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Private multinational aids for development? To whom charity profit?

Posted on: January 2, 2011

Private multinational aids for development?  To whom charity profit?

Five centuries later, and you realize that nothing changed fundamentally in the relationship between the stronger and weaker nations.  Do you recall the documented horror stories of colonial behaviors?

The religious institutions, Christians or others, sent their scouts of clerics to countries, programmed to be captured and colonized.  The clerics played the role of the benevolent poor people and taught a few indigenes their language and their religion in order to hire potential translators and friends to the invading military armies.

Nothing changed since then.

Currently, benevolent organizations belonging to religious institutions, precede private multinational companies to countries for plundering raw materials.   The clerics prepare the ground and the private multinational, supported by their governments, bribe and pressure politicians for securing ridiculous contract terms in poor developing States.

The private multinationals pollute the environment and the benevolent religious organization build makeshift hospitals and primary schools around local communities affected by the pollution in order to “face-save” the criminal activities of their motherland citizens.  Hospitals that are useless to curing irreversible diseases.

For example, the mining multinational Vedante extracts bauxite (aluminum) in open fields, causing irreversible damages to local ecosystems in central India.  The benevolent religious NGO’s, funded by the multinational company, step in to showing the good side of evil activities.

Another example, Coca-Cola depleted the phreatic nap of potable water in India and then launch a campaign for supplying potable water to primary schools in Kenya!

Public aides from superpower States are no better.

After paying off the personnel and management of their citizens hired to the “development project” and the amounts earmarked to cancelling non recoverable sovereign debts, the effective direct aid to the poor country is almost negligible.

The G8 promised in 2002 to earmark 0.7% of their GNP to developing States; this ratio dropped to 0.2% in effective terms.

Nothing changed in 5 centuries.

How do you expect private multinational enterprises, which are not liable to local communities, to behave in generating quick profits?

All they do is flaunting sustainable standards and requirement for local development.

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