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Africa would be much better off in stability and at peace if the economic and political superpowers forget Africa completely.  Africa would be able to cross the dividing line to a stable and sustainable development if the superpower States pay the equitable price for the raw materials instead of extending irrelevant and fictitious aids.  Africa would be a center for genuine cultural irradiation if the superpower States stop interfering in educational development.

Africa and the developing countries know that market prices for raw materials and agricultural products are biased toward the superpower and former colonial States that intentionally force market prices to be low to serving their interests.  The monopolies of the superpowers in transport and financial liquidity are handicapping potential African States from taking off such as Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, the Congo, and Kenya.

Africa, at least three times vaster than China with barely a billion in population is witnessing a transfer of rural people and peasants to urban centers, lacking running water and electricity, because of the dumping of subsidized products important in “open markets”.

After 50 years of the physical exit of colonial powers, the annual income is still less than what it was in 1960.  Africa represents less than 2% of international commerce (mainly in export of raw materials) and receives less than 3% in global investment (mainly for prospecting and extracting raw materials).

China is “bartering” with Africa; we get your raw materials and we invest in building infrastructure such as roads, railways, pipeline (mainly to facilitating transport of raw materials like during colonial periods).   This archaic economics method might work better for Africa instead of bribing politicians for contracts at ridiculous terms such as Halliburton…  Brazil has increased its import to Africa 7 folds to 20 billion in the last 10 years and export 8 folds.  Brazil is present in 6 Africa States rich in raw materials and speaking Portuguese: It has exclusive rights to exploiting the largest coal mine in the world in the Mozambic.  France foreign aids to Africa is plainly fictitious:  It is cancelling out unpaid debts but no fresh money is going to Africa.

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