist attack and resumed the programs set forth.

Before 9/11, over 140 Israelis were under investigations for spying in the USA.  A week before the attack, the leader of the attack, Mohammad al Atta and his companions, paid a visit to the Zionist Jake Abramovitch to his yacht in Florida.  Jake is a former administrator under Bush Sr.

What after the attack?

The CIA knew that Israel was behind this attack but the US Administration preferred to focus on a precise target since Ben Laden claimed the attack.  All appointed judges and investigators were Zionists in order to camouflage the investigation and keep it under tight control; for example, Alvin Hillerstein, Michael Mokassy, Michael Chirtoff, Kenneth Fineburg, Sheila Birnbaum, Stephen Kauffman.

Israel was pressuring Bush Junior to invade Iraq at no avail.

After the attack the Zionists Mark Grossman, Ary Flisher, Paul Wolfowitz, Doulas Feith, Richard Perl, and Eliot Abrahms were asked to wrap up the planned invasion.

Families of over one million dead and handicapped Iraqis are demanding to know “Why my family was wasted”?

Note:  Israel is warning the USA of coming terrorist activities because it realized that Iran is off the hook.  Israel is warning the Near East States of another pre-emptive war on account of Scud missiles that Hezbollah has supposedly received.

Most probably, Israel is sending the message that the scenario for its next war will start by smuggling Scud missiles to its agents in Lebanon to fire on selected targets in Israel with a few casualties to enhance credibility.

There was this private library; its owner Phares Zoghbi bought over 50,000 books and documents and then decided that it was about time for a private university institution to take care of his library, his house, and continue “his spirit” of disseminating knowledge, tolerance, and encouraging reading to newer generations.

I have been patronizing this library for over 4 years and basically spend on average of three hours in the morning, 5 days a week.  I read current books and magazines, available dailies, and publish my articles on my blog.  I used to borrow books and magazines to resume reading at home and writing articles: This facility is denied me with fee charges.

Now, this private institution of “learning” refused to keep up to the spirit of the contract.  Not only the institution is not up keeping the house but it is charging local readers who want to visit the library to pay $30 a year.  I barely see more than one person a week sitting more than five minutes in this comfortable and quiet library.  Thus, whoever wants to pay this fees is intent on borrowing books.

I have no qualm to retainer fees in case a borrowed book is lost or not returned, but to charge people to come and read is outrageous. It means: “We are an educational institution, but believe us, reading will take you nowhere, we know better than you about why we are in the spreading ignorance business.”

From my experience all these years in Lebanon, even if you offer free breakfast, brunch, or soup kitchen for people to sit and read for half an hour (not dailies or photo albums), you will not find a long line forming outside the door, morning, midday, or evening; the only one sharing in the feast will be me!  Kind of hitting two birds in a single shot.  But the USJ, this Jesuit University might be sending the message that it is in poor financial conditions and relying on Phares Library to cover its deficit.  It is sending the message  that Sarkozy of France refuses to allocate funds for this poor university because France budget is in the red.

No, this French and Catholic university called “Univ. St. Joseph” (USJ) has plenty of money and is investing in profitable portfolios that have nothing to do with learning or education.  This Jesuit university has been founded 150 years ago and Lebanese students have been paying “an arm and a leg” for its “valuable” education; mainly to becoming lawyers and being elected deputies in the Parliament and emulating France legal system and laws.

You would think that France would care about this institution, which is extending France with a semblance of political weight in Lebanon, the way the USA keeps funding the American Univ. of Beirut and the Lebanese American Univ. and any educational institutions teaching in English, even if the USA is under 6 trillion deficit and printing like crazy fictitious dollars to maintaining it political and military hegemony.

Poor USJ; breaking my heart! I expect the “Brain” to repeal this outrageous charge, in the name of basic integrity and loyalty to Phares Zoghbi who is still alive and in his mental capability.

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Prime Minister breaks toys; cry out frustration and anger (Lebanon)

There is this Prime Minister who refused to grow up:  He was fired last week.  In the last three days, this Prime Idiot (named Saad Hariri) vented out his anger and frustration in the streets.  His hooligans have been burning tires, garbage bins, government properties, educational institutions, media trucks. His hooligans have been throwing hand grenades, stones at the soldiers, at the media personnel covering events and the rampage; they have been closing major highways from traffic and shouting “Treason, back stabbing of the Sunni politicians, stooges to Iran and Syria; Saad is our Prophet, Saad is the only and unique legitimate Prime that his assassinated father appointed Prime for life…”

The retinue of this Prime ID, under the umbrella of a movement called Future “Mustakbal”, know that their figure-head leader is a kid who refuses to grow up; they don’t care.  As long as their Tsar Peter is happy playing with his Playstation and satisfied within his comfort-zone, then they can resume ruling  the shadow government that they constituted 5 years ago, government that trampled on the the constitution and public institutions.

When Saad is being disturbed by demonstration of hungry citizens, Saad flee to his private Jumbo Jet and orders his pilot to “go west”, to his many villas and palaces, and exotic islands in order to cool down his nerves.  When Saad is apprehensive of an election, he fetches his white potty, incrusted with precious stone, deposit his golden trove, passes the potty around for his retinue to smell his achievements and then take the stand:  He pray for the soul of his “assassinated father Rafic” and demand from Rafic to sent him more political toys to break immediately.

The Hariri clan and their Saudi descendents (Saad being the Prime One), and their party the “Mustakbal” (Future) movement, ruled Lebanon since 1992, almost with no interruption, and considered Lebanon as their background garden and the citizens as chattel meant to increase the financial hold of the Hariri oligarchy, and extending their financial and economic domination with no restriction.

The Hariri clan constituted a shadow government to bypassing the legal and legitimate government:  They think they own the Treasury, the finance ministry, all the public projects, all the foreign loans earmarked for the reconstruction of Lebanon after Israel invasion in 2006, the International Court for Lebanon…

Fact is, 65% of the Lebanese side with the “opposition movement” and are aware that the previous oligarchy is not serious in pondering on their daily needs, long awaiting reforms in the legal system, the election law, the strategic plans for resisting Israel’s frequent invasions of the territory, the obsolete education system, the archaic political and social structure, the health, economic development, taming the increase in foreign debts, enhancing the quality and quantity of potable water, the affordability and availability of electrical power, and opening work opportunities for graduates and workers…

The Lebanese citizens, and much less the foreign workers and immigrants, had no rights under any constitutions; the finance treasury was off any kinds of regulations, control, and questioning by deputies or any minister:  11 billion dollars are not accounted for in the last 4 years alone, and over 2 billion in foreign loans were spent somehow and never registered officially in the finance ministry and how they were spent…

This prime ID was appointed to form a government with over 96 deputy votes out of 128; he failed to form a government for 5 months because he needed more time to comprehend the Lebanese complex “political customs”.  He was re-appointed by only 78 votes, and for an entire year, Prime ID confirmed that his government did not achieve a single promise.

If the retinue of Prime ID still hope that their Saad is ever going to come back as PM they must be joking.  The Lebanese have got enough of breaking toys, institutional toys, Constitutional toys, industrial base toys, agricultural base toys, health institutional toys, educational institutional toys, legal system toys…  The Lebanese fired Saad for good.  Good riddance Mr. Prime ID and your ID of oligarchy.

Note: Saad Hariri was to meet with President Barack Obama in the White House.  A couple of hours before the “interview” ministers in the government summoned Saad to come back for a vote of confidence was in the process.  Saad didn’t take the summon seriously (what! I am to meet with the US President) and refused to shake his ass back on his private jet: He was fired by 11 ministers out of 20.  Maybe Obama took this maneuver as a strong signal of defiance from the Syrian regime of Bashar el Assad and had decided that he got enough with this headache of a regime. This “troubling event” is one of the main reasons for the current persistence of the US Administration of getting rid of Bashar’s regime.




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