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Dominique Fernandez is a member of the French literature academy; he published “Prestige and infamy” that combines four stories, written previously, on famous people who were driven to madness and intentionally converged to suicidal tendencies due to society pressures on homosexuals.

The four famous individuals are: the Italian painter Caravage, Gian Gastone (the last Grand-Duke of Florence), the Prussian archeologist Winckelmann, and the Italian movie director Pasolini.

Before the last two decades, Europe and the USA exerted heavy and lethal pressures on homosexuals of the lower non-noble classes: The sodamide was burned alive and the passive partner was dismembered on the “wheel”.

For the nobility, it was a badge of honor to engaging in homosexual and pedophilia sex (even if not genuine homosexuals).  The noble male members were even encouraged since they were emulating the ancient Greek tradition for preferring young, healthy males to women:  male youth was considered perfection of beauty and accomplished physical attraction.

The lower classes, artisans, merchants and any non-noble persons were persecuted if they failed to be discreet in their sexual preference:  The Church and nobility wanted these lower classes to procreate:  That was their main task and homosexual activities were judged infamous and contrary to human natures and against God’s will.

The famous people of artists, painters, architects, musicians… such as Micheal Angelo, Botticelli… had to be very discreet even though they were known to be homosexuals.  For example, Tchaikovsky, the famous Russian great music composer, was pressured by his colleague musicians to commit suicide by poison in order to salvage the anger of the nobility. Tchaikovsky, on purpose, decided not to be discreet and had an encounter with the son of a noble.  The nobleman complained to the Tsar who asked a court of peers to judge the case.  The successive Imperial Russian governments and during the communist regime spread and maintained the falsehood that Tchaikovsky died of Cholera.  The body of Tchaikovsky was displayed in an open gasket as custom requires and many paid their respect; if he had died of Cholera or any contagious diseases the body would not be displayed.

Gian Gastone of Florence, set loose his “ruspanti” (criminal homosexuals) and covered their mayhem and rapes for years, just to demonstrate his displeasure of the hypocrisy of the Church and nobility.  I wonder if Tsar Ivan The Terrible of Russia didn’t fake craziness as a reaction to the bigotry of the Russian Orthodox Church and let loose his homosexual “opritchniki” to disseminating horrors in the streets.

Caravage was constantly blackmailed by Cardinals so that they obtain his great paintings for free.  Winckelmann was the chief of papal Rome library and the archeologist with permission to selling pieces that the Pope didn’t consider of any value.  Winckelmann stabbed himself 7 times and denounced his partner for the murder:  The partner in the homosexual act was dismembered, not because he was proven to be the murderer, but for a scapegoat to covering up Winckelmann’s sexual preferences.  Pasolini died at the age of 52 by coaxing his young parter of 18 to killing him in a bout of rage in a desolate location.




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